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Magic List Bot Review – What In The World ???

You gonna read my personal Magis List Bot Review. I hope you enjoy it!

How often do you hear this: “The money is in the list”?Have you been doing an effective email marketing campaign? The Magic List Bot is a software which builds a targeted email list for you. Here is what I’ve found out:

Before you read the whole review I’d like you to show another great inside on the Bot:

The member’s are: Everything is easy to understand and to use. You’ll be able to download the software and a few good tutorial videos on how to use the bot. The Bot will create extremely targeted email leads for you, which are of course legal. The leads will be gathered from EVERY website you want.

There are a few more powerful tools which you’ll get with the main Bot.

The Magic pop-up software:
This little magic tool will create unblockable popups for your sites or affiliate links. There’s also a “light box” technology included which will convert your visitors into sales!

Magic twitter list builder software:
This is a brand new tool which is extremely powerful combined with the Magic List Bot. This software turns all your Twitter followers in real, double opt-in email leads. You can use those leads for really Anything you want to sell because you can build this List soo targeted.

These softwares are really powerful and profitable once you know how to use them. You don’t even need to have a website. You can build your email list and simply send emails to your potential customers and redirect them to your affiliate link. That’s it!.

Well that’s it. I hope you liked my Magic List Bot Review šŸ™‚

Don’t hesitate to check out their website! Click here: Magic List Bot Review


I am Brandon Nichalson and I’m a professional Forex Trader for nine years. I’m testing new Expert Advisors and review them.

Review Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program – Buy Wealthy Affiliate Program

A market research before purchasing anything is a must. Hence, before you purchase Wealthy Affiliate, a review of Wealthy Affiliate money making program would be in order. We can also find the answer to the question, ā€œIs Wealthy Affiliate a Scamā€.

The benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate University are amazing. There are more than 350 tools and resources available at the Wealthy Affiliate University for internet marketers. Let us see the review of Wealthy Affiliate money making program main training aspects.

Who Are Kyle and Carson?

Before doing a Wealthy Affiliate review, let us see the achievements of Kyle and Carson, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate University. They are two very successful internet marketers. They created the Wealthy Affiliate University way back in 2005. Here they teach you the very same proven methods and techniques that have earned them a fortune online. They have already helped thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members earn well over $100 Million dollars in online marketing.

Researching Keywords

Keywords are the key to online marketing success. Hence, the first requirement is to research and find the right keywords. If you are targeting wrong keywords, your business will go down the drain very fast. The Wealthy Affiliate membership trains you to perform detailed research into keywords, enabling you to find razor sharp, long tail keywords.

Article Marketing

After finding the right keywords to promote your online or affiliate business, the next step is to drive qualified visitors to your affiliate links or your website. Through article marketing you can send visitors to your links totally FREE of cost. Wealthy Affiliate membership will load you with the right strategies and tricks to write search engine optimized articles that will get you top listings. Rapid Writer, the article writing tool, which will speed up your writing skills. Wealthy Affiliate testimonials are full of success stories of many members using only article marketing for promoting their online business and earning $1000s daily.

Pay-per-click Marketing

Article marketing is totally free and hence, requires time to get results. However, Pay-per-click marketing is the quickest method of building your online business. But, you have to be aware of the pitfalls. One of the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate program is it teaches all aspects of PPC marketing. This training alone makes your purchase wealthy affiliate worthwhile.

Email Marketing

Marketing through Email is a very powerful tool which is included in the Wealthy Affiliate money making program. An email list of people that opt-in to your offer gives you a very powerful marketing tool. Such lists could reduce your advertising costs drastically. You need to take advantage of this method and increase your profits. Internet marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to literally double, triple, or quadruple your profits by email marketing.

Website Design and Development

A website that is rich in content and optimized for your business is a key component to any successful Internet marketing business. When you buy Wealthy Affiliate program, it contains Site Rubix which will help you to generate content rich websites in a matter of minutes.

Besides the training at Wealthy Affiliate University, there are a couple of very important aspects that I would like to highlight.

First is the Wealthy Affiliate community. This is a very friendly community. If the Wealthy Affiliate testimonials are to be believed, a great many number of members have been helped by other members to become successful online marketers.

The next is the cost of Wealthy Affiliate membership. I have seen membership sites costing $999, $597 or $297. But, the Wealthy Affiliate membership costs only a fraction of these. You get all the benefits at only a little over $1 a day that is $39 per month.

