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Irwin Industrial Tool 73304 Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/16"

  • 1 7/8″ Overall Length
  • Three flatted shank on 3/16″ and above for better chuck grip
  • Self-centering TURBOMAX tip for clean entry and fast starts; stays sharp longer
  • High speed steel features a black body and gold flute

Product Description

High performance metal drilling for portable drill users, works well on curved surfaces
Revolutionary tip design stays sharper longer and drills up to 10x faster than other leading drill bits
High speed steel features a black body and gold flute
Self-centering TURBOMAX tip for clean entry and fast starts; stays sharp longer
1 7/8″ Overall Length
Three flatted shank on 3/16″ and above for better chuck … More >>

Irwin Industrial Tool 73304 Straight Shank Jobber Length Drill Bit 1/16″

Milwaukee 2601 compact drill test with 1.5 amp hour battery – Part 1

This is a quick video of the Milwaukee 2601 M18 compact drill with the 1.5 amp hour battery. This video is in response to the biased and possibly phony videos out there showing supposedly objective comparisons of various drills against the Dewalt counterparts, of which the Dewalt version always wins. Those videos are posted by the “power tool forum” which is AKA “The Dewalt Owners Group”. Being in residential construction, I felt that those videos were biased and decided to do my own objective test of the compact Milwaukee drill. I own Makita, General, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Ridgid, Bosch, etc. tools, and generally buy tools based on their individual merits rather than following brand loyalty. I hope that this video and the second “Part 2” video give a better and more honest look at this small but tough compact drill. I may do a similar Makita test soon as a another comparison. Part 2 to this test showing the same test in a 2×4 SPF stud can be seen at this link:

Hollow Drill

Hollow drill bit is more suited to portable tool hole processing tool. However, hollow drill bit manufacturing process more complicated, and can not be processed blind hole, and therefore the use of metal cutting are not common, usually only in the processing of some large diameter or precious metal workpiece through-hole drilling equipment, power is limited or when the use of .

Here’s hollow design of the cutting bit to make a brief analysis of the impact.

A front-line impact of change on the drill bit cutting

Anterior horn of the cutting force under the influence of change in angle will affect the extent of chip deformation of the material, thereby cutting force change. Larger chip deformation, cutting force greater; chip deformation smaller, the smaller the cutting force. The current angle is 0 ° ~ 15 ° within the scope changes, the changes in cutting force correction factor ranging from 1.18 to 1. Anterior horn of the impact of increased durability drill bit anterior horn, the tip will reduce the intensity and volume of cooling the same time, the situation will affect the tip force. The current angle is positive when the tip under tensile stress; the current angle is negative, tip compressive stress. Such as the choice of anterior horn is too large, although the increase drill sharpness, reducing the cutting forces, but the tip tensile stress suffered by a larger tip strength decreased, easy to break. A number of bits in the cutting trials were too large due to anterior horn damage. However, due to be processed materials, high hardness and strength, combined with a portable drilling rig machine spindle and a lower rigidity, such as pre-selected angle is too small, the increase of cutting forces during drilling spindle will vibrate, processing, apparent surface vibration pattern, drill durability will be reduced.

2 posterior horn of the impact of change on the drill bit cutting

 Increased posterior horn can be reduced and the cutting flank friction between materials, reducing the strain on the machined surface. However, if the posterior horn is too large, it will reduce the edge strength and heat dissipation. A direct impact on the size of the posterior horn drill durability. In the drilling process, the drill wear in the form of the main phase transition mechanical abrasions and wear. Consider mechanical abrasion wear and tear, when the cutting life is constant, the greater the posterior horn, cutting time can be longer; consider the phase-change wear and tear, posterior horn larger drill bit will reduce the cooling capacity. Bit worn, with the gradual flank wear band widening, cutting power gradually increased, the friction heat generated will gradually increase, so that drill bit temperature, when the temperature rises to drill phase transition temperature, the drill will occur rapid wear and tear.

