The Basics of Woodworking Machines

To take some of the sweat and sore muscles out of building furniture and cupboards, woodworking machines are being used even by the beginner builder at home. Instead of using a hammer and chisel to create dove tail joints, there are woodworking machines that can produce perfect results every time to enable even the newest craftsman to create perfect joints the first time. Well, OK, maybe the second time as even the best equipment will take some getting used to.

When a person buys new woodworking machines they should practice on come scrap pieces of lumber before that new board gets turned into kindling wood. Plenty of the woodworking machines available may take the physical work out of making something out of wood, but it take diligence to have it perform. Practicing using the machine can also economize, as it is difficult to credit that with the existing costs of wood that it grows on trees.

Maybe one of the most helpful woodworking machines ever developed is the power planer. To have the wood the same thickness and perfectly rimmed, a hand plane may be employed, but even the most talented woodworker can finish up with tiny gullies in the wood that may only become obvious once the finish is applied. Passing the wood through the planer can insure an even thickness over the entire length of the piece.

Experienced woodworkers understand some of the private hazards concerned with using power hardware. Electric woodworking machines can send shards of wood into the air where they can cause eye injuries and if a finger gets in the way of a power saw, by the time the user realizes what is happening, it is usually too late.

In addition to the dangers of personal injury, woodworking machines can quickly ruin a piece of wood. One slip of a router can gouge the edge of a piece of wood, rendering it useless for the current project and a drill that goes awry can put holes in places where they may not be needed.

A power jointer is another one of the popular woodworking machines that enable the user to put two pieces of wood together at the edges without leaving gaps. However, the use of these woodworking machines can also cause more to be removed from the edge than is necessary, helping to add to the pile of scrap lumber in the corner.

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