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My Book Review How To Use Power Phrases

Upon reading How To Use Power Phrases I realized just how often we don’t say what me mean and then we wonder why we don’t get the response that we were looking for. I sorry ladies but we are the worst in beating around the bush and thinking we are going to get the point across. Let’s learn more about this power phrase concept and see if this is something you need to implement.

This book teaches to SpeakStrong so that your words talk the walk you want, how some people go from one extreme to the other from silence to border line violence, or from very weak to rude and brash. Learning the right words to fit the situation will push you to the head of the class. Sometimes in certain situations it is very hard for the people involved to keep a clear head and keep from exploding with yells and rants. This will not get you ahead in the business world. When someone is attacking you and your belief in the mlm business world mainlythrough lack of understanding it is hard to be calm. This book helps with that.

The use of what are called poison phrases in the book is very enlightening. How do you think you sound when use use the filler words well, um, you know, like, and ruin an otherwise perfectly powerful sentence? Powerful statements do not start with i just, sort of, seems like, maybe we could, and this list goes on. Think about when you are talking to successful home based business owners and other profesionals do they use these phrases or would that weaken your view of them. If you are going to have personal growth you need to invest time into your vocabulary and your own use of power phrases.

Sometimes when we are presenting our mlm opportunity we run on and on often losing the person we are talking to in our jumble of words when they would have understood much better if we removed all the fluff. Be to the point but don’t be rude there is a difference. Remember you also need to listen and understand the other person then express yourself so they understand you. If you say “I don’t want to go to the seminar alone” would not mean the same thing to some people as “Please come to the seminar with me” can you see how a small adjustment of wording can be taken a whole new way. Talking plain strait sentences can really get your point across.

The section ask so you will receive is a great section for those who are wanting others to join their home based business. The different senarios in this book can easily be changed to ones you deal with everytime you show your business plan. To get good answers you need to ask good questions is another great section of the book to help home based business owners. Are you asking yes and no questions or the right questions to find what someone knows, see if someoneis saying what the really mean, to make sure you were clear to them, to gather info, and to gain the balance of control in the conversation..the one who asks the questions is the one who is in control.

Did you know as male and female we often hear and say things that are poles appart. Men average about 15,000 words a day while women average about 30,000 ladies we need to be to the point. Women often hide a question in all their words and wonder why they received no answer. Listen to your wording how often to you hear a man say “oh this is really to die for” do you really mean that or could you have said a one word comment to get your thought across.

Each action that can be learned for you to SpeakStrong can also be used in your writing. Are you talking to people and building your mlm business on facebook and on the other social media like the truely successful home based business owners are? Then you need to use these same concepts everytime you your post anything. Be the professional in your writing as you would be face to face with a perspective business associate. This book is a must have for all who are trying to build their business and talking the talk that gets results. To get amazing results in your home based business you need all the tools in your aresenal that can be of any help. To learn more about building your business and recieve additional tools click the link below. You can not build your business on face to face contact alone. Get motivated to get results today make use of the following information.

Lori Giffey is an online marketing coach and mlm business owner who is looking forward to helping you become the successful business owner you were meant to be. click the following link USE POWER PHRASES to learn how the words you use can build your business today.

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Price – A Powerful Tool to Sell Home Fast

In the recent times, the real estate industry across the globe is going through a rough patch. It has indeed become tough for a home owner to sell home fast. Finding a good home buyer has become a distant dream. However, there are buyers out there who can pay you the money and buy home. However, this needs some preparation. You need to display your home well to attract the attention of the prospective home buyer. The solution is simple provided you know just how to.

Price is the most powerful tool. Understanding how to use it to your advantage is the key to success in selling home fast. Get a free estimate for your home from any one of the online property buyers. This would give you a fair idea of the price of homes in your locality. Find out details of sales in your area. All this would allow you to fix a price that is attractive to the prospective buyer. Use price as your cutting edge weapon to win over the existing competitors.

It is important to make a good first impression. For this, there are a few simple that you can do.

-Improve the overall appearance of your home. The garden is what would create the first impression. Have a well manicured good lawn and a beautiful garden. Making the required changes in the garden is not going to cost you much.

