Which of the following power tools does NOT use a chuck?

Hammer drill

Power driver

High-torque drill

Power screwdriver

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  1. boblunchdude says:

    Power screwdriver

  2. vmmhg says:

    It depends on the make of your tools and your definition of a chuck. All of these tools can have the three jawed chucks on them but the power screw driver often has a bit holder as opposed to a chuck. That would be your best answer although a hammer drill that uses shanked bits also has a bit holder and not a chuck.

  3. glenndlander says:

    power driver

  4. freindship180 says:

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  5. mormongirl says:

    Chuck Norris

  6. Lord Damon Koopa says:

    Should I care I can kill with all of them

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