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Pneumatic Fittings Removal Tool

Aircraft hydraulic/pneumatic fitting removal tool and related method of use for disengaging the locking collars of such fittings. In a particular embodiment, the fitting removal tool has a right cylindrical housing having a first and second end. Proximate to the second end is an internal circumferential pocket.

Fitting removal tool for retracting the locking collar of an open ended hydraulic/pneumatic fitting comprising: a seat structured and arranged to seat against the open end of the fitting; a housing structured and arranged to house the seat; an adjustable actuator structured and arranged to laterally actuating the seat within the housing; a swivel structured and arranged to maintaining the seat in a given orientation; and an attacher integral to the housing, the attacher structured and arranged to attach the housing to the locking collar of the fitting.

Modem aircraft, specifically commercial aircraft, frequently utilize high pressure fluid circuits commonly referred to as pneumatic or hydraulic systems to control and operate a wide variety of aircraft systems. From flight control systems such as flaps and ailerons to engine systems such as thrust reversers and safety systems such as door latches, hydraulic/pneumatic systems have proven highly reliable and generally superior to other systems. It is therefore not surprising that a modem commercial aircraft may have many miles of hydraulic pathways.

Although a common and often desirable characteristic of hydraulic/pneumatic systems is that the piping may be flexible and or formed into a variety of shapes, substantially rigid fittings are typically used to connect the ends of piping to housings or other structures. During operation, an aircraft may be subject to a number of vibration forces. In some instances these vibrations may be sufficient to loosen fittings. To combat this loosening tendency, fittings have been developed with locking systems intended to keep them in place and resist loosening over time, whether due to vibration or other stresses.

In particular, and by way of example only, according to an embodiment of the present invention, this invention provides a fitting removal tool for retracting the locking collar of an open ended hydraulic/pneumatic fitting. The removal tool provides a seat structured and arranged to seat against the open end of the fitting; a housing structured and arranged to house the seat; an adjustable actuator structured and arranged to laterally actuating the seat within the housing; a swivel structured and arranged to maintaining the seat in a given orientation; and an attacher integral to the housing, the attacher structured and arranged to attach the housing to the locking collar of the fitting.

Moreover, according to an embodiment thereof, the invention may provide a fitting removal tool for retracting the locking collar of an open ended hydraulic/pneumatic fitting, the removal tool characterized by a housing having an internal channel partially along a longitudinal axis. A swivel seat is disposed within the internal channel and is configured to engage the open end of the fitting. An adjustable actuator is coupled to the swivel seat and configured to laterally actuate the swivel seat within the internal channel. An attacher, integral to the housing, is also provided and configured to attach the housing to the locking collar of the fitting.

In yet another embodiment, the invention may provide a method of retracting the locking collar of an open ended hydraulic/pneumatic fitting using a removal tool. The removal tool is characterized by a cylindrical housing having a first end, a second end, a partially exposed internal channel concentric to the longitudinal axis, a pocket transverse to the longitudinal axis and proximate to the housing second, an adjustable actuator extending through the first end into the internal channel and joined to a swivel seat disposed and laterally actuated within the internal channel.
The method of removal involves actuating the adjustable actuator in a first direction to retract the swivel seat within the slot and placing the removal tool parallel to the fitting such that the partially exposed internal channel and pocket are presented to the fitting. The pocket is then slip-fit over the locking collar of the fitting. Actuating the adjustable actuator in a second direction advances the swivel seat to engage the open end of the fitting. Force is then applied by driving the adjustable actuator in the second direction, the force through the base providing a lateral motion of the cylindrical housing relative to the swivel seat engaging the open end of the fitting.

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Rotary Hammer Drill, Bathroom Floor Tiles Removal

My house in Australia is on a slab. Renovating the bathroom. Have already taken the wall tiles off. Using a Rotary Hammer Drill to remove the floor tiles and the adhesive. The adhesive is built up, so as to provide the fall (so water drains away). You need to use the drill so you can get down to slab level. So you know how far to go down too, start near the shower recess (I have already removed the tiles from there).

Remove Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool was originally an antimalware tool created by Microsoft a few years ago. However, a new breed of malware is now mimicking as Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and hijacking host computers in order to make money. This Trojan masquerades as a legitimate malware remover which will do a false scan of your computer and come up with a list of fake threats. It will then alert the host that the only way to remove the threats is by paying to register the product. Along with fake scan alerts, the host will be bombarded with constant popups and fake alerts that will decrease computer performance. The malware will install itself onto your computer without your knowledge and place itself into your start up so it will load whenever you restart your computer. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

needs to be removed immediately.


Computer Hijacking: This malware will change your computer settings such as alter your homepage on your web browser and move your computer icons. Also, the malware may block you from using certain programs such as virus scanners.

