Woodworking Workbenches

The importance of a sturdy workbench for your workshop can not be understated. Stability is the key feature for any workbench as it will directly contribute to your ability to cut wood precisely and thus affect the entire project. It is also critical that you have your workbench at the correct height so as to avoid constantly bending over and in turn suffering from backache.

You can decide to either purchase a workbench or make your own. The different types of workbenches are listed below:

Freestanding bench

Woodworkers can chose to purchase a commercially manufactured freestanding workbench, however, they do tend to be expensive. There are many models and features available and each workbench will vary depending on the manufacturer. If you choose to purchase a freestanding workbench then take your time and investigate all the different options available to you. When purchasing a workbench it is critical that you make sure it has a strong vice (or vices). When deciding on whether a freestanding workbench is suitable you need to take into account the space available as freestanding benches can be bulky.

Fixed bench

Fixed benches are considered by most to be the ideal workbench if you have restricted space. Fixed benches are made to measure and therefore can’t be commercially bought so you will either have to make it yourself or hire someone to make it. Light is an important fixture when making your own bench and it is critical that you ensure there is ample light above the bench. The advantage of making your own workbench is that it is made to suit your needs and therefore makes woodworking easier. When making your own bench it is important to make sure that both the bench and support beams are made of solid wood that can withstand the constant punishment of woodwork. Lastly make sure that you attach a sturdy vice that can meet all your project requirements.

Collapsible benches

Collapsible benches are made commercially and made in variety of sizes and shapes. Many woodworkers like the benches because they take up little space when collapsed and are portable. They are perfect if you have a workspace that is dual use, for example a garage. The collapsible bench does not have a fixed vice and therefore on most models the whole bench acts like a vice. The collapsible bench does have disadvantages such as a limited surface area, and being too low meaning it can be uncomfortable to work with.

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