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I want to get a power multitool/combo kit of tools for my husband -is Craftsman ok or what other ones would yo?

I know that Fein is the best,but I need to keep it under $200. Its for house hold repairs -“fixer upper” stuff. There is one at Lowes – 4 piece set for $129 that is supposed to be good (Porter Cable)… or Ryobi at Home Depot.. I’m ignorant on this ! I need a rug pulled up and wood floor sanded- do any do that? Thanks for any input !!!!

1: Toro 51599

Toro 51599


Toro 51599
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Our latest Toro vacuum / blower lasts 17 years with heavy use. New wind tunnel and has the best dry. Not even for all other products of this type.


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BuyingToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Great product!

This is a great product. I have used it a number of times and am very pleased with it. I really like the vacuum feature. It is so much nicer being able to have just a small bag to empty rather than having to pick up large piles of leafs.

CheapestToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Very powerful blower!

Works very well. Extremely powerful. Even on the lowest blower setting it does the job. On the highest, make sure everything you value is nailed down! You’ll probably want to wear ear protection for the noise (I wear cheap gun muffs bought at Walmart). 

This blower is almost a little too powerful. It comes with a concentrator insert that you can stick in the blowing nozzle to concentrate the air stream even more but unless you plan on sandblasting, I’m not sure why anyone would want to use the insert. Normally, the first notch or two ON of the control knob is enough to blow clippings and leaves off the drive and walkways with ease. If you’re not careful or have the blower on too high, you can blast your topsoil away right where the lawn meets the sidewalk edge. Handles pretty well but perhaps from the length of the device or the narrowness of its air stream, I have a bit of a learning curve in controlling sweeping compared to an older, slower gas-powered Ryobi blowing device that probably swept with a broader air current. 

Haven’t tried the vacuuming capabilities of the device. With its power, it should make an excellent vacuum but the instructions warn you that stones and twigs may damage the metal impeller blades. So that capability isn’t going to be too useful unless you want to put your device at risk. 

The handle is open enough to readily pass 2 to 3 turns of the 12-gauge extension cord I like to use through and around the handle so I am not pulling directly on the plug connection as I move about the yard. (why don’t any of these devices have a good way of anchoring up to 12-gauge extension cord?!!) 

Thought the blower is so good on the yard, it’ll work great up on the roof blowing the spring leaves and oak pollen off the roof. You have to watch out for the kick of the motor when you first turn it on that you have a tight grip and are not in any position to lose your balance. But, whoa! The darn thing is so powerful, if you don’t watch the direction you are aiming it, you could blow a shingle or two right off your roof. 

All-in-all, light, powerful, easy to use. No wonder it’s a top-rate blower! Highly recommended.

DiscountToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

I love it

A had a cheaper version of a Toro vac/blower that had a plastic blower fan. It was noisy and the safety switch for the fan started malfunctioning after just one fall cleanup. 

This vac/blower is wonderful. The fan is made of metal instead of plastic. It is much quieter and I love the multi-speed setting. Works like a dream. I like the new plug connection type also.

Low PriceToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Excellent blower, great price, lots of power

After owning a two cylinder gas blower for years, it finally died on me, and I had to evaluate buying another smelly, leaky, fume producing gas guzzler against the rising competition of greener, battery powered and plug-in blowers that have begun to saturate the market recently. I was initially leaning towards a battery powered blower, such as the Black & Decker NS118 18-Volt Cordless Electric Broom Hard Surface Sweeper and then over time, I would replace my gas powered weedeater and other lawn tools with the interchangeable battery powered tools in the same set. However, upon reading reviews stating that fully charged batteries only provide about 9 minutes of usage, and I would only have one battery to begin with, I quickly changed focus to plug in models. 

This blower is great. It is lightweight, quiet, and powerful, creating up to 200 mph directional wind force. And best of all, there is no rip cord to pull. After plugging it in, you simply turn the dial on top until the desired wind strength is achieved. I don’t plan to use the mulching function, although it feels powerful enough to handle leaves and small yard debris. Besides the one negative aspect of having to drag a 100′ extension cord along with me, I cannot say enough positive things about the blower. I use it to blow my driveway, walkways, screened in porch and back patio, fire pit area, kids playground, and the garage, while only moving the plug between two external outlets on my half acre property. 