Decreased Computer Performance: Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool will slow your computer significantly due to constant popups and alerts. It will become very difficult to perform simple tasks and make using your computer with the virus unbearable.

Vulnerability: Having this on your computer makes your computer an open target for other programs such as this one along with giving the virus free rein to spread to other computers.

How to Remove:


We recommend doing a free virus scan download to locate the virus in your system. Once the virus is located, you can remove the virus using PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus which is a very powerful software that can detect this type of malware.


Before proceeding with manual removal, you must be cautious in altering certain system components. If you are not comfortable with doing these alterations, then use the automatic method.

Step 1)

Open Task Manger and end the process for Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Step 2)

Open MyComputer and access the program files where Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

is located. Delete the following files:

Security Center.exe

Step 3)

Access your registry editor and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “MalwareRemoval”

Step 4)

Change back all settings that were changed, such as your home page settings on your web browser.  

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Heavy Oxidation Removal by RaveWaves

Paintless Dent Removal

Thanks to advanced techniques and the availability of new tools designed to offer precision results, many garages now offer a service called paintless dent removal. Unlike traditional panel beating, paintless dent removal is achieved without damaging the existing paint on the metal, and can offer excellent results at a fraction of the cost of other methods of dent removal.

The secret behind paintless dent repair is that rather than being an aggressive method of straightening out dents in the metal, it is a gradual process more akin to a massage than a piece of traditional metal work.

A panel beater will remove the panel from your car and then use a mallet and a former to bash out any defects. This will involve beating both sides of the metal in order to get it back into its exact original shape. The percussive damage of repeated blows from a mallet will inevitably do damage to the inflexible paint that covers the metal, causing it to chip and flake in the area where the metal has been beaten. This means that the panel will need to be stripped back and then completely repainted, which adds significantly to the cost of the repair. The results of panel beating are generally excellent, and can leave a car looking as good as new.

Like panel beating, paintless dent repair is a highly skilled procedure, and to get the best results it takes a great deal of patience, plenty of experience, and of course the right tools. The actual method of removing dents does not require the removal of the panel from the car, or indeed removal of any trim to allow access to the rear of the metal in order to push out the dent from behind.

The actual technique used for paintless dent removal will vary slightly depending on whereabouts on the car the repair is being carried out, but the essential method remains the same. Basically, the repair man will use special tools on the reverse of the panel to straighten out any dents. This is done by gradually pushing the metal back into place in small sections. It is a slow process, but it can have excellent results when carried out properly. Because the work is done in situ, and the paint is not damaged by the hammering, and all the work is carried out on the rear of the panel, the job is usually carried out on a single day, because no paint needs to dry once the job is done.

Specific paintless dent removal tools are required in order to carry out the work properly. A full set of tools will allow a skilled operator to carry out a repair on any panel on the car. The paintless dent removal tools are designed to offer access into panels from small gaps such as the window slot in the top of a door. They are typically long and flat, in order to slide into place, and very rigid to allow pressure to be applied to the metal without deforming the tool.

The operator will slide the long flat tool into the gap behind the panel and then expertly guide it to the dent. The next stage of the process is to gradually press the metal back into place from behind, slowly massaging the metal into its original shape a little at a time in order to minimize the shock to the panel, and to eliminate any possible damage to the paintwork on the other side of the panel.

The repair will gradually restore the panel to its original shape, and will deliver results almost as good as traditional panel beating, although at a much lower cost, thanks to the fact that no repainting will be needed at the end of the job to repair the damage that is caused when the panel is being straightened out.

For small dents and minor damage to the panels of any car, paintless dent removal is a highly recommended alternative to conventional methods, and thanks to its lower cost, and quick completion it offers excellent value and convenience when carried out by an expert who can provide you with the best results thanks to his extensive experience and training.

Jason has been in the construction equipment and industrial sales business for over 10 years. He owns and operates Red Hill Supply to better serve the automotive and industrial industries. – Automotive Tools

MINI Cooper A-Pillar Swirl Removal by OctaneGuy

How to remove swirls from the soft plastic A-Pillars of the MINI Cooper. Applies to the C-Pillars of the 2nd Gens as well. Chemical used is Prima Swirl. Tool is 7424 Porter Cable Random Orbital Polisher with an LC White Pad and my OneGrip. See

Black and Decker Grass Hog Cap Removal Problem


PcOrion: Adware And Spyware Removal Tool.

