Sample Juicer and Pastry Blenders

Blenders are kitchen appliances that grind food and mix them together. It breaks solids to smaller pieces or sometimes turns it to liquids. Hence, it is sometimes called a liquidizer. Most of the blenders are powered by electricity. Though there are blenders that are battery powered and gas powered, many prefer the electric powered because they are very convenient to use. They can simply help you make your work of grinding food easy and fast.

The blenders are made as a very powerful tool that the regular models have 24 cc powerful engines. It can generate uninterrupted performance of up to 2.5 horsepower. It can carry up to 101 pounds. These blenders are very durable. It can crush even a hard bone. It is a handy appliance easy to clean also.

The only drawback perhaps is that most blenders are noisy that comes from the constant churning or worn out blades. The newer models have solved this problem but you will have to pay a bigger price for it. It is worth the money if you plan to use it often. It will not disrupt your housemates especially if one is sleeping.

There are many types of blenders. Some of these are juicers and pastry blenders.

Juicer blenders are multifunctional. One is to blend solid foods and the other is to take out juices from the food. It saves a lot of space in the kitchen because of its two-in-one function. It conveniently separates the work of a juicer and a blender. If you need only a juicer or a blender, you can use only one part of this kitchen equipment. You can use just the blender or just the juicer. Below are some juicer blenders that are available in the market.

Drink Machine MP 32Z is a product of Vita-Mix Corporation. This machine can crush solid things in as fast as three seconds. Waring Blender RB75 is a juicer blender that has a 550 watt motor. The motor has 1.2 horsepower. The blending speeds can be seen in its tachometer. It is often used to crush ice to make shakes and other cold refreshing drinks.

The Waring Blender RB75 features a 5 year warranty specification, 120 V voltages; AC is 60Hz and 11.5 amps. This is a blender that they can let you program your own blender according to your needs. This is commonly used in restaurants wherein it is necessary to keep the same proportional ratios in their recipes. It is popular among homeowners too.

Another juicer blender is the GNC Mini Blender Bottle. This is the cheapest juicer blenders that can be available in the market. There are many other juicer blenders that are available in the market. Search one for your needs online.

Pastry blender is capable of mixing fat and flour. This has blades made of stainless steel. This also has comfort handle. This can make your cutting job very effortless. The cutting blades of the pastry blender are usually in diamond shape.

To mention a few examples, there is the stainless kind that has blades instead of wires. It is made with blades because this makes it easier to cut solid butter or lard. Pastry Pro Heavy Duty Pastry Blender is another type that features rigid stainless steel frame. It also makes use of blades instead of wire. It makes any blending job a lot easier.

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