The Importance of Power Tool Safety

Although hand power tools are used frequently on construction sites, safety concerns should always be kept at the forefront of everyone’s minds since it is easy to have an accident with these handy tools if they are not handled with care. Power tool safety is most often stressed when a new worker comes onto a site or when in training to work on a construction type of a job. Once the individual has worked for a time, however, often power tool safety gets overlooked in lieu of getting the job done more quickly. This is a common mistake and can be a lethal one if certain precautions are not followed.

Safety First

Power tool safety begins by handling the power cord properly. A power tool should never be carried around by the cord, leaving the piece of equipment to dangle freely from the cord and possibly causing injury from accidentally turning on. Also, even though it is sometimes convenient to yank a power cord out of a wall socket rather than walking across the room to unplug it properly, it can cause damage to the cord and possible electrocution in the future. Since the power cords are used with machinery that cut things, another safety tip is to be careful to keep the cord away from the sharp edges that may sever it and cause electrocution. In addition, all power tools should be unplugged when they are not being used to prevent accidental activation and injury.

Other power tool safety tips involve the proper use of the machinery. Gloves should be used to help to protect the hands from injury when using the different pieces of equipment. Footwear should be work boots so that the footing is always sure, preventing accidental slippage and falls while using the power tools. The steel toed boots are also valuable for protecting the feet from an accidental drop of the machinery onto the foot, especially when the machinery is active. One power tool safety issue that also gets ignored in the process of working hard is keeping the fingers away from the ‘on’ switch when the device is not in use and is only being carried from one place to another. This helps to prevent the device from being turned on while being carried, especially from tripping or someone else bumping into the person during the commute, causing injury to one or more people. If a power tool has become damaged, the tool should be removed from the work area, if possible, or at least labeled clearly so that it is not used until it is repaired.

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