3 bit design of the grinding process of

Hollow drill small amount of processing volume is small, so the design should take into account bit processing technology issues, as far as possible commonly used machining equipment and tools used to achieve machining and grinding. Chip flow through the rake face, so the shape of the rake face a direct impact on the performance chip shape and chip removal. Chip in the outflow of the process of being the rake face extrusion and friction, and further deformation. Chip the greatest extent of the underlying metal deformation and slippage along the rake face, so that the bottom length of the chip is longer, to form a variety of curling shapes. Using hollow drill hole, we hope ribbon cuttings or debris into the debris in order to facilitate chip removal. To facilitate the processing and grinding, the rake face must be designed as a flat, and do not open chip-breaker. The rake face in use does not require re-grinding. Flank is the most likely to re-grinding the hollow drill bit face, but also the fastest surface wear and tear, so hollow drill grinding is grinding flank to achieve. Deputy Vice-flank divided into internal and external vice flank flank. Severity grinding point of view, re-grinding inside and outside is not easy to achieve, Vice flank, so Vice-flank grinding should be designed to not re-form. Based on the above analysis, the hollow drill bit blade designed for the form shown in Figure 1. Processing of Practice has proved that fully meet the design re-use requirements and tool grinding requirements.

4 cutting fluid used and the impact of drill cutting

 The main characteristics of the hollow drill holes within the core working hours will not be cut, so hollow drill twist drill cutting significantly reduced compared with the required drilling and cutting power in less heat generated. High-speed steel hollow drill hole, because of processing zones of temperature on the hardness of a great impact drill, so drilling process must be used coolant temperature. We started using an external spray cooling method, but drill the horizontal axis station processing, cooling fluid is not easy to enter the blade part of the drill bit, coolant consumption of a larger cooling effect is not ideal. The re-engineering to change the drill spindle structure, the external spray cooling an internal spray cooling, cooling fluid from the hollow core drill bits were added, so that coolant can smoothly reach the drill bit cutting section, thereby significantly reducing the cooling fluid consumption, improved cooling effect.

5 hollow drill bit to use effects

Well-designed hollow drill bit should also meet the requirements in the following aspects: ease of manufacturing, to adopt common tools and common tooling; easy re-sharpening can be carried out using common grinding wheel grinding machine; high production efficiency, long service life; low price. Basically, we developed the hollow drill bit to achieve the above requirements. In actual use, the drill durability is stable up to 50 minutes, diameter tolerance, surface roughness, Deng Jun reached the design requirements. Because only re-grinding flank, posterior horn bit easier to control, in the ordinary wheel machine grinding can be easily implemented.

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I need a 8.4 volt battery and charger for a black & decker cat# 9052kc type 1 cordless drill?

Makita DA4031 1/2" Angle Drill – Powers Through Any Project

The ergonomically designed Makita DA4031 1/2inch Angle Drill is great for use in plumbing and gives hard to match performance when used on 4″X2″ construction projects

This essential piece of kit has a powerful 10 Amp motor which ensures greatly improved performance whilst the torque limiter will disengage the motor should the bit over bind – this facility is only available when the angle drill is on the lower of it’s two speed settings.

As I have just indicated the Makita DA4031 has 2 speed settings which are reversible. The high speed setting will produce 1,200 RPM whilst the lower speed setting which is especially suited to plumbing jobs where large diameter bits are often needed produces 300 RMP.

The DA4031 angle drill by Makita boasts a “sidewinder” handle which which allows it to rotate a full 90o to the left and right at the touch of a button giving this tool fantastic flexibility.

Some Makita DA4031 facts and figures:

*Steel 1/2inch
*Wood 4-5/8inches

*Amps 10



NO Load RPM:
*Low 300RPM
*High 1,200RPM

You will discover that this Makita angle drill has a heavy duty side handle which gives more support, it also has a top handle which can be adjusted and which also has storage for the hex wrench allowing you to find it quickly and easily when you need it. The handle grip has been ergonomically designed which ensures that the operator suffers less fatigue and has a comfortable but secure grip whilst holding the Makita DA4031 in any position. This is vital because weighing in at just over 12 pounds this drill is no lightweight piece of equipment.