We have seen the credentials of Kyle and Carson, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate University, done a review of Wealthy Affiliate money making program and learnt how buying Wealthy Affiliate membership will benefit you.

Now, answer to the question, ā€œIs Wealthy Affiliate a Scamā€? After having seen all these aspects of Wealthy Affiliate University, I think the answer is very clear.

When you Join Wealthy Affiliate, all these benefits are available to you instantly and you will be able to take full advantage of these resources to start building your very own internet marketing empire straightway.

NPR Affiliates Upset Over Williams' Firing

NPR Affiliates Upset Over Williams’ Firing
Executives at NPR affiliate stations across the United States have begun publicly voicing discontent in the aftermath of the network’s dismissal of news analyst Juan Williams, with several station managers openly questioning the actions and judgment of NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller.

Read more on Fox News

A Review of the Most Popular Garage Door Openers

Genie, Chamberlain, Sears, Wayne-Dalton, Linear, and Universal
(SkyLink) make some of the best garage door openers on the
market. The following product reviews should be useful for those
in the market for a garage door opener. The GenieĀ® Company is
one of the most well-known and trusted companies in the US.
Founded in 1923 under the name of the Alliance Manufacturing
company, Genie manufactures consumer, industrial as well as
military products. The GenieĀ® brand of garage door openers are
very popular for their high power remote-controlled garage door
opening systems.

Genie produces a wide range of garage door openers and the most
popular brands from Genie are: the Excelerator, the Screw Drive
and the Chain Glide. Other brands include the Alliance, the Blue
Max, the Crusader, Python, Pro-Max, Lift-a-door, OverHead Door,
Norelco, Code-Dodger and Intellicode.

Genie uses state-of-the-art technology in its garage door
openers. The IntellicodeĀ® remote access security system changes
the security code to one of billions of combinations each time
the transmitter is used, thus making it one of the safest
systems in the world. Its Sate-T-Beamā„¢ infrared beam system can
sense the presence of objects in the door’s path and can thus
prevent damage to equipment. Genie garage door openers can be
installed on both single as well as double doors. They use Ā½
horsepower and can work on doors that are up to 8 feet high.
Genie garage door openers open twice as fast as other garage
door openers but close at normal speeds. They are very quiet,
have a bright, wide-angle lighting and powerful motor design and
can work in any weather conditions. Such advanced technologies
make the Genie brand of garage door openers most popular in the

Chamberlain GmbH based in Saarwellingen, Germany is a principal
supplier of residential garage door openers, commercial and
residential gate operators, and remote controls in the world.
The company has offices in France, England, the Netherlands,
Poland, Slovak Republic and Singapore. Chamberlain products are
available almost across the whole world.

Chamberlain offers garage door openers in commercial as well as
residential varieties. ChamberlainĀ®, Whisper DriveĀ® and Power
DriveĀ® Garage Door Openers are the most popular brands from

LiftMasterĀ® is the most popular brand from Chamberlain. This
range also includes the Liftmaster garage door opener remotes,
replacement parts, mini transmitters, keychain remotes and other
accessories. LiftMaster garage door openers are available in
different drive and horsepower modes and are combined with a
wide range of accessories and options. The LiftMaster range
contains: the Estate Series, the Premium series and the
Contractor series. These are available in the belt drive; screw
drive as well as in chain drive models.

Chamberlain’s Power DriveĀ® and Whisper DriveĀ® belong to the
residential garage door opener category in the do-it-yourself
range. The Eliteā„¢ range contains premier residential and
commercial gate operators and access control systems. The
SentexĀ® range is for secure residential and commercial garages.

Sears Holdings Corporation, parent of Kmart and Sears, Roebuck
and Co., is the third largest broad line retailer in the US.
Sears Holdings is a leading supplier of tools, lawn and garden,
home electronics, and automotive repair and maintenance. It
supplies the Craftsman range of garage door openers.

Craftsman supplies power tools, storage chests and cabinets,
bench power tools, mechanics tools, power tool accessories,
general hand tools, compressor tools, carpentry tools and home
security and garage door openers and accessories. The Craftsman
range of garage door openers consist of simple Ā½ hp garage door
opener, Ā¾ hp garage door opener in chain drive models. Other
products include the universal remote control conversion kit
with 1 remote, the 10ft chain drive extension kit, the 10ft
extension kit for garage door opener, the 8ft extension kit for
garage door opener, the 8ft rail extension kit, the Remote
control, 3-function security, keyless entry pad, plug-in light
control for garage door opener, the wireless garage door monitor
and the extension kit (screw drive).

