what were some power tools that were?

used about 100 years ago but not used today
ok then hand tools what are some hand tools

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  1. William B says:

    there were No power tools then,
    all things were done by hand

  2. Kung Fu Panda says:

    jack hammers powered by steam

  3. Jeanne R says:

    Combustion and electrical motors and engines were not in common use 100 years ago. Most engines ran on steam or sometimes with water power. That is why there weren’t too many automobiles around either. So anything that was steam or water powered was the choice 100 years ago. If you are talking about construction type tools, that would be water or steam powered saws and lathes. Up until the, so called, Electrical Age, if you couldn’t use running water (like a water mill) or steam ( like for a cotton gin or a weaving loom) to run it, then it was done with hand tools.

  4. gk02085 says:

    Hammers, screw drivers, chisels, pliers, awls and saws were all used. Check out the site below, it discusses the history of tools and has some pictures. I picked up a crank-powered brace to drill at a garage sale and taught each of my grand children to use it before the could move up to electric or cordless tools.

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