Woodworkers… Carpenters… I have a question..?

Im about to start investing in some power tools… circular saw, router, jigsaw, etc. Iam really interested in getting into some woodworking as a hobbie but I want to invest in some good, but affordable tools that will last me awhile, possibly long enough to pass down to my kids…if they even make anything that durable anymore

…anyways, just wondering about some good brand names that people could stand by.. Black and Decker? Ryobi? ???

Anyone with some input would be much appreciated


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  1. pattiann42 says:

    Craftsman has the best warranty.

    If you want power tools that last into the next generation, don’t buy battery powered. In a short time the battery pack will not re-charge and if a new battery is available it is usually more expensive than replacing the tool.

    Consumer’s Report may be a good place to search for reviews.

  2. ►BobB◄ says:

    HAND TOOLS – Sears/Craftsman has the same warranty as Harbor Freight, S-K Tools, so there is no reason to pay a premium for mediocre tools.

    Power tools. I like Ridgid, they have a great warranty. Black & Decker have been around for a lot of years too. Sears buys from the lowest bidder, so while it says “Craftsman”, it could be Skil.

    Ryobi is a bottom end tool, down there with Skil.

    95% of my power tools are Porter Cable, my battery tools are Ridgid.

    My hand tools are Craftsman (they are over 30 years old and I bought before Sears was bought by K-Mart), my electronic service tools are Xcelite (Cooper Tools).

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