Panasonic EY7460LN2S 21.6-Volt Li-ion Drill/Driver Kit

  • Compact & Lightweight. Length 9″ 5.3lbs
  • Full Time Torque in Low SpeedL 575 in.lbs
  • RPM: Low speed of 100-400 rpm / High speed of 350-1500 rpm
  • 1/2″ Keyless Chuck / 18 Stage Clutch / Electric Brake
  • GuardION Battery Protection System

Product Description
Includes 21.6 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver Kit with GuardION – EY7460LN2S-R, (2) High Capacity 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion Cobalt Battery Packs, Universal Charger, Carrying Product Description
Panasonic’s EY7460LN2S 21.6-Volt Drill and Drill Driver Kit delivers high power in a compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle body. This high-quality, professional tool is ideal for general construction, plumbing, electric installation work, deck buildi… More >>

Panasonic EY7460LN2S 21.6-Volt Li-ion Drill/Driver Kit

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  1. Scott Green says:

    not for driving screws all day. More like driving Lagg Bolts. The 21.6 volt is a REAL 1/2 inch drill, only cordless. It is way more drill than the average person uses. The speeds are different. The high speed is fast, even though it is variable speed. Literature says 350 – 1500 RPM’s. That’s too high/fast for running 1-1/2 inch screws all day. Low speed is too slow for running screws all day. But, if you want a true half inch drill, to use as a half inch drill, the 21.6 is the one to get. Lots of power. Nice balance/feel. For simply running screws all day, as well as drilling holes, buy the 14.4, or 15.6. The 21.6 is what you’d want when you step up to hole saws/auger bits. If Panasonic came out with a lithium Ion drill/driver with physical size of 14.4, and power of the 15.6, it would be the perfect all around drill/driver. As of now, 14.4 is my favorite “for me”. For “employee’s”, I’ll stick with my previous comment of 15.6. The 15.6 will take the abuse of employee’s.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Core says:

    The product arrived today 3-16-10… Read the manual, charged the batteries up, in no time flat I should say.. Took 70 minutes to fully charge one battery. Awesome!

    Anyways, I had one small project in mind, which was to secure my mailbox…to the post it was sitting on. The wood the post was made out of.. Was locust wood I believe. (You know those thorny bushes that kind of turn into trees). Over time the board attached to the post had become loose.. and I needed to fix it. Well with a manual screwdriver, the job sucked. (I’d already done it twice before) Anyways, went down with my new piece of equipment (Man toy) and zip zip zip… I was done in 10 minutes max. Of course knowing what I was going to do, and having a plan helped. But it was super efficient. What a time saver, and physical saver. I just popped the drill into high torque mode… (which there is a switch located at the top of the drill where you set this, which you set the switch on low for high torque)anyways it handled the 2-1/2″ construction screws I was using like nothing.

    See the big thing about my Mailbox is its like 70-100 feet away from my house… next to the road. I don’t have an extension cord that long or the proper gauge. Even using all the extension cords I have.. still couldn’t reach my mail box. Plus it’d be bad on my power tools from what I understand anyways. So this tool made a world of difference right off the bat for me. Glad I bought it.

    My first impressions, are really good. I have used other cordless power-tools before, lower volts, and different battery technology, and this works just as good as any I have used if not better. Now the ones before I didn’t own. This one after doing a decent amount of research I decided to buy and try out, no regrets.

    Anyways, I will update this review later on down the line once I have used this tool more.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Pokeymon says:

    Great tool! The Li-ion battery gives it lots of power, even after sitting unused for extended periods. It drills circles around my old 18V Dewalt cordless drill. The only reason for 4 stars is it doesn’t have a small slot in the body to hold a phillips/flathead bit.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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