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There are many organizations that deal with power tools that will require their employees to pass a power tool safety test in order to prove that they are familiar with all of the safety tips that can help maintain a safe work place. There are power tool safety videos on the market that organizations can use to train their employees on all of the current safety tips so that they can later take the test to prove their knowledge. These power tool safety videos will usually cover all the basics of power tool safety as well as some specialized tools that require even more safety precautions when handling them. Depending on the industry, there are some power tool safety videos that are specialized to that particular industry, such as construction or carpentry.


The power tool safety videos will often start with general safety information, such as the type of clothing and other equipment to wear when using power tools. They will cover the proper use and types of gloves, hats, goggles and boots so that the individuals are properly prepared to use the various equipment. Gloves are important to protect the hands while utilizing the different types of equipment and can preserve the hands from injury. Goggles can help to protect the eyes from flying pieces of wood and metal during different types of construction with the power tools. Boots can help to prevent the workers from slipping on the job site as well as protect the feet from any tools or materials falling on the feet.

Another general type of information covered in the power tool safety video is the power cords that are used with the different pieces of equipment. The power cords should be checked so that there are not any tears in the cord, exposing the wires and making a shock more likely. In addition, the power tool safety video will show the proper way to carry the power tools so that there is not any damage to the person or the tool. For instance, the power tool should not be carried by the cord from place to place. This weakens the connection of the cord to the device and can cause a shock from wear and tear. The power tool safety videos will usually warn individuals to carry the tool by the handle, but with the finger away from the trigger or switch that turns the device on or off. This prevents and accidental start of the device due to tripping or being bumped when moving from place to place.

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