The Toro was cheaper than my previous gas blower was, and just as powerful, plus it is so nice not to wreak of gasoline from just 10-15 minutes of blowing after mowing the lawn. Not having to buy gas and two cycle engine oil is another benefit that not only helps reduce carbon emissions, but will ultimately reduce the total cost of ownership between the Toro and my old gas blower even further.

Shop ForToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Great Toro blower/vacuum

Bought this for my husband as his old Toro blower/vacuum was on it’s last legs. He really likes the new one which is more powerful so he gets done in half the time it used to take. The metal impeller is a plus as the old one was plastic. It does a great job blowing the leaves, of which we have LOTS of them. He hasn’t tried vacuuming yet but he believes it will do a great job not only with the leaves but also twigs and occassional rock. I read a lot of reviews and this blower/vacuum had the best reviews. I agree and would recommend this Toro Blower/Vacuum, you won’t be disapponted.

Where To BuyToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Great mulcher

Most Leaf vac/blowers have a plastic impeller. If you are looking for a good vac that mulches the leaves, this is a good investment. The impeller on this tool is metal with mulching heads integrated into the impeller. Other vacs that I owned, with plastic impellers, did a poor job of mulching and the impeller would break if you sucked up stones or even acorns. 

Good value and works great.

OrderToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

easy to use

This product is so easy to use. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Well worth the money. Saves me a lot of time and work.

CheapestToro 51599 Ultra 12 Amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller

Better than I expected!

Well I had debated about a leaf blower and I was in the midst of comparing this with the WorxGT. Then I began to see reviews about the GT that made me quickly change my mind. Well I just got through cleaning off the patio and I’m still in shock. I only had to put the Toro on the speed next to turning it off and it pratically blew the leaves off in one swing. I also didn’t have to work hard in corners, etc. I was still skeptical about buying this because I saw alot of complaints about the mulching and the bag. But I’m happy I didn’t let that deter me from buying this blower. Its perfect for my yard. I’m especially happy it came with a metal impeller because we have a couple of trees in our yard and we have small twigs everywhere sometimes. I mulched a decent pile of leaves and I thought I had filled the bag. I came to find out it was only halfway full. This leaf blower has very good suction to say it has to travel through such big tubes. I almost sucked up our outdoor area rug into it and it usually takes a act of Congress to get that thing to move. Also I’m blowing leaves not to long after it rained and I put the blower on about the 3rd click from off and it even moved wet leaves. Thanks Amazon!

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1: American Gardener GS48

American Gardener GS48


American Gardener GS48
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So far I am very pleased with these scissors. They are light and charges for several hours, and a really good job. I bought two masters grass shears in the past, and only takes about two years before the battery dies and can not be removed. How much does a replacement battery for the replacement product. Thus, I decided to try another manufacturer. So far, so good …. but I think time will tell …


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BuyingAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Best trimmer for the price

I have owned several other brands of cordless shears over the years, and the American Gardner 4.8 Volt seems to be the best value for the price. It has plenty of power for trimming everything from grass to shrubs…including junipers. Battery life is decent, for a unit with internal batteries. I had a Ryobi trimmer with external batteries that had a longer battery life, but it was also way heavier and more bulky. I ended up buying two American Gardner model GS48 units, just to be sure I had enough run time to complete all my trimming in one day. Another plus, is the easy availability of replacement blades. No blade will last forever, so figure on replacing the blades from time to time.

CheapAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Very pleased with product

After finding that B & D and Craftsman no longer offered cordless grass clippers with 4 inch wide blades which I had used in the past, I was pleased to find this product on line. After several weeks of use, it has performed flawlessly. I like the compact design and relatively light weight, and best of all, the batteries will not overcharge if you leave them plugged in continually, to be always at the ready. As a bonus, the manufacturer is located in Georgia, not China! It will be interesting to see how long the blades stay sharp, but spares are available, so I may order a set. I’d really hate to be without one too long.

CheapestAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Best trimmer EVER

After using, and replacing this type of trimmer made by Black & Decker for about 15 years, I decided to try a different brand. The Black & Decker models tend to “dry out” after the first year and don’t hold a charge. I am certainly glad I switched! This is so fast and sharp, I was done in half the time. Just be careful to squeeze the lock and THEN press the start button, because it works so fast you might cut something you didn’t plan on eliminating. Much lighter weight and easier to handle than Black & Decker and 100% better.

DiscountAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Great Product!

I ordered thru Amazon. Shipping was quick as usual. The packaging was very good – no damages. I think this product has lived up to my expectations. Since I’ve never used a product like this before, I have nothing to compare it to. However, it cuts very well and holds a charge for approximately 20 minutes or so. It is easy to use. I am able to do a much better job on my yard; in fact it’s very well manicured now. Overall, this is a great product and I give it four stars. I would recommend it to others.

Low PriceAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Great Tool!

This is the best grass shear I have ever owned! Had previously bought two Craftsman 6V Combo Clippers (that look just like this one); however, the American Gardener shears blows them away. The American Gardner has great power, is super sharp, and holds a good battery charge. This tool has made my trimming chores easier and faster. Wish I would have bought it years ago. (Note: The Craftsman Combo Clipper comes with a short hedgetrimmer attachment, which is absolutely useless). Go with the American Gardener.

Shop ForAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Great pair of shears

I purchased these shears to replace a Black & Decker model that I had purchased at Home Depot 3 years ago. Those shears worked okay, but the blades became so dull after 2 seasons of use that they were virtually useless. Unlike the blades on the American Gardener model, those blades are not replaceable. No matter, since the battery would no longer hold a decent charge. I bought these shears based on the reviews I read here and am glad I did. This bad boy works great. The stainless steel blades are VERY sharp… and replaceable if and when they get too dull to be of service. The batter holds a charge more than long enough for me to get all my trimming done (about 20 minutes or so).

Where To BuyAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Wonderful Product!!!!

This American Gardener GS48 Cordless Grass Shear is a very good grass clipper. I have had Black & Decker shears in the past which never last very long and wind up in the trash. There is no comparison in these shears to the B & D. I ordered 2 so that I would have one fully charged all the time to complete my grass clipping. They are powerful and sharp and really do a fantastic job. I would not hesitate to buy these shears. I hope that they last a long time. I guess time will tell. I received 3 days after ordering. Love them because I cannot use a weed eater.

American Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Cutting in Style

This is an excellent replacement to the Sears Craftsman Cordless Grass Shears. This American Gardner grass shears in my opinion surpasses the Craftsman. I utilize the grass shears to maintain my parents gravesite and it has cut the time in half versus the Craftsman. Only thing that would make this a better buy, is if the rechargeable batteries last a lot longer. Also, should you have to replace the batteries, the cost would be reasonable so you wouldn’t have to purchase a new shears. I’d highly recommend this product, excellent.

CheapAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear


These shears are the best you can buy. The price is right and the rechargeable battey lasts and lasts. The blades cut thru very tough weeds and/or grass. I bought two they work so good. You can’t go wrong with these shears!!

CheapestAmerican Gardener GS48 4-Inch 4.8-Volt Cordless Grass Shear

American Gardner GS48 Gass Shear

This is by far the best residential grass shear to trim areas you can’t reach with your mower,that I have ever used. And, being in my mid 70s, I have used a few. The first thing you notice is that it is powerful, I mean this shear zips. No wimpy cutter here. My initial reaction was whoa, I need to watch that I don’t cut my self. And then the wider blade. It seems you can trim in 1/2 the time my old Black & Decker (that I couldn’t purchase a replacement blade for, what kind of crap is that?) took. Feels light but substantial, more power, a bigger blade and good ergonomics. What more could you ask for? This is a tool I can pass on to my kids.

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Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

The Arcade Fire concert in the Verizon Wireless amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA on 8/11/10

What is the best brand for cordless power tools?

I want to buy my father a cordless powertool kit and my budget is between $125-150. The kit I have decided on has a cordless drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, and flashlight (w/2 battery packs). I see names like Hitachi, Porter-Cable, Skil, Craftsman, and Ryobi, but I don’t know which is the best. All fall within my price range. As for DeWalt and Mikita, I just don’t have the money for those. So, can anyone tell me which brand they would choose, given my budget limts?

