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best power inverter to charge power tools?

I want to install a power inverter in my truck so that I can charge the batteries for my cordless tools when I am on the job site. I use 18v cordless tools. I don’t know what to look for in an inverter. Any help would be appreciated.

How to Choose an Air Compressor That Suit You Best

Choosing a correct and suitable air compressor for your needs depends on how and where you are going to use it. From a heavy duty industrial to small inflator’s models, the ways of choosing air compressors are almost the same. Finding out the purpose of buying an air compressor can helps you to buy an air compressor that best suit your needs.

In the market, we have three common types of air compressors, which are for the garage or house; on a construction or job site like in a industrial or mechanical shop. The type & size of air compressor is normally based on the place you use the air compressors.

For the garage or house, a small inflator or a portable air compressor will be good enough for you. Well, a small & simple inflator is used to inflate things like toys, sporting goods such as basket ball. However, one of the disadvantages of inflators is the slow speed of air compression. If you are looking for faster inflation in running a small air tools, such as air brushes or nailers, a portable air compressor is more suitable and save time.

For other job site or construction, you may need a bigger air compressor to power multiple spray guns, nailers, sanders or other tools. We would recommend you to get a compressor that has a higher CFPM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow than the tools you plan to use. For example, a spray gun may need 4 CFPM of airflow to work properly, so the air compressor you are buying must be able to produce more than this much air in a shorter time. For high usage on a lot of job sites with air compressor, you may also consider to get a contractor grade, truck mounted, air compressor so air power is always available for your needs.

For shop, stationary or industrial setting, we may recommend you to get a bigger capacity air compressor. There are many types of industrial air compressors in market including single stage, multi-stage, twin stack, wheelbarrow, pancake, rotary screw etc. Normally this huge size air compressor is centrally located so that it can work with many air tools and wide ranges of machineries.

Durability is also one of the important criteria when choosing an air compressor. The durability is normally depending on how frequent you use it. The good news is there are many models specifically made for different usage level such as limited, occasional, frequent or constant use. Thus, you may just get a “limited use” air compressor if it is only low usage.

Like other machines, first hand air compressors is always more expensive than used one. The prices are range from few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. If you have low budget, reconditioned models may be the one for you. It is available in many main manufacturers at very low prices. They also provide limited guarantees on these kinds of air compressors. Some of the well known manufacturers air compressors are Alup, Boge, Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Hitachi, Kobelco, Friulair & Swan.

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What are the best Power tools for precision work (laptops, electronics, etc)?

Novice repair tech here who’s tired of turning micro screwdrivers. I use very small phillips head and occasionally flat head screw drivers. What is the best power tool setup that can replace these. Needless to say screws are very small.

THx in advance!

30 Day Payday Loans – Best Fiscal Tool for Short Term Needs

Want to obtain instant cash assistance in a simple approach? Do not want any holdup in approval due to time-consuming documentation? Want to solve fiscal crisis obstacles at as soon as possible? Relax! Finance market has introduced 30 day payday loans for the fixed salaried people. This financial help can be of a great financial help at cash shortage. It is really helpful for a salaried person who face financial deficit in the mid of the month and unable to cope with urgent demand. With these finance you can avail quick fiscal relief to deal with urgent wishes on time. The awesome short term fiscal plan can be best to taken at times of urgent situation which enable you to get rid of financial rigidity in an effective manner. There are some basic necessities which you must meet to get instant approval. These conditions include having an active valid bank account, a good source of income and an age of 18 years. Applicant should be permanent resident of UK. By the help of these short termed financial help, you can access finances anywhere in between £80 to £1500. The amount depends upon the pay back abilities of the applicant. A short and bendable duration of 1 to 30 days will be given to reimburse the approved amount. You need to pay slightly high interest rates. You can make an online research to find out best and competitive interest rates. The offered amount here can be used to meet a list of short term urgent desires and needs well on time. You can make payment of urgent household bills, car repairing charges, unpredicted medical expenses and child’s examination fees among others. The online application process is free from faxing and lengthy paperwork transactions. Online application turns out processing and approval of the loans to faster and easier.

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Best Uninstall Tool Review

Best Uninstall Tool, is like its name, it is a program that can help you uninstall any unwanted programs even including those can not be removed thru windows Add/Remove Programs. Why I recommend Best Uninstall Tool is that, after using it for several months, I find that it provides very easy but powerful ways to uninstall programs: Uninstall, Force Uninstall and Special Uninstall.
1) The normal “Uninstall” Function of the Best Uninstall Tool

Uninstall allows us to directly uninstall programs from the Display Name list, which is very simple but thorough to uninstall the program that we want.
2) The “Force Uninstall” Function of the Best Uninstall Tool

Force Uninstall allows us to directly uninstall some tough programs from the file directories (especially useful in uninstalling stubborn/corrupted program), so as to detect and remove it with all its traces to avoid PC problems.
3) The “Special Uninstall” Function of the Best Uninstall Tool

Special Uninstall, which provides customized fix on how to uninstall some difficult-to -uninstalled program, is the unique function of all the uninstallers I have used. All of them are very easy to operate with.
With Best Uninstall Tool in hand, lots of unwanted programs were gone from my computer.

