Rechargeable lawn mower recommendation needed – WORX vs. Black & Decker?

We currently have a corded electric lawn mower and have gotten really tired of having to constantly toss the cord out of the way of the mower. So we’ve decided to get a rechargeable (battery powered, cordless) lawn mower (our yard is small – only about 1/4 acre). I think we’ve narrowed it down to the WORX WG788 or the Black & Decker CM1936 models. Can you recommend one over the other? Any problems with either? Thanks.

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  1. GeeRrBee says:

    I would go with the Black&Decker model. They have great customer service, good website that backs up its products, parts availability, and 2 year warranty.

    Worx products are kind of new on the market. I would just feel better about the established B&D reputation.

  2. Honestly says:

    They are both about the same price. I have had a lot of black and decker tools and lawn equipment and I have only had trouble with one electric weedeater, I received an email and a letter in the mail shortly after this stating that the weedeater had been recalled.

    I took it in to the local service center and they replaced it with a brand new one right over the counter, this was into the second season I had been using it.

    I would definitely go with the black and decker brand.

  3. Stupid X-Rays says:

    I got a worx cordless weed wacker last year that was a piece of crap for a number of reasons and the battery only lasted about half the time they stated.

    Black & Decker

  4. 18 gibbs 20 says:

    Whatever way you go make sure you get the newer lithium ion type battery. They lost much longer…

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