Wayne Dalton, established in 1954, is the producer and supplier
of the safest residential and commercial garage doors and garage
door openers in the US. Wayne Dalton supplies two kinds of
garage door openers: wall mount and ceiling mount. The wall
mount openers, an exclusive product from Wayne Dalton, can be
mounted on the wall beside the door. This helps to eliminate the
chains, belts, screw drive and tract that usually clutter the
garage ceiling. This model also helps to eliminate noise and
vibration to a large extent.

The Linear Corporate is a major producer of security systems
like garage door and garage door openers. Linear produces garage
door openers accessories like the Linear Act 21 key chain
transmitter, Linear DR3A Linear Moore-O-Matic gate or garage
opener receiver, Linear DT2A gate or garage door opener
replacement transmitter, Linear DTC Moore-O-Matic Delta 3 Remote
(same as DTD or DT) gate or garage door opener replacement
transmitter, Linear DTKP wireless keypad, Linear MDR Megacode
System single channel receiver, Linear MDT-1 and MDT-2 Megacode
gate or garage door openers, Linear MDTK wireless keypad model,
Linear MT-1B channel visor block coded transmitter, Linear MT-2B
channel visor block coded transmitter etc.

Linear also makes the Stanley range of garage door opener parts
and accessories like Vemco, Quiet Glide, LightMaker, Home
Innovative, Whistler, Popular Mechanics, SecureCode

Violins Info
provides detailed information about antique and electric violins,
violin music, sheet music, strings, and shops; violin makers and
repair; and explanations of how to play the violin and a short history
of the violin. Violins Info is affiliated with Business Plans by Growthink.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

When I visited the Wealthy Affiliate website for the first time I was interested but skeptical at the same time.Ā Ā Although it sounded too good to be true I was very interested…

I’ve bought many Internet & Affiliate Marketing courses to learn how to make money online.Ā  After a few months and a bunch of wasted cash… I was still not earning any money online.

But I’m a curiousĀ gal andĀ NEEDED to know more.

I finally decided to join the Wealthy Affiliate Membership. And I spent much more for useless making money guides that I bought for $77, $99 or even more…

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?

When I entered theĀ WA Membership AreaĀ for the first time I was surprised to find many high quality research tools like keyword research, competitions analysis & spy tool (which I use daily now), article writer, Clickbank product research and website builder.

There’s so much stuff on the membership site that I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning.

So my first impression: It’s pretty darn good! šŸ˜‰

Like I said, the tools, step-by-step guides and support is killer.

Wealthy Affiliate University is essentially a compilation of the most advanced affiliate strategies and tools…

Here is what you get access to…

Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring from the owners Kyle & Carson. Whenever you have a questions just send them a personal message and they will usually respond within 24 hours, mostly much faster.

Research Tools: Powerful tools to perform keyword research, to spy on your competition,Ā Clickbank research to find money making affiliate products, link cloaking software to hide and track your links.

Education and Training, probably the most comprehensive affiliate training Iā€™ve come across.Ā  So itā€™s ideal for people just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, but also very helpful for more experienced marketers.

Rapid Writer Article Software: Very powerful article writing and rewriting tool. Replace some content with proposals from the tool, press a button and the tool will spin as many unique article variations you like.

Ready-made and professionally built websites and templates ready for you to start your campaigns instantly

A website creation tool called Site Rubix, which makes web site creation a real snap (myĀ husband who is a complete beginner with this stuff created a professional looking website in less than 10 minutes).

Free Domain and free Webhosting: no hassles to search for a webhosting companyĀ Ā 

WA Members Only Forum: Probably the most helpful internet marketing forum on the net.Ā  Look out for posts from Travis, they are are absolutely brilliant!Ā ( And watching fellow members turning from failure to success is the most useful education you can have)

If all of the above wasn’t enough, there is even an advanced section for seniorĀ marketers. šŸ˜‰Ā Ā Ā 

After spending quite a while researching affiliate marketing I have gotten used to the sales pages and the phoney reviews that go hand in hand with promoting these kinds of products. There are hundreds of pages describing any of these products and I?m not sure if any of them can be trusted. I?m sure there?s a case to be made for spending a huge amount of money for something if it is a worthwhile investment but that?s the kind of money I simply don?t have.

