Porter-Cable 342K 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander Kit

  • Lightweight, handheld frame
  • Powerful 2.4 Amp motor
  • Efficient dust collection with POREX dust canister and dual dust ports
  • Soft rubber grip comfortable for hours of use
  • Includes sander, paper punch, instruction manual and kit box.

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  1. I had a craftsman 1/4 sheet Sander that the Unterst

  2. Während of these Sander had hoped durchgefà ¼ hrt as well as I and it expected developed könnte a little better beed, by her it more simply, the Blätter sandpaper to put and under addition of a function with variable speed. Which I to schätzen know, is the fact that the exchange paper is rather cheaply to make cke like a person Stà ¼ out regelmäà Ÿ igen sheet Sandpapier cuts. Also by the use square sheet paper it is more effective in loops in angular corners. (If on the kreisförmigen Palm of Sanders in the comparison) & #13; Evaluation: 3/5

  3. I used to have a DeWalt radom orbital disk sander. It was wonderful except it wouldn’t do corners. It had the velcro disks and a great dust collector.
    I sold it in order to justify buying this one. I’m not long winded so I’ll cut to the chase: You have to have skinny fingers in order to release the paper hold down latches. Once you release them it’s easy to load, however. The unit vibrates a bit and after a while it feels like my hand has gotten a massage. The dust bad might as well not be there because most of the dust is on the work piece or on the bench or in the air. I can hook up my dust collector but sometimes that’s not possible. I’m disappointed because I’ve heard great things about Porter Cable. I think I’m going to return it and buy the DeWalt.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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