Proving Knowledge with a Power Tool Safety Test

There are many individuals who work with power tools all day long at their jobs. In most cases, when an individual starts to work in this type of profession, there will be some sort of power tool safety test, even if an informal one, to see if the individual is proficient in his knowledge of power tool safety. Whether the power tools are Ryobi or some other brand, individuals must have some basic knowledge of the safety requirements that come with the use of such portable power tools so that the work place can be a safer place for all concerned. These power tool safety tests might be administered in a classroom setting, or they might be given after the employees have watched an informational video on the subject. In other cases, the intern might be asked questions by a highly qualified colleague or boss to find out if he has learned enough to safely work without supervision.

Parts of the Tests

One part of the power tool safety test is usually in regards to the safety equipment and clothing that should be worn on the job site. This can include gloves and goggles as well as work boots and other protective gear like hard hats. In addition, if there are any other hazardous materials that are on the job site, the test might cover the handling of those materials as well as that of the power tools.

Another part of the power tool safety test is how to properly carry the power tools from place to place on a job site. The power tools should never be carried by the cord since this weakens the cord’s connection to the device and can cause a shock. Additionally, the power tool should not be carried when the person’s finger is near the on and off button of the device, thus bringing the possibility of starting it by accident. The power tool can be carried by its handle, but the fingers must be kept well clear of the power button or switch to prevent an accidental start.

Besides carrying the power tools, another part of the power tool safety test is the proper maintenance of the power tools. Any tool that is seen to have damage to it should be set aside with a clear label on it so that other people do not use the device until it can be fixed. Any power tools that are not in use should be unplugged so that they are not started by accident when they are lying on the ground or on a table. The power cords should be kept in good condition so that there is not a threat of a shock, and all power tools should be kept away from water at all times.

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