Power Tool Safety in the Workplace

Power tools are such an integral part of our daily work that we can sometimes forget about safety and this can be dangerous – for instance they cause 250,000 hand injuries every year. Teaching your employees all aspects of power tool training and safety can reduce the chances of injury and keep your workforce safe and productive. This article focuses on Circular Saws and Power Drills.

The first step is a safety plan. Assemble all of the tools you will need before starting the job, so you won’t have to reach awkwardly or leave your workspace. Make sure that you scan for hazards and use the appropriate personal protective equipment. Lastly, keep your mind on the task and don’t get distracted.

Circular saws are one of the most common power tools used in the workplace. When working with these saws use two wrenches to tighten or loosen blades and always set the depth according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Protection from kick-back is especially important. Kick-back is when the blade jerks away or into the wood it is cutting. To avoid Kick-Back keep the blade sharp, keep both hands on the saw, clamp down the material you are cutting and wait for the saw to reach full speed before cutting.

Power drills are another dangerous workplace power tool. When using a power drill always cut on flat regular surfaces, wear your personal protective equipment to avoid getting hit by flying materials, clamp down the material you are working on and start your hole with a center punch or nail.

Power tool injuries are all too common in the workplace, but with a little safety and planning they can be avoided. Make sure that all your employees are properly trained on their use and you will decrease injury and increase productivity in your workplace.

Charlie Bentson King is a Vice President for Workplace Safety Videos – a distributor of safety videos and safety DVDs

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