-Lighting can play an important role in giving the home the desired look. Soft diffused lighting in the living spaces and good powerful lighting in the study and reading areas can make a big difference.

-Bring in some greenery to add to the overall effect. Have a few potted plants placed at strategic locations in the living and dining area.

-Cleanliness is a important feature that would attract any home buyer. Keep it simple and clean. This is especially true for the kitchen and the bathrooms in the home. Make a few changes like the upholstery and placement of furniture in the home and you would be able to make your home inviting to the prospective home buyer.

If in spite of your best efforts you are unable to find a good home buyer, contacting a cash property buyer online is the best thing to do. With a cash property buyer you can be assured of a sale. A cash offer in 24 hours and a deal completely through in 1-3 weeks is what you have. When you have quick and easy options to sell home fast, why waste ti
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if i got an adapter could i run a power tool off the 12v socket in a car?

same as above, could i run a power tool using the 12v slot in a car
no the adapter im talking about to go from the car circular slot to a plug

The Profitable Way To Use MLM Tools To Build A Big MLM Check – MLM Tools Training

There are lots of different MLM tools out there to make money with. If you’ve been searching online for more than a hour, then you have already heard about the phenomenon of attraction marketing. I’m sure you already know that attraction marketing is just about becoming a guru and essentially marketing other people’s programs, MLM tools and other products to earn one-time commission from the sales of those products, MLM tools and programs. Sounds like a clever strategy…

And it is… BUT STOP!

Are you trying to find a highly paid sales job and to leverage the internet to generate more purchases? If so, well that’s all you need then is a good funded proposal or sales funnel and you can do that! Sell MLM tools, programs or products to your heart’s content!

But weren’t you searching for a way to make your network marketing business more profitable?

Good. Because the truth is a funded proposal or sales funnel is a great strategy to use; powerful MLM TOOLS can help you grow your MLM business by helping you to leverage the internet to sort and find quality people. And although you can implement the approach above to create cash flow as you build your business, too many network marketers lose their focus and just end up selling the “product launch” of the month and entirely stop growing their network marketing business – make sure that doesn’t be you!

And here’s why:

Real Income – the kind that will allow you to roll over instead of having to roll out early in the morning, the sort that will put money into savings, save for retirement, pay for your kids education, take real vacations, and live your wildest dreams – that sort of wealth is not created from a one time purchase. You’ve got to keep doing things to keep that money coming in, like a glorified high paying job – where’s the freedom or lifestyle in that? Sure it may be easier online and may pay bigger online than offline, but serious long term walk-away cash flow comes from utilizing those MLM tools to build teams..

Duplicating yourself into others is what creates that life-long success and can continue to pay you continuously. Focus on your team’s success, of providing them with the absolute best MLM tools in order to help them make money and to duplicate you versus trying to get rich off their backs by only selling them the programs, MLM tools, etc themselves – key difference!

You may have heard John Paul Getty’s saying about preferring to get paid off 1% of the efforts of one hundred people than on 100% of his own efforts. There is power in that idea, and this really should be the whole objective of network marketing and mlm.

You see if you can make five figures a month – and you can by using the proper MLM tools, strategies and tactics like we’re reviewing here – how would your income grow if you had helped 10 distributors to all get to that same stage as well? MLM & network marketing compensation plans are specifically intended to reward you for this kind of organization building.

We have a saying: “Your profitability is my security.” In other words, your success is my ticket to freedom. So maintain focus on recruiting and building your organization to make the real big money.

Focus on helping people improve these skills with the specific MLM tools they need to succeed to emulate your success (see below). Because if they can replicate what you do and instruct others to do the same, you’re done! Don’t think for the short gain, think and plan for the long term!

Always remember, People will join people NOT companies!

So do take advantage of what attraction marketing has to offer, but simply remember its not your golden goose but rather is simply a tool to help you find, sort through and connect with people (on the front side) and put some hard cash in your pocket WHILE you build your network marketing business. Use those essential MLM tools to do both!

