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Dewalt DW745 is The Perfect Saw For Small Jobs Without Compromising Power


Featuring a 16-inch maximum rip capacity, The Rack and pinion rail design for fast, easy fence adjustments and improved power and accuracy. This saw cuts through tough hardwoods with ease, so with it’s compact size it is the perfect saw for small jobs without compromising power.

A 15 Amp motor lets the DeWalt DW745 Heavy Duty Compact Job Site Table Saw make quick work of everything from bevel cuts in hard woods to resizing sheet materials. With the ability to adjust the blade from 0 to 45 degrees, Bevel applications are easy to tackle, while the included 24T carbide blade provides improved cut quality and offers an extended life to save you money.

  • Lightweight with handles that make picking it up a breeze.
  • The rubber bumpers protect the floor and give a nice solid feel and the roll cage like frame prevents the plastic from getting damaged.
  • Accurate rip fence with easy adjustment and positive lock. The rip fence locks well and has a knob on the front that moves the rail that the fence clamps to. Rip fence extends out beyond table on slides that allow ripping larger materials.
  • great motor.
  • This DW745 saw snaps right into to the stand and within a few seconds you are setup and ready to go.

This is an Excellent tablesaw. The fence was excellent parallel with the blade. The fence meter was off by only 1 mm, which was fixed in 30 seconds.  You can adjust the meter by moving two bolts to the right position. Has awesome power, cuts thick dense stock without problems.
Other unique design elements include adjustable rear feet that make it easy to steady the saw on uneven ground, a special coating on the table surface that reduces friction for smoother cutting with less effort, and a metal roll-bar base that provides durability on the job. Kit includes saw, push stick, miter gauge, carbide blade, and blade guard. This DW745 saw high-performance industrial tool is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.




Of all woodworking tools, saws, are the most used and all saws fall into one of two categories, being power saws and hand saws. All woodworking plans can be followed by using hand saws but power saws, although not necessary, have made the job easier.

As saws are used so often it is particularly important to purchase good quality saws. When buying any saw it is better to get a good quality saw from a known manufacturer as it will last longer and perform better.

There are many types of hand and power saws that are available and some are listed below:

Crosscut Saw

Used as a general purpose saw the crosscut saw is used to cut across the grain of wood. The crosscut saw has between six to eight sharpened teeth per inch which are set alternately left to right and the cross cut is usually twenty five inches.

Tenon Saw

The tenon saw is also commonly known as a back saw and is another general purpose saw used by woodworkers. The tenon saw is another general purpose saw and is very easy to control and as such woodworkers use it for finer projects. The saw is generally twelve inches long and has approximately fourteen to seventeen teeth per inch.

Coping Saw

The coping saw has a very thin, but hard blade that is fine toothed that is used to cut curves in wood. The woodworker can move the angle of the blade so as to adjust the direction of the cut.

Portable Circular Saw

The portable circular saw is usually used to cut timber quickly and effectively. The saw has circular blades that are between five to nine inches in diameter and a straight fence can be added to cut parallel. Grooves of various depths can be cut by adjusting the blade and angled cuts achieved by tilting the plate.


Jigsaws are mostly used to cut curved lines but can also be used to cut straight lines. Most jigsaws cut by moving their blade up and down but some newer models have started using an orbital action. There are many different blades that can be used for different types of jobs and they are easily changed.

More saws can be found at: Hand Saws and Power Saws

Woodworking Workbenches

The importance of a sturdy workbench for your workshop can not be understated. Stability is the key feature for any workbench as it will directly contribute to your ability to cut wood precisely and thus affect the entire project. It is also critical that you have your workbench at the correct height so as to avoid constantly bending over and in turn suffering from backache.

You can decide to either purchase a workbench or make your own. The different types of workbenches are listed below:

Freestanding bench

Woodworkers can chose to purchase a commercially manufactured freestanding workbench, however, they do tend to be expensive. There are many models and features available and each workbench will vary depending on the manufacturer. If you choose to purchase a freestanding workbench then take your time and investigate all the different options available to you. When purchasing a workbench it is critical that you make sure it has a strong vice (or vices). When deciding on whether a freestanding workbench is suitable you need to take into account the space available as freestanding benches can be bulky.

Fixed bench

Fixed benches are considered by most to be the ideal workbench if you have restricted space. Fixed benches are made to measure and therefore can’t be commercially bought so you will either have to make it yourself or hire someone to make it. Light is an important fixture when making your own bench and it is critical that you ensure there is ample light above the bench. The advantage of making your own workbench is that it is made to suit your needs and therefore makes woodworking easier. When making your own bench it is important to make sure that both the bench and support beams are made of solid wood that can withstand the constant punishment of woodwork. Lastly make sure that you attach a sturdy vice that can meet all your project requirements.

