The Prospects For Polycarbonate Automotive Windows Began In Japan

Recently, the world’s leading resin suppliers, mold makers and injection molding machinery manufacturers formed a joint technical team to encourage and support the Japanese car window, polycarbonate (PC) auto glazing applications. Bayer MaterialScience has introduced its most famous one of Makrolon polycarbonate brand polycarbonate material (PC), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will contribute its expertise in injection molding machine, the corresponding Japanese Kyowa Industrial Company also lets it be known in the mold manufacturing prowess.

    The technical cooperation will be Mitsubishi headquarters in Nagoya, Japan at a new technical service center. Mitsubishi one of these two-component injection molding machine is ready for customer testing, the two-component injection molding machine with a moving plate back to 1450 tons of clamping force.

    Bayer to provide the materials and processing technology is prior knowledge of its German headquarters in the center of the world’s developed from the windows. Volkhard Claus, global head of Bayer MaterialScience auto glass, said, “We polycarbonate car windows, the development prospects of the global high expectations, especially given the advanced industrial state in the introduction of a series of laws and regulations related to emission limits. “

    Although no one will produce 800 000 t talk polycarbonate plastic, but Bayer MaterialScience is still estimated that by 2018, the global PC sales will reach 100,000 per year t.

    In reducing vehicle weight, polycarbonate material contributed. A thickness of 5mm polycarbonate plastic of the weight of 6kg/m2, and toughened safety glass twice the weight of it. If the car window glass replacement materials for the PC from the material, we can reduce vehicle weight and thus emissions are controlled. Klaus noted that the use of electric panoramic sunroof PC material can save up to 50% of vehicle weight. In addition, compared with glass, PC injection material also gives the design a lot of room, not so rigid. It is the world’s authoritative research company Frost & Sullivan estimate: by 2012, demand for engineering plastics polycarbonate annual growth rate of about 70%. With the renewal of vehicle, mobile side windows with polycarbonate plastic will come out in eight years.

    Last summer, Bayer Leverkusen glass R & D center in the installation of a new 2300 t two-component injection molding machine Engel.

    For PC suppliers, the potential market is no doubt car windows. The market may demand from the window to reproduce the late 90’s demand for CD and radio prosperity in short supply. The Home Department, engineering thermoplastics (Chemical Market Association), Bill, said the global head of Adrian, PC demand in 1998-1999 to 20%, until last year turned negative.

    Demand is about about 3.2 million tons last year, Bill said, and optical media still holds the largest market share. Expected in 2014, from the electronics / electrical and film / film extrusion, especially in the construction market in the PC market demand to replace the optical media market. “PC demand for automotive glass can be a savior.”

    Review Auto Glass

    In 1910, a research and development of automotive safety glass in the laboratory with little incident occurred. French chemist EdouardBendictus to a beaker fell to the ground, but surprisingly, the beaker is not broken. Mr. Bendictus premonition: it may be dried nitrocellulose solution on the membrane remain in the beaker. This he used nitrocellulose, also known as “celluloid”, applied to between two layers of glass, this coating to keep the vehicle collision is the collision of the glass is not cracked down. Three-tier glass in the 16th century before the invention, it has been in the First World War gas masks used in this double-glazing.

    The first one is the use of plastic windows in the car Messerschmitt 50s mini cars. It is the side of PMMA poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA). But its characterization of the performance and impact resistance against all poor, thus hindering its widespread use. The first use of polycarbonate material of the lamp glass produced in 1993, with the Opel Omega in the back window of the car. The first piece of window glass, polycarbonate born in 1998, is SmartRoadster car fixed glass in a triangle.

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