Find someone who sincerely wants to help you build your business and has your interests at heart because that will ensure your long term success. A guru trying to sell you their latest affiliate week after week likely has other motivations, like making a quick dollar.

The real money in network marketing is from the duplication of your team.

Do not lose sight of growing your team as it is the livelihood of your business and the secret to reaching your dreams and acheiving your goals.

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The Basis of Concentration/meditation and Its Benefits

Mother earth is known to be fertile and a womb of jewels. We all know that skies give us life-giving water in the form of rains. There is no limit to the vault of valuable objects in the ocean. Yet human beings have infinitely more wealth than all this put together. If the veils of our inner character are uncovered, we will visualize demigods and incarnations of God in this small body made of flesh and blood. Only on the basis of enterprise and hard work can one earn wealth.

Every unit of our body is amazing. We will be amazed to see great mysteries if we dive deeper within it. Amongst all bodily organs the brain predominates. When one sees its conscious, unconscious and higher conscious activities one will realize how great is a living being that directs its movements. Everyone is aware of how one earns money, fame, comforts via education, art skills and other profession. As a result every individual tries to augment his own intellectual skills and that of his family members. The bodies of all individuals are strikingly similar. The mind is very special. He who evolves his mind attains lot of success in life. Those who fail to do so tend to live a life of poverty and hardships. Man’s downfall or upliftment is mainly dependent on his intellectual state.

This so far has been related to the conscious mind. The inner movement of bodily organs is dependent on the subconscious mind. Good or bad habits are gathered in this area. Depending on our hopes and aspirations, the motor of our life moves in either a good or bad direction. It is the subconscious mind that decides the nature of our body, its attraction, its strength and skill. It is unknown powers that decide our destiny. The creator of this mysterious unknown personality is the subconscious mind, which directs all movements of a living being with the help of the intellect. Brain research scientists say that a very small area of the mysteries of the mind has been discovered. In comparison to the conscious mind (known), the subconscious mind (unknown) is more pervasive. Only a very small area of the brain is made use of by us. If only its latent state is awakened and made apt use of, one can see gigantic energy manifest in a tiny human body. If only we master our subconscious mind, we can become authors of our destiny.

Beyond the conscious and sub-conscious mind lies the superconscious state. It is inseparably bound to cosmic consciousness and a lot of give and take takes place between them. In comparison to the gross material world, the objects and energy flow of the subtle world are extremely more high statured. If a give and take relationship is set up with it, man can understand those divine mysteries, which are otherwise unknown. One can attain divine help, which is otherwise unavailable. With the help of gross powers we attain merely a few gross comforts that are transitory in nature. But with the help of subtle powers we attain those divine glories, which stay with us eternally. We have seen and heard of miraculous personalities who possess Extra Sensory Powers (ESP). Over here the special qualities of the superconscious mind manifest amazing skills and personalities.

It is very difficult to control the brain. No doubt our soul is powerful yet it lives a life of lack, poverty and hardships. The reason for this is that there is no self-control. Our activities akin to an unruly horse create agitation. If we fail to control our mind, how can we control external circumstances? We all want to change our circumstances but we never first control our psyche. Thus peace and joy run miles away from us. Great Seers/Saints of the world proclaim “Control your mind and you will gain victory over the world”. This is a fact because the moment you master your mind, it is easy to master external circumstances. Self-control means mastering thought waves and hence our very thinking. We must direct our thinking in an apt direction. This is achieved via Dhyan Yoga or meditation. A particular form or thought is introduced in the slate of our mind. It is pressurized into moving along a very small focused periphery. It is forced to stop its jumping nature like that of a monkey. No doubt this task is very difficult, yet a powerful resolve (Sankalpa) and unswerving perseverance helps us make this task easy and successful. We have never controlled our mind in a regular manner. Our character is nothing but a symbol of our mind. Our mind is used to following the path of lowliness and thus we imbibe bad thoughts. If only we had tried controlling the mind, we would have made it cultured and sacred. Only then can we be revered as a great personality. One could then avail of cooperation and respect from all directions. It is the demeaning mind that makes us execute lowly activities. Thus we live a sorry life of poverty and pain. On the other hand if one wishes to raise one’s lowly state, one will have to purify the mind by overcoming all taints within it. We will have to learn the art of self/mind control in order to purify our psyche. Dhyan Yoga or meditation is a powerful method that helps us attain mind control.