Collapsible benches

Collapsible benches are made commercially and made in variety of sizes and shapes. Many woodworkers like the benches because they take up little space when collapsed and are portable. They are perfect if you have a workspace that is dual use, for example a garage. The collapsible bench does not have a fixed vice and therefore on most models the whole bench acts like a vice. The collapsible bench does have disadvantages such as a limited surface area, and being too low meaning it can be uncomfortable to work with.

More information on woodworking can be found at: Woodworking

Essential Woodworking Tools

It can be difficult to determine which tools to purchase when starting out in woodworking. When you are starting out with woodworking the vast majority of projects only require a key set of essential tools. Listed below are the woodworking tools that can used to make most woodworking projects (in no particular order):

• Tenon Saw: Of all the general purpose saws, the tenon saw is the best as it give you the greatest control and can be used for finer projects.

• Firmer Chisel Set: The basic design and strength of the firmer chisel means it can be used for a range of jobs and it is recommended that a set of these be purchased.

• Files: Files are easy to use in order to finish off work and a can be purchased in a variety of blades ranging from very coarse to very fine.

• Steel Rule: The steel rule is not easily damaged and therefore allows the woodworker to mark precisely every time.

• Combination Square: The combination square features a 45 degree angle, 90 degree angle, spirit level and metal ruler, making it the ideal purchase when starting out.

• Smoothing Plane: There are a number of planes that can be purchased, however, if only one can be bought then I recommend the smoothing plane as it has a blade that can be adjusted for finer work.

• Power Drill: Despite the fact that there is a large range of power drills available in a various shapes, sizes and features, only a basic model is required.

• G-clamp: The G-clamp has a very basic design with a casting that has a screw at one end that applies pressure and is available in a variety of sizes.

• Claw Hammer: The claw hammer is a extremely popular due to its ability to both hammer in nails and remove them.

• Beech Mallet: The beech mallet is used to both hammer chisels and to tap in wood when building projects.

By buying the above tools you can complete the vast majority of woodworking projects, however, you can always purchase other tools such as the ones found at: Woodworking Tools

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Kreg K3MS K3 Master Pocket Hole Jig System

I bought the Kreg K3MS Master System based on other reviews on Amazon and because of the revisions Kreg made to the system (chip collection and front clamp handle). I just finished building a mission style media cabinet and I made all the joints with the Kreg pocket hole system. Overall, I’m very pleased with both the final product and the Kreg K3MS Master System. The prospect of using pocket screws to connect the face frame components and to attach the major pieces together (rather than mortise and tenon or tongue and groove systems)gave me the confidence to attack a big furniture project. Kreg’s pocket hole system is not only easy to use, but well thought out. It seems better designed and engineered than some of the piecemeal products on the market (like Rockler and CMT, although I love other products from those companies!). Not only does the Kreg K3MS system make it easy to set up for any thickness of wood, it also makes it easy figuring out where to put the collar on the drill bit for proper hole depth. The Kreg K3MS holds your part securely and the dust/ship collector system works like a charm. The only part of the kit that I’m still not satisfied with is the clamp. At times, edge joined wood sections (like a rail and stile on a door) were not held tight enough to prevent movement during the screwing operation. In addition, after fastening the two pieces, I sometimes found that the faces of the boards were not perfectly flat – something I counted on the C-clamp doing for me. I solved the problem somewhat by using bar clamps to hold the pieces together side to side while the Kreg clamp held them on even plane. That’s the only complaint I have. Maybe I just haven’t screwed the clamp tight enough, but it’s difficult to unclamp as it is. I recommend checking twice before screwing once because once the self-tapping screws go in, it is difficult to take them out and make small adjustments. The screws want to go back into the old holes, naturally. I bought the Kreg screws recommended for oak (1 1/4″ fine thread) and they worked perfectly. Nice tight joints, even without glue. Using a little glue is probably better, but not too much or it will get messy, with the face clamp in place.

One note I used Kreg’s oak pocket hole plugs to fill the pocket holes on the back side of the doors, since they would be visible when they were open. I found the plugs to fit better after trimming 1/4″ off the tail end with my bandsaw. Otherwise they would have protruded from the surface 1/4″ and that would have required a LOT of sanding! After staining, they look pretty good — little ovals at each of the joints.

