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Power tools save time and money by offering greater expedience than manual tools. But the ideal behind power tools is not to render manual tools obsolete. Rather, they are meant to serve as a helpful replacement for manual tools when projects are carried out on a strict time line and budget. Power tools reduce a project’s completion time by performing a variety of tasks more expediently than manual tools, which reduces labor cost for service providers and, therefore, their clients.

Power tools come in all sizes and price ranges, depending on the maker and the degree of “power” that the tools deliver. But whether they are purchased for domestic or industrial grade projects, four kinds of power tools that consistently save time and money due to their frequent use are power wrenches, nail guns, power saws and power drills.

There are three types of power wrenches: electrical, pneumatic and batter powered wrenches. Pneumatic wrenches require an electrical connection, but they are powered by compressed air, which can reduce electricity costs. Battery powered wrenches possess the advantage of not being tethered to electrical outlets, but if you forget to recharge the spent battery before the next workday, you won’t have a drill in the morning.

Just as power wrenches are the expedient replacement for traditional wrench sets, nail guns efficiently replace hammers and screw drivers. Whereas hammers and screwdrivers can apply nails and screws in a few seconds, nail guns apply them instantly and with unfailing accuracy. Multiply a few seconds saved on each nail times thousands of nails, and the cost of manpower saved during a timely project becomes significant.

Power saws include everything from mounted ceramic tile saws to hand held hack saws, but unless your projects require heavy duty, task specific saws, purchasing a hand held power saw that cuts a variety of materials by using interchangeable blades is an economic choice. Saw blades that are designed to cut wood, drywall and thin metal are essential to a wide variety of projects.

Power drills have been so popular for so long that they are practically considered indispensable to even the smallest household projects. The key to improving expedience and cost savings by using power drills, then, involves purchasing a drill that employs a variety of drill bits to accomplish a variety of tasks. Most drill bits will penetrate various kinds of wood, but penetrating concrete or stone, for example, requires a drill bit that is able to both penetrate the material and create a neat, clean hole in so doing. Having the right drill bits is as essential to saving time and money as is having a power drill in the first place.

When shopping for tools that will save you time and money, shopping discount tools is a great way to save money on the initial purchase. When purchasing power tools in large quantities, discount wholesalers may offer the best deals, but when purchasing them individually, shopping “refurbished” tools, which are “like new” tools that have been returned to the seller due to minor imperfections, can result in big savings.

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