Meditation has many aims-

1. Controlling one’s monkey like mind that runs hither and tither.

2. Utilizing the power of self-control for apt tasks.

3. Augmenting our intellectual potential via concentration of the mind.

4. Focussing our mind at a single point via a powerful resolve (or Sankalpa) so as to create miraculous movements.

5. Discovering the mysterious layers of consciousness with our own will power.

6. Discarding all mental taints.

7. Augmenting sacred activities

8. Maintaining a serene mind even amidst chaotic conditions.

9. Experiencing bliss and peace under any circumstance.

10. Influencing those areas of contact with our thought electricity and augmenting elements that bring joy and peace in the world.

All these are worldly/intellectual applications of concentration/meditation. Even a so-called atheist can get benefits with a little bit of alertness and zeal. This method of meditation is of a general and medium stature. Ever so today’s highly intellectual human beings too will have to accept its great utility. Even a man of ordinary faith and sensitivity can benefit from meditation.

Ahead of this are high leveled benefits of meditation. For that a psyche full of intense faith in God and sacred sentiments is required. As a result one can merge one’s individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness or God. Attracting and imbibing one’s Guru (preceptor) and icon’s Divine Powers is possible only with the help of these high statured meditation methods. Only then can the individual soul (microcosm) merge into the cosmic soul (macrocosm i.e. God). No doubt man is an infinite storehouse of Divine Powers and that he can activate them with his own efforts. Hence one carries out primary and medium leveled meditation techniques. But it is only with the help of high leveled spiritual practices that one can contact great divine souls and thus merge our individual soul with cosmic consciousness or God. The goal of high leveled concentration/meditation is attainment of God, attainment of the goal of life and union of a living being with God.

Just as due to augmentation of bodily, intellectual and financial wealth the association of our contact area and means of public welfare augment, in the same way purification of individual psyche benefits both the individual and the entire world. Via the gross world we attain a lot of benefits due to hard work. The glories of the subtle world are that much more infinite. Meditation is a very powerful tool which helps one build that will-power which can imbibe/attract these innumerable Divine Powers. Wild beasts of the forest are very dangerous, but when they are trained, we can make apt use of them. In the same way once we master the art of controlling and making apt use of our mental potential, our character and personality will became brilliant. The greatest achievement of human life is to attain inner/soul progress without any external help. As a result one can attain innumerable Divine Powers. Thus it is most required that we master the art of meditation i.e. Dhyan Yoga.

With the help of meditation we can attain God and get the superconscious experience of God realization. Further one becomes healthy, strong and one can attain secret Divine Powers. All sacred scriptures maintain that only man can attain Divine Powers and glories. This is a fact. Our consciousness is omnipotent. Yet the reason why we fail to attain them is that we lack the art of mental control. He who masters this art of self-control gains victory over the entire cosmos.

Via concentration/meditation of the 5 sheaths the 5 Vital Forces of our consciousness and the 5 elements of our body became so radiant that one becomes a leading personality of the world. The 5 faced images of Mother Gayatri symbolize the energies of the 5 demigods of the inner world. If concentration/meditation is executed methodically, one masters the subtle cosmos and thus one establishes an important relationship of give and take with it.

In the meditation practice of Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power awakening the doors of manifestation and utilization of infinite Divine Powers albeit in seed form are opened up. Kundalini is our bodily energy. With its help one attracts infinite energies of the material world and this one becomes powerful both materially and spiritually. During the uncovering of the 5 sheaths (Panchakoshas) the mysterious layers of conscious energy are unfolded. Soul power is made more radiant via the 5 sheaths and the body via Kundalini Shakti. In order to achieve this 2 fold aim, concentration/meditation predominates over all other spiritual practices.