Battery maintenance article: helping your batteries live a long and productive life

Heat. Heat is a big battery killer. A battery heats up as you use the tool; that’s normal. But it overheats, however, as you overuse the tool. You should back off a bit and your drill batteries — along with the rest of the tool–will last longer. That doesn’t mean babysit your tools, it just means don’t drill a 1-inch hole in 6-by with your 12-volt drill.

Another heat source comes from storage, especially for users in hot climates. Leaving your cordless tools and batteries baking in your truck box, on the deck, or on a roof all day will shorten the battery’s overall useful life and diminish its ability to take a full charge. This is especially true for high-drain tools like recip saws or rotary hammers. Park in the shade if possible and take tools out of direct sunlight when possible.

Cold. The other end of the spectrum is freezing temperatures. Ni-MH’s chemical reactions stop working at 14 degrees F; Nicad gums up at minus 22 degrees F. While cold won’t damage your battery like a heat wave, keeping the cells temperate will help you work better. It takes a battery an hour to assume the ambient temperature of its environment, so store your batteries inside when you can. If it’s just as cold inside, Panasonic says leaving Ni-MH batteries in the charger warms them up in a few minutes and you’re good to go. For a sluggish Nicad tool, warm the batteries inside or in your truck. Putting the tool in there too, will also loosen up the frozen grease in the gear housings.

ReCharge. Who wouldn’t love a totally cordless world? As batteries and tool engineering improve, so do the chargers that gas up the battery cells. Makita and Panasonic chargers are especially advanced. They have a light signaling everything: battery too hot, charging complete, trickle charging, even a dead battery light. Both companies offer the following tips for optimizing the charge and caring for your battery charger:

* Charge the battery at between 50 and 104 degrees F, when possible.

* Charge the battery before completely discharged. A complete run down can cause cell polarity reversal, which kills your batteries completely.

* Never charge a fully charged battery.

* Never charge from a generator.

* Charging a battery where it’s cool decreases charge time. If a charger location is too hot, the charger senses a hot battery and limits or cuts off current. offers a wide selection of replacement cordless drill batteries for the leading manufacturers of cordless drills including Aeg, Black & Decker, Bosch, Chicago Penumatic, Craftsman, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Natinonal, Panasonic, Ryobi and more. If you need assistance locating your cordless drill batteries,

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Cordless Drill/Drivers with their Quality and Cost vs

Getty Images What’s the difference between a $30 drill and a $300 drill? Our DIYer digs in to find out.

I recently set out to drill through five sheets of Plexiglas for a colorful wall hanging I was making. I borrowed a cordless drill/driver (which functions as both a cordless drill battery and a power ) from a contractor I know who readily admits to being a tool snob. His drill was made by Festool, a German manufacturer that many of us American DIYers have never heard of.

But, oh man, that finely-tuned instrument bored into that tough Plexiglas like a hot knife through butter. The sensation of using a superior, precision drill — with its exquisite balance and power — was so pleasurable I actually considered starting another wall hanging just so I could do more drilling!

That’s the difference between working with a finely engineered and manufactured tool and a cheap and shoddily made one. The former makes you look forward to the work; the latter makes you dread each task.

Of course, you already know the primary downside to the premier tools: enormous price tags. While the least expensive drill/driver you can find at a big box store will run you a slim $30, a Festool cordless drill costs about $350 or more.

The good news: there is a middle ground when it comes to power drills.(power tool battery) For instance you can buy Consumer Reports’ most highly rated cordless drill/driver (for general, at-home use), the Panasonic Model # EY6432GQKW, for about $200. It’s a 15.6-volt model, which is about mid-range.

When you set out to purchase a new cordless drill/driver, be aware there are two general grades for the at-home DIYer (excluding heavy-duty drills designed for industrial-sized jobs):

Contractor Grade: These are the best quality, more expensive drills; the brands you’ll likely find on a professional job site.Manufacturers includeHitachi ($80-$130), Porter Cable ($100-$170), Milwaukee ($190), Panasonic ($185-$200),
Makita ($110-$270), and DeWalt ($140-$300)

— Consumer Grade:
These are lesser quality, less expensive drills designed for household use. Manufacturers include Ryobi ($30-$200), Craftsman ($40-$120), Black & Decker ($60-$110), Skil ($60-$110), Ridgid ($140)

(Note: These are the price ranges of cordless drill/drivers reviewed by Consumer Reports.)