So, enticed by a sales letter I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate

Find the Tools That Will Propel Your Site to the Top of the Heap in This SEO Software Review

In order to be succesful, websites need to get a significant volume of traffic of good quality. Search engines are the major way that people get to websites today.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of doing activities that will cause the search engines to favor your site and make it prominent. The favored sites will appear among the first results when keywords that relate to them are searched for.

SEO software types

1. Niche Finders

The scope of topics that can be used to develop a website is as wide as the capacity of the human mind. Anything you can think of or imagine can be the topic of a website. However, if you want to develop a site that will make money or provide you a loudspeaker to express your views, you need to choose a subject area that has a high probability of success which can draw an audience.

In order to be succesful, you generally don’t want to pick a topic that is too large. If your Site Concept is too general, the competition will be fierce. Additionally, powerful companies with large, highly trained staffs will be competing against you to get attention. For example, it would be very difficult to win in the topic of health. All the major hospitals, health providers and health information resources would be competing against you.

You need to select a topic that has a significant level of interest, has low competition and has high profit potential. Even in the health area, a topic like natural cures for ingrown toenails might fit the bill. Those people who are interested in this topic will be highly targeted. If you provide them with useful content, they will become your fans and likely candidates to listen to you and to purchase items that you suggest.

A niche is a subset of a topic that has limited competition and has enough depth to allow for discussion of a few high demand topics.

Software to find a niche automates the process of finding profitable niches.

Myleena Phan, the creator of Niche Inspector, has an excellent description of the manual steps that she used to do prior to creating Niche Inspector. It is available on the web.

Niche finder software programs

1. Nichebot

2. Micro Niche Finder

3. Niche Inspector

2. Keyword software

Wikipedia says “The term keyword in reference to SEO usually refers to a word or phrase (combination of words, such as ‘Chicago Courier Service’) used to find relevant and useful web pages.”

Once a website creator has found a suitable niche, they need to find keywords related to the niche which are popular and profitable. Keyword software provides this capability. The keyword programs provide some or all of the following;

* ad cost per click

* traffic volume to expect depending on amount paid

* search volume

* competition intelligence

Keyword Programs

1. Keyword Elite

2. Keyword Spy

3. Wordtracker

4. SEOBook Tools

4. Tools to produce backlinks

The search engines value sites that have many links pointing to them. If the link comes from an high page rank source, it’s even more valuable. Link building is the most important thing to do in order to rank in the search engines.

The following list describes a number of strategies for increasing backlinks. Many of these approaches are enhanced by software that automates or speeds the process.

A large part of the process for getting links is submitting stuff to websites that publish content that includes a link to your site. The submission process generally consists of selecting a group of target sites, registering, preparing multiple versions of your own site information or an article or other information , submitting the information and then tracking the results. The submission programs provide some or all of these features but generally must be used in a semi automated fashion since there is almost always something that you have to do manually while you’re at the site.

Link generation methods and related software

1) Submit to Directories

There are directory submission services and there are programs which automate the process of submitting to a directory.

Directory submission software

# Fast directory submitter

# Digixmas

# Submiteaze

# Directory Submitter

2) Write and Submit Articles to Article Sites

Writing articles for well respected article sites is one of the most effective techniques for getting links to your website. Ezinearticles, for one, is a highly ranked and well respected article site. When you submit your article to them, they give it a thorough review. If your article is chosen for publication that indicates it has been approved by the best and that’s the way that the search engines as well as many surfers view it.

Josh Spaulding has written a very enlightening eBook call Article Marketing Domination that clearly spells out how to take advantage of this method of generating links.

Going from article site to site manually entering article and author information is highly labor intensive. To do this effectively, you need an automated article submission program.

Article Submission Programs

1. Article Post Robot

2. Instant Article Submitter

3. ArticleAnnouncer

3) Post Comments in Blogs and Forums Related to Your Niche

Blog Finding Software

You want software to find blogs that are dofollow which means that if they link to you, it counts as a link. Blog finding software finds blogs in the topic that you are interested in and can check for dofollow status. They should also allow for a date of last comment setting because a dormant blog is useless.

