Porter Cable OmniJig 77240

www.toolking.com Kurt from Delta/Porter-Cable asked us here at Toologics if he might be allowed to show off his omnijig Joinery system. So we humbly yield the microphone to him!

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  1. lacrossefreak420 says:

    Saw this Omni Jig 77240 at the Busy Bee Tools in Calgary. Interesting item

  2. toolkingdotcom says:

    Hello there,
    I’m sorry if there was some information on the OmniJig Joinery system which you needed that we didn’t include. To answer your specific question. It clamps to a work bench. Our permanent work bench was not on-site at the time so we clamped it to a less sturdy table and that’s why you see some wobble. Generally this is not advisable. If there is something else you wanted to know about it. you can check out our product page first of all at:

  3. Chordwayze says:

    The jig looks like it isn’t clamped to the table. Is this how it’s used? Or is that the way you did things for the video? I would imagine it is usually secured somehow. Looks dangerous if it isn’t! I am looking for a jig and I need to know and see what this jig does and this video doesn’t show me very much at all.

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