Replacements: Makita Power Tool Parts

Although Makita power tools are solid and come with a three year warranty in most cases, there are times when replacement parts are needed. Sometimes the replacement might just be a Makita power tool battery. In other cases, the Makita power tool parts might be the small pieces that are required to make the tool work in different situations. For instance, a person might have a saw blade that cuts a certain depth but finds when working on a different project that he needs a blade that will cut to a different depth. In other cases, there might be a specialty project that requires an instrument that will do the detail work on the project to finish it. When this is the case, there are stores and warehouses available where these Makita power tool parts can be found. Individuals should be sure that they know what power tool they have so that the correct replacement part can be obtained.


Once type of Makita power tool part is an adhesive sanding disc that is used to do a fine sanding job when the project is nearing the finishing touches. There are also polishing pads that can be found in different grades to get the wood to the fine quality it needs before being polished with a stain. Different grades of sanding belts are also available for larger projects. These Makita power tool parts can be found as most home improvement stores and can also be ordered online.

Another Makita power tool part is a bit for a drill. These bits come in different styles and categories, depending on the needs of the individual and the project. One of these is an impact driver bit and another is a standard drill bit. There are also power hammer bits, regular hammer bits and core bits available. There are also rotary hammer bits and impact driver sockets that can fit the Makita power tools.

Some of the other Makita power tool parts are the blades for the various saws. There are rebar cutter blades which have to be very strong. There are also planer blades and yard tool blades for those types of projects. In addition, there are other types of saw blades available, such as the chop saw blade, the band saw blade and the chainsaw blade. In addition, there are more specialty blades such as the concrete saw blades or the masonry saw blades.

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