1. Fast Blog Finder

2. Real Link Finder

4) Social Bookmarking

Wikipedia says that “social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata”. The social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon,, furl and others allow users to nominate articles that they believe are the best on the net and should be publicized. Articles or posts that get a high ranking gain many links and tons of traffic.

Social Bookmarking Software

Automarker – Jonathan Leger, one of the net’s leading internet marketers, has developed this program. This allows groups of people to collaborate on voting for each others quality content. A subscriber receives a list of articles to review for promotion and can in turn submit articles for review.

5) Videos

Videos are a new hot way to gain links. There are multiple sites to submit videos to and a program to automate submissions to them is a great aid.

Video submission software

1. VideoWildfire

2. Video Post Robot

4. Website traffic reports

Once a website has been developed, it is important to review the traffic to see where visitors are coming from and how they are getting to you. There are powerful free tools that provide this information and there are a number of companies that offer sophisticated services with all sorts of detailed analysis to maximize one’s website effectiveness.

These reports provide statistics about the number of visitors, pages visited, time on the site, new vs old visitors, source of the visitors, country of origin and more.

Google provides a powerful tool for free to analyze your website’s performance. It is called Google Analytics. You go to and register. You need to put some html on every page to allow the statistics to be captured.

Firestats by Omry Dayan is powerful and elegant tool to track your web traffic and statistics. It is particularly well suited for WordPress blogs but may be used on other websites.


There are many programs and tools that can cause your traffic and profits to skyrocket. Take advantage of the programs listed here to get the best the web has to offer.

David Freitag has over 3 decades of experience ranging from mainframes and minis and microcomputers to all flavors of personal computers.

He has programmed in assembler language, Fortran, C, VB, C# and has worked with the major relational databases. He has been a CIO of an

energy company and has provided hands on technical management for Windows software development. In the course of his career, he has had to

deal with all sorts of configurations and nitty gritty system problems which exposed him to all aspects of personal computer systems.


He is an expert author in Ezinearticles and has had articles published in Buzzle, IdeaMarketer, ArticleCube and other article sites.


He has a BS in Physics from CCNY Magna Cum Laude. He has received credits from courses dealing with OLE automation and computer systems

management from the AMA

Awards and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa Achievement awards for software development efforts in a leading Voip provider company.

The Professional Pricing Society Proudly Presents ā€œPricing for Youā€ the New Pricing for Executives Training Series

The Professional Pricing Society Proudly Presents ā€œPricing for Youā€ the New Pricing for Executives Training Series
Although based in a pricing foundation, these courses are specifically designed to present pricing principles through the viewpoint of executives in other disciplines, helping them to understand applicable methods for leveraging pricingā€™s power in their departmentā€™s daily operations.

Read more on PRWeb via Yahoo! News

Premium Web Cart Review

The Premium Web Cart review is one that I have been meaning to do for quite some time but often times it’s hard to pay attention to the good child when there are other kids running, screaming, and throwing food at the table.

And so it is with product reviews, the negative reviews tend to get completed before the positive reviews because more people complain than compliment. But while my list of negative product product reviews grows each day, it’s important that I keep a balanced approach and highlight the good products as well as the losers on my list.

Premium Web Cart Review – Trend Setter or Simply Strange?

The #1 feature of Premium Web Cart is also the hardest feature to explain and it’s the hardest concept for most people to understand. There are advantages to being the creator of unique technologies and there are disadvantages as well so you’ll need to read this entire review in order to make up your mind about the sanity of the folks at

The major advantage of being a trend setter is that you now have something that nobody else has and you receive the benefits of owning the entire market by yourself. The disadvantage is trying to get people to understand what you have and why they need something they’ve never seen before.

Apple does this very well. Think about their iPhone and how revolutionary it was to be a phone and to not have a keypad when every other phone since the invention of the phone had a keypad, and then to replace it all with a touch screen interface. With all truly great ideas, the new concept had to be explained in great detail, but once people “got it” the touch screen became the de facto standard for all smart phones.

The long running keypad as the standard interface for smart phones is now as dead as the bouffant hairdo or the Sony walkman. Both had their period in the sunshine but now it’s over and time to move on.

Online Shopping Cart Software Revolution

Premium Web Cart appears to be forcing the online shopping cart software in an entirely new direction with the introduction of this one amazing change in the product philosophy as well.

Shaking up the traditional business mindset of: 1 website = 1 shopping cart license and 2 websites = 2 shopping cart licenses, Premium Web Cart flips this model on it’s head and changes the equation to: 1 shopping cart license = unlimited website businesses.

