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There are lots of different MLM tools out there to make money with. If you’ve been searching online for more than a hour, then you have already heard about the phenomenon of attraction marketing. I’m sure you already know that attraction marketing is just about becoming a guru and essentially marketing other people’s programs, MLM tools and other products to earn one-time commission from the sales of those products, MLM tools and programs. Sounds like a clever strategy…

And it is… BUT STOP!

Are you trying to find a highly paid sales job and to leverage the internet to generate more purchases? If so, well that’s all you need then is a good funded proposal or sales funnel and you can do that! Sell MLM tools, programs or products to your heart’s content!

But weren’t you searching for a way to make your network marketing business more profitable?

Good. Because the truth is a funded proposal or sales funnel is a great strategy to use; powerful MLM TOOLS can help you grow your MLM business by helping you to leverage the internet to sort and find quality people. And although you can implement the approach above to create cash flow as you build your business, too many network marketers lose their focus and just end up selling the “product launch” of the month and entirely stop growing their network marketing business – make sure that doesn’t be you!

And here’s why:

Real Income – the kind that will allow you to roll over instead of having to roll out early in the morning, the sort that will put money into savings, save for retirement, pay for your kids education, take real vacations, and live your wildest dreams – that sort of wealth is not created from a one time purchase. You’ve got to keep doing things to keep that money coming in, like a glorified high paying job – where’s the freedom or lifestyle in that? Sure it may be easier online and may pay bigger online than offline, but serious long term walk-away cash flow comes from utilizing those MLM tools to build teams..

Duplicating yourself into others is what creates that life-long success and can continue to pay you continuously. Focus on your team’s success, of providing them with the absolute best MLM tools in order to help them make money and to duplicate you versus trying to get rich off their backs by only selling them the programs, MLM tools, etc themselves – key difference!

You may have heard John Paul Getty’s saying about preferring to get paid off 1% of the efforts of one hundred people than on 100% of his own efforts. There is power in that idea, and this really should be the whole objective of network marketing and mlm.

You see if you can make five figures a month – and you can by using the proper MLM tools, strategies and tactics like we’re reviewing here – how would your income grow if you had helped 10 distributors to all get to that same stage as well? MLM & network marketing compensation plans are specifically intended to reward you for this kind of organization building.

We have a saying: “Your profitability is my security.” In other words, your success is my ticket to freedom. So maintain focus on recruiting and building your organization to make the real big money.

Focus on helping people improve these skills with the specific MLM tools they need to succeed to emulate your success (see below). Because if they can replicate what you do and instruct others to do the same, you’re done! Don’t think for the short gain, think and plan for the long term!

Always remember, People will join people NOT companies!

So do take advantage of what attraction marketing has to offer, but simply remember its not your golden goose but rather is simply a tool to help you find, sort through and connect with people (on the front side) and put some hard cash in your pocket WHILE you build your network marketing business. Use those essential MLM tools to do both!

Find someone who sincerely wants to help you build your business and has your interests at heart because that will ensure your long term success. A guru trying to sell you their latest affiliate week after week likely has other motivations, like making a quick dollar.

The real money in network marketing is from the duplication of your team.

Do not lose sight of growing your team as it is the livelihood of your business and the secret to reaching your dreams and acheiving your goals.

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