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Organize, Store and Preserve

It’s time to clean out the closet and organize and protect all of your collections of pictures in the proper containers.  You head to the closet and pull out the tub of old photos and uh oh…Pink Photos!  You waited too long and did not take the proper care of your developments.  With those findings, you begin to worry and now go check on some older documents and legal papers that need proper storing as well and you are nervous as to what you will find.  You go into your home office and pull the documents from the file cabinet and find them hard and discolored.  Once again, too late.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Use caution and protect your precious memories and important documents for…well forever!

Finding a reputable company with great references is sometimes time consuming.  So here is a great resource.  Century Photo is a company that has been in business since 1954 and is an industry leader for manufacturing products for organizing, displaying, and storage supplies.  Under the management of Bernard Findley, Century Photo offers over 1000 products to help you organize, present, and preserve your documents and images.  Take care of your prized and most important pieces by protecting them with the finest products.  Whether they are legal documents like birth certificates, insurance plans, business contracts, artwork, or even pictures of your Great Great Grandmother that you plan on passing down to your children, do not procrastinate and find out when it’s too late that these items have not lasted to be passed through the next generation.

Take Up Scrapbooking as Your New Hobby

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby these days.  Women of all ages are taking moments in their lives and creating scrapbooks of memories.  From Baby Books to Vacations, 1st birthdays, 50th Birthdays, Wedding Albums, Holidays, School Years, Extended Family Albums, Friends Forever Albums…the ideas are endless.

Scrapbooking can be very therapeutic as well.  A lot of women do it to have some quiet time to themselves where nothing else is focused on except the project they are working on.  In fact, they even have scrapbooking weekends available where you book these houses which lodge up to 20 women for 3 days of nothing but scrapbooking and relaxation.  These houses stock product you can purchase and all the best scrapbooking tools you can think of to create your perfect book.

There are a variety of scrapbooking products on the market from the books themselves to pages of theme, color, design, and much more.  Then you have tools to create your master piece like squiggle cutting scissors, paper cutters and cutouts, and such.  There’s stickers, decals, and more accessories to doll up your project.  This hobby is bigger than you think and there are scrapbook parties going on all the time.  And even though this is a solo project, most enjoy getting together a few times a month to scrapbook together, share their ideas, and show off their work.  Scrapbookers are very proud of their craft and they should be!  The end results are usually absolutely admirable pieces of art.

To get your scrapbook started, a great online resource is  Managed by Bernard Findley, this company has a great variety of books to choose from including the very popular “Big Book” and their best selling per Mr. Findley, the Scrapbook Kit.  Get started right away and use a popular and eliable source like Light Impressions.