Porter cable 7424 intermediate swirl remover

Paint swirl removal using Pinnacle XMT polishes, Waxing with Porter Cable 7424. How to use the Porter cable 7424

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  1. MonroeOgden says:

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com fhfgh

  2. TheTarrMan says:

    it’s the stuff they added to the orange pad, but I like doing it by hand better.

  3. itsmecodyp says:

    is this clear coat safe?

  4. buisrep says:

    excuse me how would i get the orange pad to remove swirls

  5. masso172 says:

    Wow I cant wait to get my porter cable!

  6. Tmoneys40 says:

    if i wasnt able to get the souveran, what other wax or sealant would you prefer

  7. autogeek says:

    You most apply a wax or sealant on the surface to keep the paint protected. The Liquid Souveran Wax will do a great job and it does last a good amount of time.

  8. Tmoneys40 says:

    Hey are you able to stop after step three and still be safe?? just wondering, cuz i bought the light swirl remover kit and it doesnt come with that Pinnacle Souveran Liq Wax

  9. desmo6 says:

    I like swirls

  10. robmeister1969 says:

    Great video – most straight forward and informative one I’ve watched.

  11. scotty562 says:

    I’m on your website now. I’ll be buying this in the morning. It’s nice that the entire kit you have on your website is exactly what you used here. Made it really easy to get what you have here. Well… with the exception of the Pinnacle Souvernan Liquid Wax. I had to get that separately. I can’t wait to get the swirl marks out of my car!

  12. djmixmac says:

    I can testify that this method/product works 100%!

    It really removes your swirls.

  13. Imjustgonnadoit says:

    sweet wax time

  14. robbty18 says:

    Great video.

  15. SoilentGr33n says:

    Yeah, a lot of people don’t realize that all they have to do is remove a microscopic layer of screwed up clearcoat to bring it back 10 years…

  16. neoark89 says:

    and i thought i gonna need a new paint job. haha ^^ thanks for da info

  17. autogeek says:

    yes, the cyclo its also an orbital and the same application can be done using either machine.

  18. jihad812001 says:

    Would it be the same process using a dual head Cyclo orbital polisher? thanks

  19. FonsecaMeireles says:

    Thanks, it helped a lot!!!
    I’m currently detailing my car…been thru decontamination, so tomorrow i’ll start polishing.

  20. autogeek says:

    yes, you can use different products and a rotary polisher.

  21. FonsecaMeireles says:

    Can we use another product to use this method or it has to be Pinnacle products?
    This method also applys to rotative polishers like metabo?

  22. GreaseLightning02 says:

    Just get a transformer if it isn’t.

    Nice, professional guide. Very helpful!

  23. Dailybread5 says:

    Excelent guide, I really needed this information!

  24. fazer8511 says:

    Thats great work.
    Always wanted to get a PC but wasn’t sure if the wattage is compatible to where i live.

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