Sit Tight In Yiwu U.s. Exports, "the Top Spot"

“Global Financial Storm not only enough to overthrow Yiwu Small Commodity Procurement as a global hub, but the promotion of China-made commodities through the city to the international market. “This year in January, Professor of Renmin University of China, the Chinese Society of Business Economics Eddie Wong, vice president of media interviews, he made such a pre-judgment. Now six months later, this well-known views of experts confirmed circulation, quality and cheap Yiwu Small Commodity started to show great vitality, in Europe and America as represented by the international market, “Nifengfeiyang”, which badly hit the U.S. financial crisis continues to sit tight in the Yiwu Small Commodity exports, “the top spot.”

Reporters yesterday from Yiwu City Foreign Trade Bureau was informed that from 1 June this year, Yiwu Small Commodity export to 163 countries and regions, including the top ten exporting countries were the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Iran, Britain, the Netherlands. U.S. still superpower, Yiwu export, exports 161 million U.S. dollars, up 36.91 percent. According to statistics, this is the second since 2004, the United States for six consecutive years to become the first exporter Yiwu.

Yiwu Customs data show, according to the U.S. consumer goods are mostly imported, which is most dependent on Yiwu Small Commodity Market. Financial crisis, Yiwu market business clients on the daily household necessities for the United States, the rigidity of demand, targeted to seize the market through product innovation, improving efficiency, and strive for a more “cheap” new products to market. 1 to 6 months of this year, Yiwu City, the top ten export commodities, Textile Product, process Gift , Jewelry, shoes, hats umbrellas, bags, tableware and kitchenware, office Stationery Other seven types of merchandise exports have increased year on year; negative growth last year Plastic Products, once the first half rose to 45.8% increase; hats umbrellas increase of 75.38 percent, with the sets of Christmas tree Lighting An increase of 115.94 percent, 114.26 percent increase in paper stationery.

Goods, according to monitoring results, Yiwu market, the top ten in the export of goods, about 80% of farm households have a new product launch. These new products are not only favored by U.S. buyers, cost is also very obvious. In addition, Yiwu market, currently operating 30% of households launched Electronic Business, of which 74% of households online trading business accounted for more than 10% of total turnover.

Professor Huang Guoxiong that the goods in Yiwu market, 40% by local production, 30% of manufacturing enterprises from Zhejiang other places, there are 30% of production from the outside, Zhejiang Province. Yiwu in the professional formation of industrial clusters based on the international commodity market, is the characteristics of the Chinese market development model difficult to replicate in other countries. Financial crisis, Europe and the United States and other countries of the people expenditure tightening, will benefit more and more like the Chinese-made products. In addition, manufacturing costs are high because the developed countries, developing countries will reduce import of goods from these countries, the amount, but also for China Commodity out of the “door” to provide greater space for development.

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