So, What do you get for your money?

*The Makita DA4031 1/2inch Angle Drill

* A drill chuck

* A key holder

* A hex wrench

* A side handle grip

* A plastic storage case

In true Makita style the DA4031 1/2inch angle drill offers reliability and great functionality which tradesmen all over the world have come to expect from this infamous brand. Renowned for its outstanding quality Makita is today one of the largest power tool manufacturers across the globe.

Of this product in particular I have spoken to many tradesmen who use this tool day in, day out and they all say the same thing, that the Makita DA4031 1/2 inch angle drill will without any problem power through the toughest of jobs without faltering. It will drill anything from treated lumber and joists to southern yellow pine, no matter what the material this drill just keeps on going!

It is not the cheapest product in its category but the quality, the power and the outstanding ergonomic design makes it worth every cent. So. if you are considering adding an angle drill to your tool kit or replacing an older model the Makita DA4031 is definitely worth consideration.

Want to know more about the Makita DA4031 1/2″ Angle Drill?

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Help me "unlock" my keyless chuck on my Black & Decker drill!?

I have a Black and Decker 18V keyless chuck drill. It is stuck in the open position, and won’t turn in either direction so that I can tighten a drill bit or screw bit. Any suggestions?
Sumthin – You did it! I swear I tried every direction, but after reading your post I succeeded! I did need to have the drill set to the drill picture however, and not a number – maybe that was it.

Powerful Drill Driver from Power Tools Ltd

Every person at some point of time needs some handy tools for solving the queries that mount over the concepts of drilling, grinding and sawing in domestic purposes. Power Tools Ltd. Offers wide range of drill drivers, all-purpose saw, screw drivers in professional touch with reputed companies like Hitachi, Panasonic, Ryobi, Bosch, Makita and DeWalt. Its latest 10.8V lithium ion drill driver is booming the market for the supporting the ever desired features like compatibility, light weight, ultra balanced, durability and also highly powerful.

Applications like drilling and screw driving can be best performed with its 15 Position adjustable torque control facility that provides consistency in applying on endless materials with different sizes of the screws. Keeping in mind the comforts of a user, this tool has been embedded with rubber over-mold and ergonomic handle. LED light and electronically driven motor brake are the added features of this tool supporting the visibility factor and proper control respectively.

In Power Tools Ltd. an individual can observe almost all types of cordless drills that he could ever imagine. 28.8V Rotary Hammer, 13mm Keyless Drill Chuck, 15.6V Multi Drill & Driver, 21.6V Combi Drill & Driver, 14.4V Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver etc are some of the daily domestic purpose oriented tools that are included in the collection of Power Tools Ltd. 18 V Auto-shift Drill/Driver, 12 V Impact Driver, are the two most powerful tools from Ryobi that can be found before purchasing from this website. 18V Combi Drill and 14.5V Combi Drill from Hitachi, all types of cordless drill/drivers from Bosch (one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power tools), 14.4V Drill Driver and Torch, 14.4V Drill & Driver from Tough Tools IP range of Panasonic are the productive tools that an individual can get to incur in details from Power Tools Ltd.

A spokesperson of Power Tools Ltd. rightly said “We offer quality service catering every expected concerns and demands of our highly esteemed customers and clients in all seven days of a week from 9am to 9pm.”

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Panasonic Cordless Drill — – Panasonic cordless drill a mighty companion for all the tough jobs. Drives a screw into almost any hard surface at high speed. Heavy weight performance but very light weight and easy on the hands. Get the best deals on a Panasonic Cordless Drill – Upto 50% Off http

How to Recharge a Cordless Drill Battery

Cordless power tools have revolutionized the way homeowners and professionals work with power tools. The first cordless drill was introduced in the 1960s. Since that time, they have become more powerful, and the Dewalt cordless drill batteries last much longer. If a downside to cordless drills exists, it is managing battery power and recharging to prevent interruptions during the project. Make it a point to know the battery type and its characteristics being used with the drill. Doing so helps improve battery management and will ultimately extend its life.

