Why I Prefer Selling Cordless Bosch Tools

I’m selling cordless tools for some time and I must admit my clients, I’m biased about Bosch cordless tools. Why? At first it was simply because I cared Bosch rep as the best for us he still has not (yet). But read on, it’s about more than that, much more. Each tool line has the problems and the battery-Bosch-line is not that different. There was a time when we had many problems with the Bosch cordless drill. In addition, problems with the gearbox failed, they had a tendency to break his nose during a drop situation. Now the break is a problem not just something that had issues with Bosch. Since the tools were larger and more powerful, they weighed more, and fell harder, we saw that in all lines. But bad as the lever that was just a bad design. What impressed me with this particular situation, that Bosch was widely advertised on the guarantee, which allowed me not only look good, it made her look good and to my clients that they are impressed with the leadership from the top tool seriously. Now in the era of the lithium drill, Bosch still make it easy for me to sell their tools with confidence. They made some serious changes to the Bosch cordless line through better housing, the tool with a better and steel reinforcements were necessary. Brute her hard line is next to unbreakable! I have replaced only a few drill housing. One was hit by a truck on a cold day in January and the other fell out of a gas station canopy on a cold Wisconsin day’s work. Also this kind of life makes me look good and keep the customer on the labor market. Most of my repairs to the Bosch cordless line, hard line since its introduction, the Brute is composed of a switch here or there, to feed and a bad back, and a few brush sets or broken wire replacement. The current Bosch cordless tools really restricted my service work again, which I look good! Now add that inherent reliability, 3 years warranty. Bosch cordless tools have a 3-year warranty. The first year is a replacement warranty. What does this mean? If you are on a job, and the engine fries for you Bosch drill. Bosch call it a new drill with a label for your old drill bits you send it in fields and send it back and you’ve done it! This process usually takes only two days. They simply can not beat that turn around time. The batteries are covered for two years, but the tool itself more to a total of three years on parts and labor. After 3 years, most cordless tools are always a little tired, you only get so many charges from each battery. Yes, the cordless Bosch line with the three-year warranty makes me look good (you will see a pattern?). One problem with the guarantee is that you register for the warranty, does not need to be in affect for three years. Here, the potential is there for me ill rears ugly head in order to see. When you register the tool with Bosch, you will not have the 3 years warranty. It’s funny how many of my customers the “3 years warranty”, but have not heard, “if you are at Bosch” part. I caught that but, I register as a rule, the tools for my clients. Here, too, makes me look good, especially if a repair is needed on the tool. Do not hesitate for a Bosch cordless tool, because you register the tool. It’s really quite simple. You can do it on-line or on Bosch ProVantage a call. It usually take only a few minutes to register an instrument. If you are a tool are registered, register more in the future is very simple, so make sure you keep information about account file. A real advantage of the Bosch ProVantage program you can even keep track of your online tools, including the date of purchase and all service work, which was run on the tool. Why do I have the cordless Bosch-line selling out? I told you, it makes me look good!

Jeffrey Richard has been involved in jobsite sales, service and training of specialty tools and fasteners since 2000. You can find more info on the cordless Bosch line at Protoolguide. com

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