Who Uses Concrete Saw Blades

Most people are not going to come into a concrete saw on a regular basis. They are mostly used by contractors and builders. But that is not to say that you eventually may not decide to use one on a home improvement project. But how much do you really know about concrete saws? Do you know how to operate one or how much it would cost to buy one? If you do not, rest assured that this article can help you with some of the basics. It may not make you a skilled laborer who uses a concrete saw daily but it can definitely help you understand what they are and how they are used. You may even decide to take up home improvement as a hobby once you have the saw skills down pat.

What are concrete saws?

Concrete saws are powered equipment used to cut through concrete, stone, tile, and other dense materials which would otherwise damage conventional cutting tools. Gasoline engines are the predominant means used to power the tool, but other power sources include electricity, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic pressure. Different types of saws are offered, depending on the type of use required. Smaller hand held units with circular or chainsaw blades allow for difficult to access cuts. Larger walk behind models are available, designed for cutting floors or pavement.

Are there any safety concerns with using a concrete saw?

As with any other form of power tool, there are safety concerns that the operator needs to address. Proper protective gear for the situation is a must, and often is required on commercial job sites. Eye protection, either goggles or safety glasses, should be worn whenever operating or being near powered equipment. Other items, such as work gloves, protective headgear, respirators and such, fully depend upon the type of work being performed. Loose items, like clothing, jewelry and long hair, need to be addressed prior to working with rotating equipment so that nothing can accidentally get caught in the machinery.

Can concrete saws cut more than just concrete?

While predominantly used for cutting dense materials like concrete and stone, the concrete saw is by no means limited to cutting just these items. Tile and other ceramic items that are difficult to cut by other means, react well to the abrasive cutting method. Steel, often found embedded in concrete and masonry for reinforcement, can also be cut by the abrasive grinding of the concrete saw. An area of concern is to know what type of materials you will or might be cutting when selecting the blade for your saw.

Is it possible to rent a concrete saw?

In addition to selling concrete saws, a number of home improvement stores also offer the option of renting a unit. This allows the home owner to handle small projects without requiring a large equipment outlay. Most areas have stores that specialize in equipment rental, offering a variety of construction equipment. In either case, when deciding to rent it is in your best interest to explain what your project entails to rental personnel. They may have suggestions to help you save money and complete your job faster.

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