So if you get any unwanted programs that difficult to uninstall or you are bothered by some incompletely uninstalled programs in your computer, or you computer is getting slower and slower because of lots of useless applications installed, then why not free download Best Uninstall Tool to uninstall any unwanted programs for you now?

Free download Best Uninstall Tool : to help you fully uninstall any programs with great success and make sure all the now-defunct Registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically with a few clicks. Aside from this software, it can also completely remove other programs like Authentium, Norton, Trend Micro antivirus, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and similar programs.

What is the best cleaner and/or lubricant for power tools?

What do you use to polish/coat the top of a table saw? What kind of cleaner and lubricant should I use for cordless and/or corded power tools? What’s the best way to restore aged or tarnished metal? The manuals and people I have asked refer to a “mild solution” for cleaning, please expand on this and maybe suggest what types of chemicals would deliver the strongest and best results.

What is the best brand for cordless power tools?

I want to buy my father a cordless powertool kit and my budget is between $125-150. The kit I have decided on has a cordless drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and flashlight (w/2 battery packs). I see names like Hitachi, Porter-Cable, Skil, Craftsman, and Ryobi, but I don’t know which is the best. All fall within my price range. As for DeWalt and Mikita, I just don’t have the money for those. So, can anyone tell me which brand they would choose, given my budget limts?

Read Various Nail Gun Reviews to Choose The Best Product for You

Woodwork is a favorite pass time for most people. In addition, home remodeling projects requiring the owners to act arise all the times. This explains the reason why household tools are imperative. Some handheld tools like hammers are gradually becoming outdated. Since the emergence of nail guns, that perform nailing jobs automatically, many people are discarding the hammers. The nail guns work quickly and accurately than hammers do. These nailers are currently receiving a lot of hype to enlighten buyers more about their benefits. No wonder the nail gun reviews are many over Internet.


Today, Internet is the top advertising platform because the number of users is escalating daily. If you want to understand, why nail guns are suitable, simply use the Internet. The reviews rather confirm the manufacturer’s word or reject it. The previous users write each nail gun review you can find posted on several websites. These reviewers only post a review if they have had a prior experience using a given nail gun. Thus, they give their true opinion on the product.


Some good sites like Amazon allow the users to quote both positive and negative side of a given nail gun. This explains the reason why you can find positive, negative or positive and negative nail gun reviews. By the time you come to a decision to buy a given nailer, your conscience is clear. If you have not used the Internet to search for nailer reviews previously, this should not worry you. First, you should know the various types of nailers available.


For instance, you can buy a compressed air, electric, electromagnetic, battery powered, gas-actuated or powder-actuated nail guns. Secondly, you need to know that each brand possesses all these styles in its nail gun collections. As a result, you have to find reviews relating to the most powerful nail gun brands. Among these brands, you will effortlessly discover the favorite brands for most people. For example, you will certainly find Hilti, Hitachi, and Delta Porter Cable among the top brands.


Once you have gathered a good list of top American nail gun providers, then narrow down your search to models available. In other words, you could start with air compressed nail guns. Then, compare various models that each brand offers. For sure, someone else has bought each model you might come across and he or she might have written about it. Therefore, you should take your time to read and to compare products. Once you are through with the air-compressed styles, continue to the electric in the same format.


By the time you finish reading all the reviews, you will be a happy individual. In fact, you will be so sure of the nail gun product you want to buy soon. You will also find out what people feel about different price ranges. Of course, some machines cost more money than others do. You must not consider the price more than you do the quality of the product, as some nail gun reviews would warn you.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from porter cable nail gun to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

Power Tools – Everyone Wants the Best Kit

When I was a lot younger, in fact I was fresh out of school and didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I worked in the stores for an interiors joiners and fixers company and despite what may appear on the surface to be somewhat of a mundane sort of job, it actually proved to be very colourful.

So, I looked after the storeroom, the yard in which all the vans and wagons would deliver and collect materials and was in charge of monitoring stock, both in and out. For anyone in the trade, the stockroom was a veritable treasure chest of joinery and fixing goodies! From the smallest screws, nuts and bolts, door handles and plasterboard to the doors themselves, aluminium trim and skirting boards of all shapes, sizes and colours. Like I said a treasure trove! If you were refurbishing your house, you would have had all you needed available in that stock room/warehouse.

Anyway, I was responsible for booking all of these materials in and out, making sure they got to the right joiners on the right job at the right time. However, it was a two way system, if the joiners happened to be starting a new job; very often their starting point (after receiving instructions from upstairs) would be the stores.