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Mydoom Removal Tool – Guaranteed Deletion

In response to remove spyware a small industry started creating Mydoom Removal Tools to let consumers performing of spyware removal operations. Betweenwhiles Mydoom is secretly installed on PCs in shared or corporate net with a view to follow other buyers. Commonly presence of Mydoom is secret from consumers, that’s why it’s rigid to remove spyware. It can happen that Mydoom is secretly installed on users’ computers. Using of Mydoom Removal Tools is a widely-treated machine shield employment on the way to remove spyware. Mydoom is known to transform PC settings resulting in slack connexion speeds, diverse home web pages and miss of wide-area net or functionality of other applications creating a necessity to remove spyware with a worthy Mydoom Removal Tool. Mydoom is a type of malicious programs that is setup on computers and seeks information about consumers without their skills. It is required to remove spyware as its ill-intentioned functions overreach further than just attending, so fulfill spyware removal with the help of a decent Mydoom Removal Tool! Mydoom Removal Tools are mostly used on operating system. Mydoom also treats peculiarities of Java to install itself without buyer knowledge about it. 92 percentage of called in question buyers told they didn’t understand about Mydoom existance on their PCs. Operating system Registry peculiarity that allows applications to be implemented automatically when opening the platform boots can be used by Mydoom to cheat seeks to remove spyware during the operation of spyware removal. Mydoom usually links itself from each location in the registry that allows application making it heavier to remove spyware even with a comely Mydoom Removal Tool. Several sorts of Mydoom mask themselves as shield applications or even Mydoom Removal Tool. When a user navigates to a site page controlled by a Mydoom author, it obliges the download and installation of Mydoom, so it is reasonable to have Mydoom Removal Tools that can remove spyware and fulfill spyware removal actions. The setting up of Mydoom oftentimes includes Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer program also facilitates to make enclosures for Mydoom in the form of BHOs making urgent dure necessity in Mydoom Removal Tool. Firmness issues such as softwares freezing, failure to boot, and PC-wide fails are also usual when you don’t attempt to remove spyware. If you don’t covet to remove spyware or purchase Mydoom Removal Tool, you can lower privileges of specific victimizable Internet-facing processes such as IE program. Some kinds of Mydoom block firewalls and anti spyware, reduce browser application security settings, opening the PC for further microbiosiss. Other Mydoom causes use rootkit schemes to avert detection and spyware removal by Mydoom Removal Tools. Mydoom that acts as site proxy or Browser Helper Object can surrogate HTML links with the ones to Mydoom manager WWW site. It’s time and again when Mydoom display publicities. Advertising is also a method Mydoom follows user conduct and habits. Various Mydoom display publicities pop-ups when a buyer fails to remove spyware. Wheen Mydoom violate anti-sexual movies laws when offsprings are the consumers. Mydoom commercial for pornography is displayed without abrigements, so parents invariably need to setup Mydoom Removal Tools to remove spyware not to let their offsprings see that. Some Mydoom display commercials to specific Web sites that users use. Mydoom causes exist this feature as needful to advertisers paying for publicity places giving funds to cordon spyware removal and sophisticating Mydoom even for comely Mydoom Removal Tools. A good deal of Mydoom commercial treat animation banners which can be at-a-glance irritating for users creating a necessity of Mydoom Removal Tools or at least spyware removal scan. Only few Mydoom designers have been faulted and many function openly though some have met lawsuits. Mydoom designers tell that consumers give permission to activate Mydoom. A lot of users habitually ignore licenses of applications allowing Mydoom installing on their computers. Mydoom that comes bundled with shareware softwares may be described in the contractual agreements text, especially in circumstance with Mydoom Removal Tools when user wants to remove spyware. Major PC defence companies were late to add spyware removal characteristics to their anti virus to let consumers remove spyware. On December 16, 2004 Microsoft Co. got its TM operating system AntiSpyware as free download Mydoom Removal Tool allowing Windows XP home or professional and Windows 2003 system buyers to remove spyware and fulfill spyware removals. Steve Gibson initiated in the new class of growing Mydoom Removal Tools. Mydoom Removal Tools can remove spyware by protecting real time installation of Mydoom on PC. Mydoom can be scanned by Mydoom Removal Tools when performing spyware removal stopping any attempts of it to permeate in the platform. Mydoom Removal Tool can remove spyware which is by now in your PC that is the most popular way when performing spyware removal operation. 10) Like most anti malware many Mydoom Removal Tools claim a time and again updated data base of dangers to let users performing of decent spyware removal. Many computer engineers and some commercial maisons have invented Mydoom Removal Tools dedicated to remove spyware and give handle for consumers to have chances of spyware removal. With the help of our Mydoom Removal Tool you can predict Mydoom from being installed on your computer or remove spyware that is already in the PC. Security Stronghold understands all about Mydoom, Mydoom Removal Tools and how users should remove spyware during the proceeding of spyware removal.

Mydoom seek such individual data as Internet surfing habits and can intervene machine user control by installation auxiliary programs and redesignating browser application activity, so you need to fulfill spyware removal with a comely Mydoom Removal Tool.

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