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Hardware Knowledge Together: An Overview Of Mold High Speed Machining Technology

In modern Mold Production, with the degree of the plastic parts of the beautiful and functional requirements higher and higher and plastic parts are designed to be more complex internal structure, the mold shape design are becoming increasingly complex and ever-increasing proportion of free-form surface, the corresponding mold structure is also designed to be more […]

Frontier Series Offset Disks

Frontier Series Offset Disks John Deere has added three new lines of offset disks to its Frontier family of tillage products: the DH51 Series, the DH52 Series, and the DH53 Series. Read more on Midwest Messenger

What to Look for in an Air Duct Cleaning Company

Air duct cleaning is a relatively new industry that has exploded as a $4 Billion a year industry in the United States alone, in the 21st century. Some people have embraced air duct cleaning as a beneficial service, while others have criticized the service and view the service as a waste of time and money. […]

Defensive Mechanism of S.s

Defensive Mechanism of S.S CIRCUIT BREAKER: I. Introduction The primary functions of a circuit breaker are interrupting short circuit current, carrying normal currents, switching ON and OFF normal loads, and providing necessary insulating between live parts and earthed parts. The maintenance problems involved with bulk oil circuit breakers were immense. Minimum Oil technology had replaced […]

How to Get the Most out of Exhibitions

Exhibitions are one of the most powerful, versatile and costeffective tools available. To get the most out of them, check out our top tips on effective exhibiting, covering everything from setting objectives and designing your stand, to following up and measuring effectiveness. A strategic marketing tool – Exhibitions, like advertising, direct mail, PR and direct […]


                            LASERS AND ORAL TISSUES : IN A NUT SHELL The past decade has seen various innovative researches that made an impact or revolutionized the standard of dental care. The clinical applications of lasers in dental practice and the parallel emergence of organizations to support laser dentistry with an international focus. Once regarded as a […]

Hollow Drill

Hollow drill bit is more suited to portable tool hole processing tool. However, hollow drill bit manufacturing process more complicated, and can not be processed blind hole, and therefore the use of metal cutting are not common, usually only in the processing of some large diameter or precious metal workpiece through-hole drilling equipment, power is […]

Churchill – Right or Wrong ? an Analysis

“We are shaping the world faster than we can change ourselves, and we are applying to the present the habits of the past.” (W. Churchill) To warrant a citation as one of the most influential or the most influential man in our century, entails a convincing description of a long term devotion and impact on […]

Press Releases: The U.S.-Northern Ireland Economic Conference 2010

Press Releases: The U.S.-Northern Ireland Economic Conference 2010 The U.S.-Northern Ireland Economic Conference 2010 Declan Kelly United States Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland  Via Teleconference Washington, DC October 19, 2010 OPERATOR: At this time we’d like to thank all participants for holding and let you know today’s call is being recorded. If you have any objections, you […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about social media marketing (but were afraid to ask)

The live chats at the Vocus webinar a few weeks ago were fantastically lively and informative, with participants answering as well as asking questions that were posed to the scheduled speakers, Deidre Breakenridge, David Meerman Scott, Beth Harte, Lee Odden and Brian Solis. As time was tight, not all the questions were answered, so we thought we’d […]