Things To Know About Gas Chainsaw Maintenance

Your gas chainsaw is a very powerful tool. It is very important for it to operate properly. You will need to do things to keep it in good running condition. Here are some tips to keep you safe and running smoothly.

It is very important that you have the proper fuel mixture for your chainsaw. If you do not have enough oil in the fuel, you engine can be ruined. It will not get proper lubrication. You do not want too much oil in the fuel either. This may make it run poorly and foul the spark plug. Some models like the Husqvarna chainsaws, offer oil already measured for you. This makes fuel mixing simple. It also means that you will always have the proper fuel.

Always check your chain before using your saw. If your blade is getting dull, make sure that it is sharpened. There should not be too much slack in the chain. You will need to adjust the tension regularly. Not all chainsaws will adjust the same. Some may be different from other models. Check with the information that came with your saw, to be certain.

Your bar will wear out too soon if you do not rotate it. This should be done every ten hours of operation. This is important to keep the bar wearing even. Under normal operation, the bottom of the chain bar will catch more wear. When you rotate it, you switch the top and bottom. Make sure that the bar stays clean also.

Your chain has an oil system. Oil must be allowed to get to the chain. Make sure that the holes are clean and free of debris. Sometimes, sawdust or twigs can get in the chain. This material must be removed. Too much debris can make the chain jump from the bar. It also will clog your oiling holes. If the chain cannot get lubrication, it will wear out quickly. After you have cleaned the saw, clear you work area.

You may be using an inside workspace. All of that saw debris contains oil. It can be a safety hazard. Make sure that you clean it up with something like a shop vacuum. Although a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner will work, shop vacuums are better equipped for the job.

Check all screws and bolts on your saw. Normal running may cause vibrations. This can cause parts to become loose.

Your air filter must be clean. If not, it will need to be cleaned or replaced. These filters may differ from model to model. For example, your Poulan chainsaw may have a completely different filter than your neighbor’s chainsaw.

In closing

Gasoline powered chainsaws are very powerful outdoor tools. You must keep them running smoothly with regular maintenance. It will also keep you safe from harm.

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