Power Tools – 10 Safety Tips

Power tools are essential for those in the trade who want to do their job competently, and for anyone who likes to carry out a bit of DIY and home improvement. The right tool can save you time and money and make the job a lot easier to accomplish. Nevertheless, a power tool can be a dangerous object in the wrong hands and so it is important they are handled in the correct way to avoid accidents or injury. Disaster can strike from carelessness or overconfidence, and not bothering to read the instructions through. Here are 10 safety tips that will ensure you are kept safe and sound when working with power tools. 1. Wearing safety glasses will prevent any dust or debris from flying into your eyes, this also counts for wood shavings, shards from fiberglass, etc. They are one of the most necessary pieces of safety equipment that should be put to use if working with power tools. 2. Power tools can make a lot of noise that can seem even louder in the confined space of the workshop, to avoid permanent damage to your eardrums it’s sensible to wear earplugs and protect yourself. 3. Before you start any DIY job you need to know which tool is best for the job if you are going to avoid injuring yourself, or causing any damage to the machine. Always make sure you read through the instructions that come with the power tool and familiarize yourself with the recommended safety measures. 4. Also included in the safety manual will be instructions on how to clean, take care of, and store your tool correctly. This can include carrying it by the handle never by the cord, disconnect it when not in use, and if using a tool connected to a power source keep your fingers away from the on/off switch. 5. It’s essential when using power tools to wear the right clothes and tie long hair back to avoid it getting caught up in the machine. Also avoid loose clothing and cover up your whole body to protect the skin. To avoid injury from flying sharp implements and splinters wear heavy gloves and goggles, masks will prevent inhalation of any damaging minute particles, and steel-toed work boots and hard hats can also help protect you. 6. There are various situations when power tools should not be used, such as if it a particularly wet environment or if it is raining heavily, and they should never be placed near water. Check your tools from time to time for exposed wiring, loose plug pins or damaged plugs. If you find the cord is only nicked then use a strong tape to cover it, however if the cut is very deep then the cord should be replaced. 7. Always keep your workshop or area clean and tidy. If dust particles are allowed to accumulate in the air it can cause them to ignite with a spark. Flammable liquids should always be secured and stored in a place well away from the actual work area. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy will make it easier to keep control when using your power tool, objects not being used but in the way, and tangled cords, will only result in an injury. 8. Take particular care with certain tools, if you are operating a Miter saw or table saw, then they should be used with a quick-release clamp and a wood push-through, in that order. Nail guns and power belt sanders sanders also need to be used carefully to avoid mishaps. 9. After you have finished using your power tools, always ensure they are returned to their cabinets to prevent them from being used by anyone who isn’t authorized. 10. Use strong lighting when working with power tools, especially if your workshop is situated in a basement or cellar where there is no natural light.

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