What You Should Know About Air Compressor Tools

rotary screw air compressor

Air compressor tools are quickly becoming more popular than electric power tools. The availability and cost effectiveness are helping to make the air compressor very attractive to both homeowners and business owners. Compressor tools are much lighter than electric tools because they do not have a motor to weight them down. They also generate more torque and allow for more revolutions per minute than electric tools do. In return, many tasks can be done faster and more efficiently.

When properly maintained, compressor tools are long-lasting, and somewhat indestructible. They have very few moving parts, so maintenance is usually limited to oiling, and they do not tend to overheat. Most of the tools attach to the air line with an accessory called a quick coupler, making changes very simple and very fast. There are many different sizes, ranging from mini air compressors, to truck air compressors, to industrial sized air compressors. There are also different types of air compressors, including the electric air compressor, the gas air compressor, and the rotary screw air compressor.

There are many different air compressor tools. Two of the most convenient are the inflation kit and the impact wrench. You can inflate a variety of different objects with the inflation kit, including tires, balls and air mattresses. The impact wrench, similar to the air ratchet wrench, is used mainly in automotive and construction work and is good for adding torque and tightening bolts. When you have an area that is hard to clean, the blow gun is a good option. It can clean dirt, grease and dust from hard to reach areas because it can pump air in high pressure streams. Air nailers are an efficient way of nailing down shingles, or drywall. The air stapler is similar to the nail gun. Automotive body shops use the air sander in their work.

No matter what surface you want to drill into, the air drill can get the job done. The sandblaster is a great tool for cleaning old paint or rust from most surfaces. It also has an adaptor kit that allows it to be converted to a pressure washer. When removing old concrete or masonry, the air chisel and air hammer make the job fairly easy. The purchase of an air compressor, compressor parts and air compressor tools can be a good investment, when you consider the ease of tool changes and the fact that you only need one power source.

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