I have recommended Kreg K3MS system to my woodworking friends and I recommend it to you. Don’t settle for any of the smaller Kreg models to start out. Go with this one from the beginning. You’ll be glad you did.

Mia Scott Chats Discusses Buying Chain Saws

When it comes to the troublesome work of felling trees and cutting them into firewood, there’s just no substitute for the chain saw. This machine is loud, oily plus smelly—attributes you’ll quickly forget once you drop a tree in under a minute. A couple of hours with one is enough to prepare a pickup-full of firewood or to whittle down a enormous pile of brush created by a windstorm which simply swept through. 

Chain saws are extraordinarily versatile tools that will complete many seemingly endless jobs in a jiffy with very very little labor. Together with this convenience brings responsibility. Chainsaws are extremely dangerous. Without the proper safety precautions a chainsaw becomes horribly dangerous to humans capable of inflicting life threatening injury. The correct use plus care of a chainsaw may save repair time and charges, as well as offer a smooth running tool for years to come. Without the proper maintenance a chainsaw is much  more doubtless to stall halfway thru an significant job plus need skilled repair. Concerning Chainsaws was created to be a guide for those curious about buying a new chainsaw or attempting to keep their current chainsaw operating efficiently. 

Chainsaws are a powerful tool, its chain may be used at a high-speed, and if it hits a tough substance it can move with a powerful force. Chainsaws may facilitate to become the task done extra efficiently but they are able to additionally be a dangerous tool if not used properly. The leading cause of many chainsaws injuries and deaths is carelessness plus not taking the time to slow down or follow the proper procedures.  

 The most vital rule in chainsaw safety is taking the time to arrange prior to using your chainsaw. It’s critical initially  to choose the proper chainsaw for the job; and use the right saw for the right tree. The bar should match the ratio to the tree in order to stop any instability when cutting down trees.  

Second is to read the manual plus tips prior to using your chainsaw it’ll tell you regarding every one of the crucial safety options, plus a way to use your chainsaw properly before cutting.  

 Third, sharpen your saw the sharper the saw the simpler it is just too use and cut down trees. The duller the saw the added work it’s to carry out and could become a dangerous tool if it becomes unstable. As well, always clean, lubricate, and adjust your saw according to the manual a well running saw makes your job easier plus safer.


Barbara Rogers Talks About Shopping For Electric Impact Wrenches

Electric impact wrenches are slightly a lot of expensive (40-sixty$), and don’t work quite in addition, however you don’t want to problem with all the compressor stuff. Also plan on obtaining some impact sockets for it, that will price a touch, because you will need a very big one for the clutch nut. Electric impact wrenches are usually commonly used as a drill for each wood and metal structures. It’s additionally effective for removing a selection of screws, guaranteeing that you’ll successfully remove and drill objects for your project. Electrical impact wrenches are obtainable, either mains powered, or for automotive use, 12-volt or 24-volt DC-powered. Recently, cordless electric impact wrenches became common, although typically their power outputs are significantly less than corded electric or air-powered equivalents. 

Impact Wrenches are equipped with a torque-limiting device that will stop the rotation of the socket wrench when a preset torque is reached. Impact wrenches are widely utilized in several industries, like automotive repair, serious equipment maintenance, product assembly (typically referred to as “pulse tools” and designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, and any different instance where a high torque output is needed. Impact wrenches are typically misused by those who don?t grasp regarding their special needs. 1st of all, it is terribly vital to watch out when tightening a nut or bolt with an impression wrench! Impact wrenches are available in all sizes and in several designs, depending on the application. Regular inline and angle 3/eight” drive impact wrenches are uncommon, however available. 

Impact wrenches are particularly useful, as a result of a variety of different bits, sockets or attachments may be used to perform a variety of tasks. Impact wrenches are one in all the most commonly used tools, and are found in nearly every mechanic’s search and construction job site. More, an effect wrench can be manually operated, or it will be powered by electricity or compressed air. Impact wrenches are out there in each customary socket wrench drive size — usually ranging from one/four” to 1″. They’re out there in varios designs, including inline, butterfly, and pistol-grip. 

Rockwell Sonicrafter RK5102K, All In One Tool Kit For Carpentry Work

Rockwell Power Tools Video

Introduce: Rockwell Sonicrafter RK5102K. This innovative tool can replace many expensive conventional power tools and would make a great asset to any job site or home improvement project.

You won’t have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive, separate equipment to do half of what the Rockwell Power Tools is capable of doing. You will be happy, because it’s all you charge and anybody attractive for.

