Power Tools – Trying To Consider Between Corded And Cordless

Trying to choose the right type of power tools is never easy and much depends on what you intend to use them for and with all the technological growth in this area, tools are becoming more and more advanced, even tools like screwdrivers and angle grinders. Choosing between cordless and corded used to be an easy decision, however new battery technology is making the decision less straight forward.

The fast growing power tool market has hardly left corded tools to rust and die, in fact there have been just as many advancements in the corded tool market as there have been in the cordless area. New technology has meant corded tools are light weight, accurate and effective as ever and almost always outperforming the nearest cordless rival.

Nevertheless, don’t write off the cordless range of power tools, even though they may well be a little short on power and performance, the simple fact they are more mobile and convenient means in many instances you have to consider them. Whenever you looking to buy new tools there are always a number of clear benefits you need to take into consideration.

You need to consider the job in hand and intensity of applications to used, what kind of materials are you working with and how often do you intend to use the tools. All these are genuine factors to consider before purchasing your tools. If your look to use it for general DIY cordless is a good option, however anything more intense may require the extra performance of a corded tool.

One of the main advantages of cordless tools for any type of user is the fact that you can take your tools to work rather than having to take your work to the tools which can be a painful experience. The superior convenience of cordless tools is making them consistent best sellers with advancements creating a longer life cycle. One of the other very clear advantages of cordless equipment is the fact you aren’t trailing around cords, a clear health and safety benefit.

Regardless of the clear benefits of the cordless range of tools you cannot escape the fact that corded tools supply unrivalled power and performance. Regardless of how advanced a battery is or long it lasts it will never out do a tool that delivers a consistent power supply. As well as this batteries do tend to be heavy both on the wallet and on the arms, they are expensive and add a little extra time to any job. Time is paramount if you’re working on a job and therefore corded tools in many instances can be the best option.

If you are planning the odd job around the house, or you work on the road and are often away from a consistent power supply then cordless may well be the best option for you, however if you tend to working for long periods and often with heavy duty materials then the corded range of tools can be hard to beat, just make sure your clear on your specific needs and pick the best fit.

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