One simple change in the equation equals a truly revolutionary way of looking at how you run and market your online ecommerce business.

The old pricing model meant that you paid the license price multiplied by the number of website businesses that you wanted to run. But With Premium Web Cart, you actually divide the cost of the license by the number of websites that you want operate.

In other words, it’s like going to a smorgasbord where you pay one price and eat all you choose. The more you eat, the lower the cost per bite.

This Is How Premium Web Cart Works

To better grasp how this revolutionary concept works, it’s best to think about another program that incorporated this same basic concept years ago. A Microsoft Excel workbook is a perfect example to use as the workbook concept is very similar to the way in which PremiumWebCart has created their system.

When you open an Excel workbook, by default there are 3 tabs at the bottom of the page and each one of these tabs represents a separate worksheet. Each worksheet has the look, form and all the functionality of Excel.

If you desire a 4th worksheet, all you need to do is click the tab and you get another worksheet with the full functionality of the other worksheets.

And this is exactly how Premium Web Cart provides the only platform that allows it’s customers to run an unlimited number of website businesses with the full look, feel, and functionality necessary to truly run your separate business or product lines as though you had multiple licenses of the software instead of just paying for one license.

But Wait…It Gets Better

Since management of your business is a lot more expensive than the cost of a software license, it’s critically important that your business management efforts are made as simple as possible.

And this is the other great benefit to using one system from Premium Web Cart to manage all your businesses because now you’ll be able to manage all your business functions from 1 login. To switch from business to business is literally as simple as choosing the business and clicking the tab, just like the Excel worksheets.

Premium Web Cart Review – Membership System

Membership systems like aMember and Wishlist are all the rage and for good reason; membership business models provide a great recurring revenue business with a predictable and stable income stream. So imagine the power your business would achieve if you had the power of a top end membership system already built into the rest of your business systems.

The Premium Web Cart membership system module is called “Members Pro” and it carries the same fundamental logic as the rest of the application i.e. it has the ability to “replicate” itself so you can run an unlimited number of membership sites that are truly branded with form and function that is unique and specific to each site you maintain. And of course, the management of all these sites is still performed with only one login.

Here are a few of the key features of the Members Pro membership system:

Advanced Content Delivery – Fully encrypted and compatible with Amazon S3
Timed Content Delivery – Also known as a “drip feed” system because it allows you to time the release of your content to keep your members in your membership system longer.
Customer Tiers – Set up multiple levels of customers and multiple levels of timed content delivery.
Easy Upgrade – 1 Click upgrade for existing customers.
Trial Periods – Bring more customers into your membership system when you can offer them a low cost trial period i.e. $1 for 14 days and then $49 / month thereafter.
Automatic Payment Management – Easily manage a large volume of customers without watching their payments. I they stop paying, they’re automatically suspended from having access to your system.
Point and Click Administration – No installation or technical knowledge needed – simply ‘point and click’ and you’re done.


Premium Web Cart Review – Affiliate System

Every top online marketer knows that a strong affiliate system is the lifeblood of their business. The developers of PremiumWebCart obviously knew the importance of affiliates as this system has every feature in the book, plus a few not listed in any other books but theirs, to ensure that you can easily attract, retain and manage a massive affiliate network.

Besides all the basic features needed in any affiliate system software, review the exclusive items already included:

Unlimited Affiliate Programs – Run 1, 10 or even 100…or more affiliate programs through your single account.
Super Affiliate Bonus – Reward your most valuable affiliates with automatic Super Affiliate Bonuses – very motivational for the top marketers.
Progressive Payment System – Increase your payouts based upon increased sales to motivate affiliates to get to the next level.
Unlimited Private Redirects – Have affiliates that want to redirect to an exclusive page? Using our affiliate link redirects, this is easily accomplished.
Easy Pay System – Managing payments and actually making payments used to be a time consuming nightmare. Not any longer, now you click, click, click and pay. The Easy Pay System alone makes the affiliate system a winner.


Premium Web Cart Review – Business Critical Modules

The online business world has changed quite a bit from the time when a simple html website and an email account were the only prerequisites to running a successful online business. Now it takes quite a bit more to simply satisfy the base expectations of the online shopping community and you need to have these systems in place or you’ll be “outed” as a poseur in a hurry.

