Receiving Instruction: Power Tool Safety Training

Whether the power tool safety training is a video, live class or informal training on a job site, this type of training is a must for those in the construction industry. There are too many unnecessary injuries that are related to neglect of power tool safety training when the safety tips are very easy to follow and only require following simple rules to keep the entire workplace safe. These power tool safety training tips can be found on the OSHA government site, where they try to help prevent disasters in certain industries by providing safety standards for those workplaces. The tips can also be found on various construction sites and tool manufacturing sites, as well as safety manuals that come with the various pieces of equipment.


One power tool safety training tip is to buy tools that are already double insulated. This means that the tool has a casing that is not made of metal, thus reducing the risk of shock while using the machine. Although this type of casing does not eliminate all chance of shock, it greatly reduces the chances, especially in regard to the possibility of coming into contact with exposed wiring on a job site. However, power tool safety training will warn individuals to still be careful with these double insulated tools when using them in wet conditions since the water can get into the power tool and cause a short circuit which can shock the individual holding it. In addition, if the power tool is dropped into some water, the individual must resist the urge to plunge his hand into the puddle to retrieve the equipment, but instead go to the power source and unplug the machine before retrieving it from the water, thus reducing the chances of shock.

The power cords that are used with these power tools are another area that is hit in power tool safety training classes since they are found all over a construction site, powering the tools that are being used. These cords should be checked at the end of each day to make sure that they are in good working condition. If there are any tears in the insulation of these cords, the cords should be replaced with new ones so that the exposed wiring does not come into contact with something metal and become grounded, shocking the individuals involved. The wiring should not cross and area where individuals walk so that they do not trip over the cords and fall. In addition, the power tools should not be carried by the cords since that will weaken that connection and possibly cause shock to the individual.

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