What is the best brand for cordless power tools?

I want to buy my father a cordless powertool kit and my budget is between $125-150. The kit I have decided on has a cordless drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and flashlight (w/2 battery packs). I see names like Hitachi, Porter-Cable, Skil, Craftsman, and Ryobi, but I don’t know which is the best. All fall within my price range. As for DeWalt and Mikita, I just don’t have the money for those. So, can anyone tell me which brand they would choose, given my budget limts?

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  1. Scott says:

    I’d go with Hitachi or Porter-Cable. Milwaukee is also very good but pricy.

    And Black and Decker, while owned by the same family of companies, is NOT the same as a DeWalt. In in the example I provided, the motor is a higher quality and can be rebuilt on the DeWalt and the dewalt has additional features. Look at the guts:


    And the B&D Here:


  2. B says:

    If you’re gonna really work the tools, then you’ll get what you pay for (i.e. its gonna break). I like ryobi and skil or hitachi.

  3. Mg says:

    Good names in our household have been “Black & Decker, Craftsman, Ryobi.” You should compare more than price. Check battery life, time to re-charge, cost of a second battery (always good to have charged and available for replacement during a project), strength of the tool and warranties as well. Good luck on your projects!

  4. ranger_co_1_75 says:

    Believe it or not, DeWalt and Black and Decker have the same motors and internal switches. They are made in the same plant in China. The only difference in them is the color of the case. The batteries are exactly the same except for color, and price.

    Craftsman (Sears & K-mart brand) are made by Skil. They are the same drill with different labels on them.

    Personally, I like the Black & Decker / Dewalt just because the replacement batteries are cheap when you purchase Black and Decker batteries. If you purchase Dewalt Batteries, you will pay 3 or 4 times the cost of a BD battery that is made in the same factory and both are exactly the same.

  5. kippy says:

    DEWALT DEWALT DEWALT DEWALT DEWALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then of course there is masterforce

  6. shalico2 says:

    craftsmen is always the best. But next i would say ryobi.

  7. fidel410 says:

    The power tool kit is a great father’s day gift. The question that you should ask yourself is how much use is the tools going to get. If it is going to be a high usage gift, i.e. your father works in construction, then look for a tool that will last a long time. A few construction type favorites are the Dewalts and Milwaukee sets. A differentiating factor may come down to the warranty, Milwaukee has one of the best at 5 years, Dewalt is a 2 year warranty, even Rigid has a lifetime service warranty. For the casual home improver, I would suggest the Ryobi, they have a tool system that has as many different battery operated tools that can be expanded upon, and it does have the two year warranty besides being budget friendly.

  8. Polyhistor says:

    Professional use Bosch the most. Porter cable has a sale through either lowes or home depot for a whole kit in your price range. Get it today, the sale will go off tomorrow.

  9. Tedruski says:

    There is so much incorrect info in some of the other answers it would take too long to correct them all.
    #1. Black & Decker now owns DeWALT. The batteries are not the same. Black & Decker is the consumer line – DeWALT is the Pro line. Look for not only voltage on any battery but also the Amp Hours *Ah.
    #2. All of the tool brands that boast a 5yr. warranty – Read It! It covers only factory defects and not normal wear parts. The DeWALT XRP batteries that have a yellow top all have a 2yr. warranty that is not even pro-rated.
    #3. Just think about it – Why do you think there are low priced kits for 4 tools & Batt and then the higher priced kits. The cheaper kits have cheaper tools in them. Some of which you cannot replace the brushes in them . They are throw away tools.
    Read the warranty about any tool brand – sometimes they are actually hard to get – the actual facts about the warranty – ask for the full warranty description at the store.
    #4. I suggest you go on-line and purchase a reconditioned tool – DeWALT recon tools have the same factory warranty as new, some of the other brands do this also.
    Maybe just start out with a good Drill kit – and then your father can buy the other tools as he needs them. These are called *bare tools, as you buy just the tool and don’t have to buy batteries or chargers.
    #5. Ryobi and Hitachi are terrible to get parts for. Makita is getting so hard to find I would stay away from it. For your price range if you want the 4tool kit I would go with Porter Cable. Black & Decker now also owns Porter Cable and by the way also Delta. You can probably find Porter Cable reconditioned tools on-line.
    #6. Craftsman is also hard to get repaired as no tool repair centers want to work on them. Ask at Sears what it would cost to get a switch replaced in the drill you are thinking about buying. You might be surprised at the cost.
    We no longer work on Hitachi,Ryobi,Craftsman,Pro-Tech,Master-force,Tool Shop,Makita, as the parts network for them is terrible.

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