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Customer Review:

I’m always looking for the best possible products. This is the best set of battery operated tools by far! The battery life at 3.5 amp hrs. is by far the most offered by any company. I’m a dairy farmer, so these tools see just about everything; from construction, repairs, fencing, equipment repair, you name it I throw it at it. I’ve owned DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, before this and they did not have the battery life or the ergonomics that these units have. I feel they are light, tough and powerful. At first I thought the circular saw and sawsall could have been built more rugged, but after using them and putting them through a good workout it turns out they are plenty rugged. (I guess as long as you don’t drop them from a 60 foot silo.) Again, the battery life is Awesome! I just can’t stress how important that is to me. I’ve drilled through metal just about all day without having to change batteries! The only set of tools I would like to compare these to that even comes close to these is the new Milwaukee lithium Ion tools. Even they only have 3 amp hr batteries. They are suppose to be 28 volt batteries, but again as I said I’m pretty demanding and I have yet to find a job that these 18 volt tools can’t tackle with ease! So go ahead, I think you will like these tools.


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OK, but….

I’ve owned just about every cordless tool made through the years and Panasonic makes great drills. They have great ergonomics and battery life (after 5 years, I have yet to replace a battery and I use the drill hard). I decided to purchase the kit and was somewhat disappointed with the circular saw. It seemed cheaply made and the adjustments are flimsy. The thing that irks me the most is the blade. They must be special ordered because of the arbor size. You won’t find them in a box store and they cost $45-$50! Each! That is unacceptable. 
Best cordless tools on the market

best tool investment ive made in a while. im an electrician and they work great for everything i can imagine doing. high quality. great battery life. great torque. in low, the drill has full torque even when you barely press the trigger. high speed is incredibly fast. the circular saw rips pt 2x4s like nothing and the sawzaw is compact and simple to use. the hammer on the drill is easy on the hands too. you can barely feel it viberate, yet it puts wholes in concrete for tapcons in seconds. if your on the fence about what cordless set to buy, go with panasonic, theres no way you will be sorry.
best tool set

this is not my second panasonic tool kit, the last drill/driver lasted my ten years. what else can you say about the reputation of panasonic tools? the batteries last forever; I have only charged the batteries three times over three months of somewhat heavy use, if a bit infrequent use. Top quality plastic and engineering. A pleasure to use every time.
Excellent tool set

I was hesitant to buy a battery powered tool set because of the weight. I was surprised that the tools weighed no more than my corded circular saw and reciprocating saw and even seemed lighter. They are well balanced and easy to handle. The blade on the reciprocating is so easy to change, no hex key needed just twist and put the new blade in. 

I have owned a Panasonic drill for 3 years and that has been the best drill I ever owned. That is why I decided to try this set. I would recommened this set for a small person who finds most tools too heavy 
Money well spent !, Excellent value

I’ve used this set every day for over a month now, they are powerful and well built tools. 
They run and feel like corded tools and the batteries last for days even with constant use. 
I charge about every 2 or 3 days, a full charge takes less than an hour but the battery will recover in about 10 or 15 minutes so you can finish that last screw or cut. 
The sawsall is a real Jewel with its quick release blade, the hammer drill just”WORKS”, the saw rips plywood and hardwood with ease and the flashlight has never dimmed and run down on me.
One fantastic tool set!

Time to throw out your old cordless tools and replace them all with this superb set. I built a dog house the first week I had the set and used both saws and the drill. Went through one battery pack and maybe 10 minutes on the back-up battery, so there’s a lot of charge in the batteries. And 18V gives you a lot of torque. The drill is the most impressive of the three basic tools (I don’t really consider the flashlight to be one of the tools – they probably could have left that one out). The drill is even better than my corded Milwuakee 1/2″ hammer drill, and that’s saying a lot – it’s soooo smooth. The circular saw has a lot of torque, but can still bind in situations when a corded saw probably wouldn’t, but that’s not really a fair comparison. I ripped through 24 ft of 1/2″ ply with no real problem. The plastic carrying case is wonderful, and all of the tools are of very fine quality. My only hope is that Panasonic keeps making replacement batteries and doesn’t leave me in the lurch with a non-supported discontinued battery (as did Hitachi and Makita). All of the tools are very well designed from an ergonomic standpoint, and the battery is not at all intrusive. It is an absolute joy to use these tools.

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