So why the disparity in prices? Consider the differences between the least expensive car you could buy (such as a Hyundai Accent for about $11,000) and a more expensive car (such as a BMW 5-Series sedan starting at $50,000). While the cheaper cars will get you from point A to point B, you usually get there with a lot of road noise, uncomfortable seats, and maybe without the benefit of air conditioning and a sound system. It’s the same with luxury tools: they generally work better, feel better and last longer.


You don’t have to buy top-of-line power drill/drivers to experience great performance, but you do have to draw the line at some point if you want to prevent frustration, a short shelf-life, and shoddy results. Consider these factors when deciding what to spend on your cordless drill:

1. Speed
In general, the more speed your tool has, the better the performance. At the very least, the power drill you buy should have high and low speeds. The high speed is for drilling and the low speed is for screwdriving. The speed is measured in rpm (revolutions per minute). A healthy rpm is 1,300 or more. Drills with 800 or less can be frustrating to operate; they may not bore easily through a surface or not tighten a screw properly.

2. Power
The power available for your cordless drill/drivers is measured in volts (V). The least powerful tools on the market are about 6V, while the most powerful are about 24V. My favorite small drill/drivers, which fit nicely in my hand yet pack a lot of juice, are around 9.6V. Mid-power drill/drivers are around 14V, while the beefy models, the kind you might find in the hands of a framing carpenter, would be 18V — probably too much power for the occasional or novice DIYer. Anything less than 9.6V is likely not worth your money. (Beg to differ? Defend your power drill in the comments below!)

3. Batteries
When it comes to cordless tools, the battery makes all the difference. First, find out how long the batteries hold their charge during the kinds of jobs you will do. If you’re planning on hanging a couple of curtain rods, or putting together a picture frame, any model will hold a charge long enough for you to get the job done. But if you’re doing a bigger job, like installing rain gutters to a large house, the battery might not go the distance without having to be recharged. Granted, most cordless drills come with two batteries so one can charge while they other is in use. If you plan to do a lot of work with your drill/driver over a long period of time, check out the cost of new batteries. Some high-end tools require batteries that cost way more than $100. Decide whether the convenience of a longer-lasting battery is worth the extra cost. And bear in mind that certain batteries can make cordless tools heavier than equivalent corded tools. For drill/drivers, 3.5 pounds is considered light, and 5 pounds or more is considered heavy.

4. Hand Feel
This may be the least-considered issue by DIYers and others, but it’s among the most important. All hands are different, it’s fair to say, and some tools that fit and feel perfect in in one person’s hand may feel totally awkward in someone else’s. Hold any drill/driver you’re considering — with the battery installed, so you’ll have a more accurate idea of the tool’s weight– at shoulder level for a minute or so to test it. For women, a smaller tool may feel better. Hand feel is about more than comfort; it can affect the outcome of your project significantly. So, if you need to pay a little more for a drill that feels better in your hands, consider it worth the investment.

5. LED Light
This is a fairly new development in the industry that directs an LED light right where you’re drilling or driving a screw. If you’ve ever crawled inside a cabinet to attach it to the wall, you know how life-changing a light on your drill/driver would be. Depending on your needs, this convenient feature might be worth the extra cash.


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Ryobi Paint Station

When you want to take your painting tasks around the house to the next level, the Ryobi® Paint Station is the perfect solution for your DIY needs.

Good Power Tool Brands?

I Own Alot of Ryobi Power Tools and have never had a Problem with any of Them. What Are some other good power tool brands? Thanks!

