the natural consumption of the battery

Appendix 1 of the natural consumption of the battery toshiba laptop battery hp latptop battery

In the case of normal use, ThinkPad battery capacity over time as shown below (the abscissa is the year.) Depends on the battery used battery charging times. Refers to a battery charge of 85% or more. ThinkPad battery health monitoring tool for the design of the battery capacity, practical capacity and number of charge cycles and other parameters to determine the health of the battery.

ThinkPad power adapter are 56W and 72W of two, using the wrong power adapter would cause the battery to get enough power, so battery capacity less. (Hint: power adapter power adapter can be calibrated by the output voltage multiplied by the output current)

Appendix 2 the depth of discharge

Occasionally, you may need the depth of discharge (1-3 times) to improve the performance of your battery. This requires the use of 100% of the battery, and then 100% of the charge, and we recommend that you carry out all night (hint :8-12 hours) charge, during which not to use ThinkPad. Also need a new battery overnight before using charge.
Specific method is: Click to Improve Battery Health-> Recondition Battery Now

Appendix 3 on the charge threshold

If you mainly use AC power, only occasionally use the battery, you can charge by changing the threshold to increase battery life.
Change the charging threshold, the specific initial battery charging is to reduce the percentage (default 96%), to terminate or reduce the battery charge percentage (default 100%, but do not use the existing battery power should be reduced, but not 100% charge, so can extend battery life), thereby reducing the number of battery charge and prolong battery life.
a. Charge Battery MaxiMiser threshold set to run only in the case of effective

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