Ordinarily people think that meditation means placing an image in front of our mind and trying to continuously imagine that form. This is only partially true. No doubt one makes use of this method, yet only those with a powerful mental resolve see this image blurred at first and later very clearly on the slate of their minds. Not everyone has this power of resolve (Sankalpa) and it is possible only for people with special mental capabilities. Only those people who combine their sacred emotions, imagination power, faith in God and focused mind so as to mentally visualize God’s image very clearly, are capable enough of executing such a method of meditation.

As soon as an aspirant sits for meditation with eyes closed, he immediately thinks of things/people very dear to him. As though seated in a movie theatre they revel in this mental video of theirs. True meditation means trying to paint an image on our mental slate with the help of sacred sentiments. First one sees the image with eyes open and then one tries to visualize it mentally. This is called Trataka. Only then very slowly and steadily the mental image becomes clearer and thus our meditation keeps progressing.

Not every human brain is aptly designed to augment sacred sentiments or visualizing sacred images during meditation. Hence in order to focus our meditation, Drishya Yoga or Bindu Yoga is not recommended. The fundamental aim is to stop scattering of thought waves and instead focus them at a point. This can be achieved variedly with the help of 5 sense organs of knowledge. These are methods like Naad Yoga, via one’s ears, Gandha Yoga via our nose, Rasna Yoga via our tongue, Sparsha Yoga via our skin. Over here one sees forms with the help of subtle eyes.

For seekers of a preliminary stage, it is best that their minds follow one thought flow which is sacred. The concentration/meditation of scientists, artists, musicians etc. is of this variety wherein their minds revolve around one particular type of thought flow. Thus they perform extraordinary feats. The same tenet is used in concentration/meditation techniques with reference to 5 sheaths and Kundalini activation. Over here the thought flow is predominant. It is akin to seeing a movie on one particular topic. It is not necessary that one will get the holy vision (Darshan) of the particular God’s image that one meditates on. In certain special types of mental reflection, infinite images appear every moment and then they disappear. Yet this is not true meditation. The following nature of concentration/meditation too is of this type. If importance is given to the directions laid down and one thinks deeply about them, know for sure that the true goal of concentration/meditation is about to be achieved. It is beyond doubt that one will benefit immensely from their sacred results.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya, founder of the International Gayatri Family, was a great Yogi, seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace.

For more scientific e-books visit: (GOOGLE PR 4)

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DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion, Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, Psychology & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world: A beautiful borderless world.

KYOCERA Supplies 305 kW of Solar Power to Villages in Mongolia

KYOCERA Supplies 305 kW of Solar Power to Villages in Mongolia
KYOTO, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO)(TOKYO:6971) today announced that it has installed a total of 305.1kW of solar power systems to two villages in Mongolia through the World Bank’s Renewable Energy for Rural Access Project. The installations are among the largest stand-alone solar power generating systems in the world. The systems were installed this summer and are now …

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ANSYS 13.0®: Built for Fidelity, Speed and Power

ANSYS 13.0®: Built for Fidelity, Speed and Power
PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ANSYS released version 13.0 of its engineering simulation software, which offers greater fidelity, higher productivity and performance innovation.

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It's a Tool used for installing wood flooring..WHAT IS IT CALLED???

About size of a beefy pen….
One end metal tapered….
the other end has spring and a thing you pull back to power tool…
used to set the heads of small nails into wood…..
seen guys go over afterwards with putty to fill it.
years ago somebody told me it is good for breaking window if car gets submerged ….maybe the only thing that will break window……
larger tools probably would not work …..
resistance from water?
keep handy…like hanging from rear view mirror if car submersion a concern.
need info for another question.

Study Describes A Tabletop Source Of Bright, Coherent X-Rays

Study Describes A Tabletop Source Of Bright, Coherent X-Rays
Producing tightly focused beams of high energy X-rays, to examine everything from molecular structures to the integrity of aircraft wings, could become simpler and cheaper according to new research. Today, in Nature Physics, researchers from Imperial College London, the University of Michigan and Instituto Superior Téchnico Lisbon describe a tabletop instrument that produces synchrotron X-rays …

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