Plug the battery charger directly into the outlet. Avoid using extension cords to reduce the effects of voltage drop. Cordless drill battery chargers use transformers and solid-state components for charging batteries. Supplying less than adequate voltage to the charger has the potential to cause overheating and damage to the charger and Makita power tool battery.
Remove the battery from the drill and wipe any debris from the exposed terminals before inserting it in the charger. Line up the battery with the charger and slide it in all the way. A red or green power light will come on when the battery is in the charger. Different cordless tool manufacturers build chargers specifically for their batteries. For this reason, most panasonic tool batteries will only fit into chargers provided by the same company.

Charge bosch cordless drill batteries when temperatures are between freezing and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the charger clean and the vents free of debris. Allow the battery to stay on charge until the charger indicator shows the charge to be complete. Because different tool manufactures use a different sequence of colored indicator lights on their chargers, check the tools operating manual for the meaning of each light. Today’s chargers often have a legend stuck to the charger showing what each light means and how to tell when the charge is complete.

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How to use a cordless drill safely

Who would have thought it a drill where you do not have to have a lead tripping you up everywhere that you want to drill. A cordless drill is one of mans best inventions, it is a take me anywhere drill, light and easy to use and if you buy an extra battery you should never run out of power.

Not only is it a tool for the modern workman in the building industry but it’s a girls best friend when it comes girls doing a bit of do it yourself work, just take it out of its nice box and a way we go. However, as in anything else in this world you have to learn how to use it properly.
They come in all shapes and sizes, large powerful ones, small lightweight ones; the large powerful ones come with a 24-volt battery the smaller ones come with either 18-volt or 12 –volt batteries.

Bosch GSR 14.4 VE-2 battery
Li-ion,2.8Ah,14.4 V, only £42.99

When using any kind of drill you have to use it properly and that means using it safely. It no good marking the spot where you want to drill your hole and just putting the point of the drill bit on the mark and pulling the trigger and expect to drill the hole safely, in most cases if you did that you will end up in hospital with a sprained wrist or worse.

On all cordless drills, you will find that you have a handle that you have to fit on the side. It will come already fitted and all you have to do is turn it to the position that suits you, by that I mean if you are left or right handed and then tighten it firmly.

Bosch  2607335465 battery
Ni-Cd,1.5Ah,14.4V, only £30.08

Now when you come to drill the whole grip the handle with the trigger with one hand and grip the handle that protrudes out with the other. Firmly stand with one leg in front of you put the tip of the drill bit onto your mark and gently squeeze the trigger. By doing all this you have maximum control over the movement of the drill and you will find that, the hole that you drill will be properly drilled.

However, safety is just not about drilling with the drill, you will find that wearing the right sort of clothes will go along way to minimising any kind of other accident. The wearing of a lightweight pair of gloves will take the shock of the motion of the drill from hurting your hand and your wrists. The wearing of a good pair of safety glasses will stop any kind of foreign debris from entering your eyes.

While you may not be working on a building site, safety nevertheless is still paramount for your own comfort.

You will find that a cordless drill can be used to screw screws into things. Whenever you are going to screw a screw into something, again safety comes to mind. Use the right kind of screwdriver bit, when you come to screw the screw try the screwdriver bit into the head of the screw first to see if you have the right type of bit. When you come to screw the screw into whatever you are going to put together gently squeeze the trigger and gently very slowly screw the screw in, do not under any circumstance screw it into the object fast you will undoubtedly slip and injure your fingers and ruin what ever you are screwing into.

Dewalt DE9091 Battery
Ni-Cd,2.0Ah,14.4V, ongly £38.10

Always remember that safety comes first as it does in everything that you do, by being a little bit patient and wearing the right type of clothes you will find that using a cordless drill is a pleasure to use.

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