Now, of course, they wanted, nuts, bolts and screws but more than anything they wanted the best power tools! Many joiners had their own set of tools but if they could, and why not, they would endeavour to use the company tools to avoid wear and tear on their own!

Some days, there would be queue of tradesmen all squabbling over the power tools. Often, when certain tools came to the end of their lifespan, there would be a new delivery of shiny new drills, saws and grinders and the workers had a sixth sense about when they would be available in the storeroom!

It was very amusing to watch but at the same time, totally understandable that the skilled workers would be eager to get their hands on all the new pieces of kit, as often they would perform better allowing them to complete their work more efficiently and often more quickly.

These guys took pride in their craft, were the best in the business and I often got to see their completed work which was astounding and could understand why they would jostle, haggle and queue for the best power tools they could get their hands on.

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Corded and Cordless Power Tools: Which One is Best for You

In a competitive working atmosphere craftsfolk in the woodworking and power tooling industries continually sweat and struggle to get their work done better and with greater efficiency. Of course, to do this and to do all of it better, it is extremely helpful to have some high-quality equipment in your corner. So, as a competitive crafter, which do you choose between corded and cordless power tools? Which will provide the greatest benefits and complements to your workspace? Which will lend the best aid in your propelling to the top of your craft? Well, the answer, I suppose, is different for everyone, and is generally as cryptic as all life’s important answers.

Just as both types have distinct advantages, both corded and cordless power tools have distinct disadvantages as well. And, because I think most people prefer to get their bad news first, I’ll begin with the disadvantages of each type and move on to the good news once we’ve all become thoroughly dejected.

Without any punches pulled or sugar coated, cordless tools have no constant power source. Their power and performance hinges entirely on a battery whose performance, in turn, hinges entirely on the robustness of its charge. Also, with the exception of Lithium Ion batteries, a cordless tool battery tends to lose power continuously as you work; as the charge wears down, the tool’s out-put power also diminishes rendering your tool, and your work as well, at the mercy of a constantly dwindling power source. Additionally, cordless tools tend, simply, to be less powerful. They are heavier, and batteries are usually quite expensive to replace.

Okay, more bad news: corded power tools are essentially stationary. They are limited by the location of their power source in relation to the length of their cord, and because extension cords should generally be reserved for emergency use only, your are essentially tethered to the length of your cord. Of course, said cord is not only limiting, but it is a dangerous electrical hazard, and a villainous tripping hazard as well; an electrical and tripping hazard that is relatively delicate and almost always painful to replace. Additionally, power cords can also be a “mood hazard,” if you will. You see, they are simply inconvenient. They’re awkward and cumbersome, and can weigh down your working momentum.

..And the disappointment momentarily overwhelms until exactly right now, your spirits lift, if only slightly, and I commence relation of good news!

Cordless tools offer superior portability and compact ergonomics on the job. Additionally, as battery technology continues to grow and advance, so do the benefits of working cordless. You see, cordless power tools are now more powerful, longer-lasting, and lighter weight than ever before. They are always simple to store and transport and they allow crafters to not only move about on the job, but to actually relocate from jobsite to jobsite and project to project with zero fear of cord lengths or the (non)presence of electrical outlets. Accordingly, cordless tools are perfect for home-users, for outdoor use, for use in busier areas where a cord might drive anyone completely mad, and are absolutely essential on more rudimentary or preliminary work sites that have not yet been wired for electrical service.

Corded tools, on another happy hand, have a constant, non-dwindling power source. As a result, they offer more overall power and a heavier-duty performance for the life of the tool and for each individual use as well. Corded tools also have a quite long lifespan and can enjoy many years of good health and hearty performance if well maintained. They also allow craftsmen to work without stops (as long as you remain plugged-in to the same outlet) so each minute you spend on the job is more efficiently spent. Additionally, cordless tools are not only more powerful, but they are lightweight, less expensive, and supernaturally reliable. As they are also, perhaps even supernaturally again, durable and resilient to the bumps and bruises of jobsite living, the corded power tool line is best suited for heavy-duty, high-power jobs that require brute industrial strength and a continuous supply of big power.

Ultimately, its best to know what your expectations are of your power tools before investing. Knowing exactly what you need, what you need to do with it, and how often you need to do that, will help you pinpoint the tool that will best compliment your specific work-load and working style.

For over seventy years M&M Tool has been the ultimate resource for power tools, tool parts, and power tool repair. With thousands of tools from nearly every manufacturer like Dewalt’s DC900KL Hammer/Drill/Driver and Makita’s LS1216L Compound Miter Saw, and through providing parts and service to all the woodworking products and machinery they sell, M&M Tool is the utmost authority in power tools, tool parts, and power tool repair.