Operating Your Power Tools Safely

Power tools are a part of daily life, especially for tradesmen, and accidents can and do happen often. Unfortunately, accidents involving power tools can lead to severe injuries, therefore, it is critical that you know the basic rules for operating you power tools safely.

Operating Your Power Tools Safely: The Tools

First and foremost, never use a power tool for anything other than its intended use. A lot of accidents happen when people try to cut corners and save time by using the wrong power tool for an application. Also, never try to use a light power tool to do heavy-duty work that a stronger unit is more suited for.

Additionally, make sure you read the manual before you start using the power tool in question. This is vital both for maintenance and proper operation. A well maintained power tool is less likely to cause accidents and this includes adequate lubrication and replacing parts when required.

Likewise, make sure you maintain the cord of the unit in good condition, in other words keep it away from heat and sharp edges. Also, never pick your power tool up by its cord. A cord that has been kept in good condition will reduce the likelihood of electric shocks. Grounding the unit before turning it on is also critical to avoid shocks.

Check that the unit’s switch is set to off before plugging it in to ensure you are operating your power tools safely. There’s nothing worse than plugging a drill in while it’s on the bench only to have it start up unexpectedly.

Operating Your Power Tools Safely: Protective Equipment

Always wear protective equipment when you are using power tools, even if you think all the gear is overkill. It isn’t and rather than taking a trip down to the emergency unit because a metal splinter ricochet and hit you in the eye, it’s better to wear protective eye equipment.

Additionally, if you are working in a damp area make sure your boots have rubber soles and that you are wearing rubber gloves. This will help to ground you and thus reduce the chances of you getting a shock.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid wearing jewellery and loose clothing that could become entangled in the power tool. For example, a bracelet can get caught on a cutter’s disk and end up pulling your hand into the unit. This is how many people have suffered major cuts or even the loss of a limb.

To make sure you are operating your power tools safely keep the area where you are working clean and as free of obstacles as possible. Also, no matter how late you are, never ever rush what you are doing. The results can be tragic and not work the few minutes you may save.

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