SUB-SCANNER™ M12™ Cordless Detection Tool-Milwaukee ToolTV

The SUB-SCANNER™ M12™ Cordless Detection Tool is a heavy duty pistol grip detection tool for professional commercial and industrial applications. Measures Depth and Location of Rebar Up To 6 Through Concrete Detects Location of Wood, PEX, PVC, and Metal Differentiates Between Steel (Ferrous) and Copper or Aluminum (NAn-Ferrous) Metals Embedded AC voltage detection to identify the location of live wires

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  1. METToolTV says:

    The M12 Sub-Scanner can detect metal up to 6″ deep under concrete. The tool specification is to detect 14mm OD rebar up to 6″ deep in concrete. So, if your plumbing is Schedule 40 or something similar, there should be no problem.

  2. Rethgil says:

    can it detect plumbing under concrete? it would be alot easier to break concreate if you know excatly where to break for basement plumbing

  3. TEStoolman says:

    Great tool!
    We have sold many of them!
    Customers are extremely happy with them.

  4. milw234 says:

    In the video the guy is first lining up the 2 guides slots on the battery with the slots on the scanner housing, then taps battery in with palm of hand, no problem doing that with this tool or any of the M12 or M18 Milwaukee tools. These tools can handle alot more abuse than a simple tap and do on a daily basis

  5. Bluetooht says:

    When the guy’s replacing the battery why does he slam it in?
    Nothing like having premature tool failure because of stupidity.

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