A Complete Workshop in One Versatile Tool
Whether you’re a able cabinetmaker and an ardent do-it-yourselfer, Rockwell Power Tools is an able way to accumulate your work. Easily agitated in its compact, failing bag, you can still set by duke for all of your conversion, accession and adjustment projects.

Starting with basics, Rockwell Sonicrafter Kit comes with variable speed tool with two cutting blades, the blades carbide sand-blasting finger pad, 30 sanding sheets, finger, triangular sanding pad, 30 triangular sanding sheets, two polishing pads to help reduce , remove mortar and sand, with professional-grade results. Rockwell Power Tools is additionally heavy, broad-spectrum scraper, triangular carbide dust abrasive, exhaustion adapter and hex key.

Sprucing the garage? Scrapers acclimated to abolish blush connection, the old seal, and rust. Renovation a bathroom? Remove the adhesive with a kit’s carbide dust brand and account for basic bowl tiles with alternative design dust blade. Exposed to adamantine wood? Remove carpets with a advanced ambit of abrading knife and let the arrangement booty over the grinding-polishing hard-to-reach areas.

High frequency oscillation for a smooth-cutting, efficient multi-function tool Versatile tool for cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding, shaping, polishing and removing grout
Works on wood, metal, fiberglass, bowl tile, masonry and plastics
Magnesium accessory apartment for rugged, failing durability.

Slim body and bendable anchor for for abundance and control
Giving you the opportunity to sand, polish, scrape, and the reduction of various materials, Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Deluxe 72-piece Kit is your all in one tool kit for carpentry work. Enhanced for 71 additives, capricious acceleration apparatus works with microsonic aerial animation to aftermath a smooth, safe way after kickback. Ideal at work or around the house, this powerful tool can boast slim body that makes it ideal for working in confined spaces.

High Sanding Capacity with Low Dust Levels
For grinding jobs, Rockwell Power Tools requires very little pressure and provides a great accuracy. In his abbreviate anatomy strengthen its accommodation for grinding, which allows you to assignment on the edges and corners, which generally can not be accomplished with added tools. Plus, it offers quick and accessible cleaning, throwing a actual low akin of dust, or you’re grinding, acid or scraping.

Easy Handling with Lightweight Frame and Soft Grip

Rockwell Sonicrafter Tools alloy housing equipment, which is light enough for extended use and rugged enough for long term sustainability. Soft, ergonomic anchor offers optimum abundance and control, while the accomplishment job at hand.

If you acquirement Rockwell Sonicrafter Kit choice set for this artefact that comes with 72 altered pieces that you can use to adapt your Sonicrafter, you ability aloof get a activity of authentic awe by staring at aggregate the artefact comes with. Visit Rockwell Sonicrafter Power Tools website for more information.

The Basics of Woodworking Machines

To take some of the sweat and sore muscles out of building furniture and cupboards, woodworking machines are being used even by the beginner builder at home. Instead of using a hammer and chisel to create dove tail joints, there are woodworking machines that can produce perfect results every time to enable even the newest craftsman to create perfect joints the first time. Well, OK, maybe the second time as even the best equipment will take some getting used to.

When a person buys new woodworking machines they should practice on come scrap pieces of lumber before that new board gets turned into kindling wood. Plenty of the woodworking machines available may take the physical work out of making something out of wood, but it take diligence to have it perform. Practicing using the machine can also economize, as it is difficult to credit that with the existing costs of wood that it grows on trees.

Maybe one of the most helpful woodworking machines ever developed is the power planer. To have the wood the same thickness and perfectly rimmed, a hand plane may be employed, but even the most talented woodworker can finish up with tiny gullies in the wood that may only become obvious once the finish is applied. Passing the wood through the planer can insure an even thickness over the entire length of the piece.

Experienced woodworkers understand some of the private hazards concerned with using power hardware. Electric woodworking machines can send shards of wood into the air where they can cause eye injuries and if a finger gets in the way of a power saw, by the time the user realizes what is happening, it is usually too late.

In addition to the dangers of personal injury, woodworking machines can quickly ruin a piece of wood. One slip of a router can gouge the edge of a piece of wood, rendering it useless for the current project and a drill that goes awry can put holes in places where they may not be needed.

A power jointer is another one of the popular woodworking machines that enable the user to put two pieces of wood together at the edges without leaving gaps. However, the use of these woodworking machines can also cause more to be removed from the edge than is necessary, helping to add to the pile of scrap lumber in the corner.