Panasonic EYC155GQW

Low Price for Panasonic EYC155GQW


Panasonic EYC155GQW
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Customer Review:

I’m always looking for the best possible products. This is the best set of battery operated tools by far! The battery life at 3.5 amp hrs. is by far the most offered by any company. I’m a dairy farmer, so these tools see just about everything; from construction, repairs, fencing, equipment repair, you name it I throw it at it. I’ve owned DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, before this and they did not have the battery life or the ergonomics that these units have. I feel they are light, tough and powerful. At first I thought the circular saw and sawsall could have been built more rugged, but after using them and putting them through a good workout it turns out they are plenty rugged. (I guess as long as you don’t drop them from a 60 foot silo.) Again, the battery life is Awesome! I just can’t stress how important that is to me. I’ve drilled through metal just about all day without having to change batteries! The only set of tools I would like to compare these to that even comes close to these is the new Milwaukee lithium Ion tools. Even they only have 3 amp hr batteries. They are suppose to be 28 volt batteries, but again as I said I’m pretty demanding and I have yet to find a job that these 18 volt tools can’t tackle with ease! So go ahead, I think you will like these tools.


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OK, but….

I’ve owned just about every cordless tool made through the years and Panasonic makes great drills. They have great ergonomics and battery life (after 5 years, I have yet to replace a battery and I use the drill hard). I decided to purchase the kit and was somewhat disappointed with the circular saw. It seemed cheaply made and the adjustments are flimsy. The thing that irks me the most is the blade. They must be special ordered because of the arbor size. You won’t find them in a box store and they cost $45-$50! Each! That is unacceptable. 
Best cordless tools on the market

best tool investment ive made in a while. im an electrician and they work great for everything i can imagine doing. high quality. great battery life. great torque. in low, the drill has full torque even when you barely press the trigger. high speed is incredibly fast. the circular saw rips pt 2x4s like nothing and the sawzaw is compact and simple to use. the hammer on the drill is easy on the hands too. you can barely feel it viberate, yet it puts wholes in concrete for tapcons in seconds. if your on the fence about what cordless set to buy, go with panasonic, theres no way you will be sorry.
best tool set

this is not my second panasonic tool kit, the last drill/driver lasted my ten years. what else can you say about the reputation of panasonic tools? the batteries last forever; I have only charged the batteries three times over three months of somewhat heavy use, if a bit infrequent use. Top quality plastic and engineering. A pleasure to use every time.
Excellent tool set

I was hesitant to buy a battery powered tool set because of the weight. I was surprised that the tools weighed no more than my corded circular saw and reciprocating saw and even seemed lighter. They are well balanced and easy to handle. The blade on the reciprocating is so easy to change, no hex key needed just twist and put the new blade in. 

I have owned a Panasonic drill for 3 years and that has been the best drill I ever owned. That is why I decided to try this set. I would recommened this set for a small person who finds most tools too heavy 
Money well spent !, Excellent value

I’ve used this set every day for over a month now, they are powerful and well built tools. 
They run and feel like corded tools and the batteries last for days even with constant use. 
I charge about every 2 or 3 days, a full charge takes less than an hour but the battery will recover in about 10 or 15 minutes so you can finish that last screw or cut. 
The sawsall is a real Jewel with its quick release blade, the hammer drill just”WORKS”, the saw rips plywood and hardwood with ease and the flashlight has never dimmed and run down on me.
One fantastic tool set!

Time to throw out your old cordless tools and replace them all with this superb set. I built a dog house the first week I had the set and used both saws and the drill. Went through one battery pack and maybe 10 minutes on the back-up battery, so there’s a lot of charge in the batteries. And 18V gives you a lot of torque. The drill is the most impressive of the three basic tools (I don’t really consider the flashlight to be one of the tools – they probably could have left that one out). The drill is even better than my corded Milwuakee 1/2″ hammer drill, and that’s saying a lot – it’s soooo smooth. The circular saw has a lot of torque, but can still bind in situations when a corded saw probably wouldn’t, but that’s not really a fair comparison. I ripped through 24 ft of 1/2″ ply with no real problem. The plastic carrying case is wonderful, and all of the tools are of very fine quality. My only hope is that Panasonic keeps making replacement batteries and doesn’t leave me in the lurch with a non-supported discontinued battery (as did Hitachi and Makita). All of the tools are very well designed from an ergonomic standpoint, and the battery is not at all intrusive. It is an absolute joy to use these tools.

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