Part 1 – How to remove swirls, scratches and water spots using a Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher

Mike Phillips shows you how to remove swirls using a Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Polisher on a black car. This includes removing swirls, polishing to a high gloss and even applying the wax or paint sealant by machine. These techniques will also work with a Meguiar’s G100 G220 G110 G220 G110v2 G220v2 Griot’s Garage ROP Flex 3401 Cyclo Polisher.

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  1. MonoPedB says:

    Any chance on a demonstration of this tool using Meguiar’s #105 and #205 on a vehicle with harder type paint like a late model Mustang?

  2. mwillh says:

    Thank you Mike for providing the methodology and psychology of swirl/scratch removal. you a are great teacher!!!

  3. mwillh says:

    hey Mike, what do think of the Makita 9772c buffer?

  4. ramza1570 says:

    great video. most annoying scene transitions ever.

  5. ramza1570 says:

    great video. most annoying scene transition ever.

  6. autogeek says:


    Yes. If the products work themselves then the techniques will work too…

    -Mike Phillips

  7. MonoPedB says:

    Do the techniques for this tool vary for different brands of polishes, like Meguiar’s, Mothers, ect?

  8. james0130ster says:

    Great video! Very to the point and informative! Thanks, Jim

  9. james0130ster says:

    This is a very informative video, while not being overly techy.

    Thanks, Jim

  10. tryagain1990 says:

    great video man. thank you very much!

  11. autogeek says:

    This specfic polisher is a Porter Cable 7424XP

    -Mike Phillips

  12. autogeek says:

    LOL sorry.. it’s not my car…

    -Mike Phillips

  13. Monkeysuvious says:

    Remove that pinstripe, then that car will be righteous!

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