Xbox 360 2 Red Light Fix

A Free fix for Xbox 360 when 2 Flashing lights pop up. Microsoft says Xbox is overheating and asks for $99 dollars and to send it in for repair. The method I have proposed is a simple (free) fix that seems to work wonders and saves the money. Simply use an air compressor to clean the Xbox of all of it internal dust that blocks air intake without even opening the Xbox. Now obviously if you don’t have access to an air compressor you’ll need to improvise because air compressors in general are very expensive. If you do have access to an air compressor this process should fix your problem if it is related to dust.**Update** (10/25/09) This appears to be a full fix, my Xbox continues to work great no over heating what so ever after hours of play. A lot of people are confused at to what an air compressor is. I am not referring to compressed air I am talking about an air compressor with spray nozzle. I will post a link here of exactly what I am talking about. The Spray Tool I Used: A Very Similar Model to The Air Compressor I Used Some of you have asked how they can thank me for this fix, I usually say a good rating and a comment, but for some of you that would like to do more I will take a donation via paypal thru Thank You.

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  1. mni09 says:

    @strowny1 does it still work ?

  2. mni09 says:

    thanks sounds legit 5 stars

  3. newagereference says:

    use compressed air to clean the back

  4. NinjaDenProductions says:

    Thank you so much… Even if this doesnt work… THANK YOU.

  5. ZeNNon2010 says:

    @huz911 dued did u suck the dust out or blow it out ????

  6. QUEENQUIGLY says:

    How about a vacum cleaner?

  7. LaDamian99 says:

    i went out and bought the jasper chipset arcade and its working fine. I however on my old xbox came across this error and opened it up. I have the newer xbox so the screws go through the chasis and through the motherboard. Anyway, i tightened the screws all the way after doing the paste and the replacements and stuff and it was displaying this. I read if you loosen the screws just a little it would not display the error. So far it is gone for now

  8. huz911 says:

    holy crap!!!!!!
    this shit works. i gave up on my 360, but i saw this video n tried it (but i tried with vacuum) and now my 360 works.
    lol its been workin for 20 mins now, not sure bout dependebility of it but it works!

    thx alot bro, u saved me some bucks 😀

  9. shreddedbeats says:

    yh a hair dryer wont be powerful enough

  10. xXspielenXx says:

    i did this with a hair dryer (on cold setting of course) an it didnt work . is this because its not powerfull enough?

  11. strowny1 says:

    ok i need help i cleaned my xbox with a vacuum like 3 times a day and my xbox still gets the red ring. i thought it might be the power cord so i tryed using my other one still doesnt work if any1 can help me that would be awesome

  12. HaloModder555 says:

    I have to keep mine near a fan or air conditioner. Once the room temperature hits 80〫F it overheats. It never used to do this before. The fan must be getting old or there is a problem with the heat sink. It has gotten just about every error in the book and still works, but it still can’t overcome that heating problem lol.

  13. elyboyful says:

    thanks dude worked 4 me

  14. TheWorldcrusher says:

    you just wanted to say no homo fag boy

  15. strowny1 says:

    i tryed to use the vacuum cleaner do i have to clean it like every day in order not to get the red ring.. and every time our heat turns on in like a minute i get the red ring

  16. jessicaandblake says:

    I cleaned out the console and polished the CPU and GPU to a mirror shine. In the end, I believe the X clamps wear out and allow the heat sinks to float a bit– which is clearly no good. I ended up trashing mine after trying the penny trick, cleaning it, replacing the thermal paste, etc. No love.

  17. Rodpwnz says:

    Yea, this guy is right. Thanks man!

  18. sluggozilla says:

    ill try ths

  19. larzpl0t says:

    Yea, I’m just gonna buy a new one and try to fix this one later so idk. I’m going to try what terminator said.

  20. wilmintr071094 says:


  21. jessicaandblake says:

    @larzpl0t I have the exact same problem. I also did the towel, then later tried the penny. But when turned on, the Xbox fans spin up really loud and then I get two rings. Lame.

  22. afano12 says:

    Thank You Heapz

  23. TERMINATOR2452 says:

    clean your consoles out once a year ,you wouldnt belive how much dust is in them ,after a years hard use

  24. TERMINATOR2452 says:

    penney fix wont help just bend the board ,xclamp fix and new thermo paste is the key ,i have fixed 5 xbox 360s

  25. alii1100 says:

    yo larzplot i have the exact sme problem can u maybe tell me wht some ppl told u

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