The important thing to keep in mind is that all of the modules listed below are included with the system and can be “replicated” for as many websites as you’re running or planning on running in the future.

Instant Answer Ticket System – Still relying on email to run your business? This is one of the biggest indicators that you’re working part time out of a spare corner in a bedroom somewhere. If you want to look like a real business, you need to run your support through a real ticket system.

The major advantage of using a “smart” ticket system is the reduction in submitted tickets that need to be addressed because the intelligent database answers the questions for you before the ticket is ever submitted. This can be a major time saver and actually help with your sales conversion rate.

Project Manager – If you’ve ever used a product like BaseCamp then you have a pretty good idea what this one is all about. If you’re not using a project manager today to manage your internal and external company tasks, this module could be a real eye opener for you as it cleanly organizes and manages all your projects and keeps you and your team on the same page.

Intuitive and easy to use so you quickly hit the ground running as the user interface is much less cluttered than other project managers that are nothing more than glorified spreadsheets.

Live Chat – Enough studies have been done to prove that live chat is a proven sales driver. If you’re not using a live chat system today, you’re likely leaving 33% to 38% of your sales on the table.

The custom live chat module provided incorporates several systems that make the management easier to handle with the understanding that you’re not going to be tied to your desk 100% of the time.

Click To Call – On the surface, a click to call system seems redundant to having a phone number on your website, especially a toll free phone number. But the reality is that people hate automated phone menus so much that they avoid calling businesses simply to avoid the hassle of pressing 1 for customer service or 2 for sales, etc.

This is where a click to call system will generate more sales for you as people that ordinarily would not call you will now use the click to call system to have you call them. This is a very powerful option to place on your website and one I strongly recommend you try.

Now here’s the twist! The traditional click to call systems are expensive and restrictive.

Premium Web Cart uses a proprietary method to give you the same click to call benefits but routes the call request to your cell phone or computer or any other SMS device you choose to provide you with the ultimate flexibility and power…without the traditional high cost that comes with other click to call systems.

Autoresponder – Fully integrated with their own autoresponder system or choose from either Aweber or Mail Chimp. No matter which autoresponder system you choose, it’s all seamlessly integrated to work as one cohesive product.

Suggest a Feature – This unique and innovative system does an amazing thing…it lets your customers tell you exactly what to develop in your product next. No more guessing and wasting valuable resources providing features that nobody wants while depriving them of the features they most desire.

The Suggest a Feature system uses a creative voting system that allocates vote volumes like currency to ensure that the best ideas rise to the top and not simply the ideas most desired by the “loudest” of the customers. It’s true product development democracy in action.

Bug Spotter – To go along with the Suggest a Feature system, it’s important to have a way for your customers to identify “bugs” in your system or product. And while many people automatically think of “bugs” as being a software problem, all products can have a bug of one sort or another.

Bug Spotter is an extremely effective tool for letting your customers locate and document problems in your product so you can continuously improve your offering.

Survey System – Surveys are a really powerful tool for a webmaster because a simple survey will tell you “why” a customer or visitor took an action, or failed to take an action, on your website instead of the simple statistics that tell you what action was taken. Unless you know the “why”, you’ll never be able to improve the effectiveness of your website and your business.

The Premium Web Cart survey system takes this a major step forward by having “split testing” in their survey system. Here’s how it works.

You first create a run a survey on your website and gather up the responses. Based upon this information, you make the changes to your site that you feel will resolve the problems and issues with your existing site.

You then follow up with the same survey on the improved site and the survey system will compare the data graphically so you have a strong visual that quickly indicates where the improvements worked, did nothing, or possibly created new problems on your site.

This split testing is a powerful function not found on other survey systems and is really the key to ongoing website and sales conversion improvements.

Advanced Tracking – Along the same lines, how do you track your advertising results outside of pay-per-click (PPC)?

You’ll need a tool that can manage multiple sources of traffic, measure conversions as well as measuring the “events” that Google analytics does not cover. After all, it’s just as important to measure newsletter opt-ins, and then the sales from this opt-in list, as it is to measure sales generated directly from a PPC ad to your sales page.

The other feature I really like is the ability to not only split test 1 page versus the other but to be able to split test 5 pages in rotation at one time. This is a huge time saver and another powerful strategy to increased sales conversions.

Advertising Module – Not everyone will use this module but if you have multiple websites and need an effective and efficient method to distribute, manage and measure your banner ads across multiple sites, then this will fit your needs perfectly.

