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When I was a lot younger, in fact I was fresh out of school and didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I worked in the stores for an interiors joiners and fixers company and despite what may appear on the surface to be somewhat of a mundane sort of job, it actually proved to be very colourful.

So, I looked after the storeroom, the yard in which all the vans and wagons would deliver and collect materials and was in charge of monitoring stock, both in and out. For anyone in the trade, the stockroom was a veritable treasure chest of joinery and fixing goodies! From the smallest screws, nuts and bolts, door handles and plasterboard to the doors themselves, aluminium trim and skirting boards of all shapes, sizes and colours. Like I said a treasure trove! If you were refurbishing your house, you would have had all you needed available in that stock room/warehouse.

Anyway, I was responsible for booking all of these materials in and out, making sure they got to the right joiners on the right job at the right time. However, it was a two way system, if the joiners happened to be starting a new job; very often their starting point (after receiving instructions from upstairs) would be the stores.

Now, of course, they wanted, nuts, bolts and screws but more than anything they wanted the best power tools! Many joiners had their own set of tools but if they could, and why not, they would endeavour to use the company tools to avoid wear and tear on their own!

Some days, there would be queue of tradesmen all squabbling over the power tools. Often, when certain tools came to the end of their lifespan, there would be a new delivery of shiny new drills, saws and grinders and the workers had a sixth sense about when they would be available in the storeroom!

It was very amusing to watch but at the same time, totally understandable that the skilled workers would be eager to get their hands on all the new pieces of kit, as often they would perform better allowing them to complete their work more efficiently and often more quickly.

These guys took pride in their craft, were the best in the business and I often got to see their completed work which was astounding and could understand why they would jostle, haggle and queue for the best power tools they could get their hands on.

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