Six years of new China Machine Tool Industry History

The People’s Republic of China was first established, our country is in the “poor white” state, no Machine tool Manufacturing. 1949, a dozen maintenance companies and the production structure and the dozen belt behind the machine 1600. Japan’s machine tool production in 1938 will reach 67,260 units. In 1949 China’s machine tool has a capacity of 95,000 units. A new course of development of China’s machine After the founding of New China

rapid formation of the government team, the implementation of business change experts from the universal energy, national set of guidelines specifically for universal, primarily for maintenance of the original 18 Machinery Factory professional manufacturer of machine tools to transform, Valley said, ” 18 Rohan. ” 1953-1958 156 state key construction projects in the machine tool industry, there are three: the Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Harbin Measuring Tools Cutting Tool Works and Wuhan heavy machine tool plant. Variety Development in 1957 to 204 kinds of machine tools, machine tool production of 2.8 million units.

1961-1970 High precision machine tool in organizing campaign, to be completed in 1965 of 26 high-precision machine tools are an annual capacity of 500. 1966-1976 Organization of the industry as the “Second Automobile” provides 369 kinds of 7664 sets high-precision machine tool and efficient, domestically produced machine tools by measuring more than 90%, 80% by value.

Reform and opening up the machine tool industry for the manufacturing industry with more than 150 kinds of clocks for the bicycle industry with over 130 various kinds of specialized machines for the sewing machine industry with more than 300 kinds of dedicated specialized machines and automatic lines, made to improve people’s lives contributions.

From 1979 to 1985 there have been 24 foreign Machine Tool Plant and Machine Tool Plant Cooperation Production of 26 kinds of common machine tools and CNC machine tools Speed up the improvement of product technology of machine tools. From 1980 to 1995, 136 machine tool industry to introduce technology has greatly enhanced the level of machine. Such as “heavy weapons” to introduce the German company FB260 NC off boring Heath Milling “North a” introducing Coburg CNC Gantry Milling Machine reached world advanced level at the time. CNC machine tools available for the year 2000 up to 1500 kinds of varieties.

The new century the rapid development of machine tool industry. 2001-2007 Pension cutting machine tools production, output growth in Table 1. Table 12001-2007 annuity cutting machine tools production, production growth

The development of new varieties of the new century accelerated the development of new varieties each year more than 400 species, of which 3 / 4 is the NC type. Second, the machine tool industry a huge success

(A) of the output value of world power

Six years the machine tool industry from scratch, from small to large, in 2007 the world machine tool production, the output value ranked third in the world. China has gone six years of western industrial countries, 200-year journey. 1949-2007 annual output value of machine tools, production, variety development of Table 2. Table 21949-2007 value in machine tools, production, variety development

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