Dashboard – Unless you love to login to your management system throughout the day to get updated on your business, you’re going to love the convenience of having this dashboard sitting right on your desktop. Instant sales notifications and everything else you need to monitor your business is sitting right at your fingertips.

A dashboard is even provided to your affiliates so they can watch the success of their marketing efforts of your program.

Gift Certificates – All modern retailers offer a Gift Certificate as a proven sales booster. But unless you have a robust system that truly manages and tracks the gift certificate, you’re likely in violation of the new credit card rules and at the very least creating unhappy customers.

The Premium Web Cart gift certificate system is a fully dedicated system that instantly makes you look like one of the “big boys” in the retail industry. With each certificate fully customizable, this is a true retailers dream system.

CD / DVD Publisher – This handy module will turn your digital content into an easy to distribute physical product with a simple auto play function and menu system so your customers simply need to insert the CD / DVD to have the content displayed and ready to play with 1 click. It also allows you to arrange your content and have it presented in the order desired.

Advanced Up Sell Technology – Finding new customers is difficult and expensive so it’s critical that you sell more to each of the customers you do find. Premium Web Cart is the only online shopping cart system that gives you the ability to perform an up sell system before the customer checks out, or after their initial check out or before and after their check out.

This type of up sell system is a 1 of a kind system and clearly the leader in the shopping cart systems available today.

Automated Fulfillment – Premium Web Cart has developed a proprietary fulfillment module that is 100% automated and completely hands free, yet still works with literally any fulfillment business you choose (including their own fulfillment service).

The full power of this fulfillment software becomes apparent when you have multiple product lines that need to be fulfilled by multiple different companies or fulfillment centers.

The software allows you to set up an unlimited number of fulfillment centers and then tie specific products to specific fulfillment centers so you can easily and automatically run multiple product lines from your website or websites.

Premium Web Cart Review – In a Nutshell

The Premium Web Cart review is by far the longest review I’ve written about any product and for good reason – Premium Web Cart is by far the biggest, beefiest, 800-pound gorilla in the shopping cart space today. Their tag line is, “more than a cart, it’s a complete marketing solution” and I do need to agree with them on this point.

Premium Web Cart is essentially a “roll up” of all the systems and software that every online ecommerce business needs. So if you’re looking for 1 shoppingcart that can run your entire business from the cart functions all the way through the and marketing software, I think you need to give Premium Web Cart a review.

Best Wishes,



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Acme People Search Review – Scam or Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity?

Acme People Search Review was submitted by Arun Bajaj on Business Opportunity Reviews:

Acme People Search is the first online opportunity that I joined just over 2 years ago, and is still my favorite affiliate program.

APS is a platform which incorporates multiple income streams, including Global Domains International (GDI) and Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO).

Above all, Tissa Godavitarne, the owner of APS has time and time again proven himself to be honest, sincere, and approachable. He runs the business with more integrity and transparency than I have seen anywhere, online or not.

The basic product is a free people search engine, which supplies it’s users free results that other companies charge for. Tissa has also created his own CPA network, and pays you $1.15 every time someone unlocks the free results using your free search engine. That’s right, you can sign up for free and earn money with this powerful tool, no strings attached.

Of course there are paid upgrades available, such as hosting the free search engine on your own domain. I send all my referrals to GDI for this, with the option of using Hostgator or Lunarpages for their commissions.

Tissa is on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing, and is just now releasing a new mlm company Acme Phone Leads. This is based on generating tracked phone referrals for your local business and earning commissions directly from them, by marketing largely to the new smart phone explosion, as well as others online.

I could go on for pages here, but suffice it to say, I give APS my highest recommendation above all other online businesses I know of. Check it out for free today!

Business Opportunity Reviews is a website and community dedicated to user reviews and ratings of the best business opportunities.

Menlo Announces Extension to Service Provision for Dana Holding Corporation

Menlo Announces Extension to Service Provision for Dana Holding Corporation
SAN MATEO, CA and AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS–(Marketwire – 10/25/10) – Menlo Worldwide Logistics, LLC, a subsidiary of Con-way Inc. (NYSE: CNW – News ), announced today that it has expanded its services with Dana Holding Corporation to provide logistics services to the company’s 19 manufacturing plants in Europe. Menlo has been facilitating Dana’s North American operations since early in 2008 …

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