Nascar Diecast Review – 2009 #17 Matt Kenseth Dewalt Ford + other diecasts

This video is a bit of a mixture – it’s basically the contents of a parcel that arrived for me this morning. In the main it’s a diecast review on Matt Kenseth’s Dewalt Tools Ford, plus a couple of other diecasts I got as well, and also some questions for you guys. If anybody has any templates I could use, post the video with the template in as a video response. Also, follow me on Twitter:

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  1. TCheyne1 says:

    whats the website nighthitah for where u get ur diecasts? U mentioned it at the start of the video.

  2. paulsack21 says:

    parcel is what the p in ups stands for.

  3. pfoltz10 says:

    Yea i found some what of like half templates online they aren’t templates but they just show the scheme of tracy’s geico car. i can use it and try to make a template

  4. NightFightah says:

    Give it a go, it would be tough but I think it may be possible, I’m interested to see the results 🙂

  5. NightFightah says:

    Same place I get my NASCAR diecasts, the website is in the credits at the end of the video 🙂

  6. NightFightah says:

    @The88DaleJrfan88 Check my latest video 🙂

  7. pfoltz10 says:

    hey, i got an idea. what if it’s possible to make a custom indy car diecast? that would be awesome. i wanna try

  8. pfoltz10 says:

    hey man where do u get your indy car diecast? i wish they’d come out with a paul tracy geico diecast.

  9. The88DaleJrfan88 says:

    You should make it Montoya’s car!

  10. gsxr100000000 says:

    Oh ya nascar number 1 soccer 2 go liverpool,
    indy and f1 are fun to watch, but i dont really follow
    to much

  11. NightFightah says:

    In my home country soccer is absolutely massive, its the national sport pretty much. I don’t mind it, as a game I dig it, but in my country there’s so much money in the game that people are cheating and acting like idiots, really annoying 🙁

  12. sbabouch99 says:

    i really like indy car race very compeative

  13. awalker28 says:

    Awesome video and awesome diecasts!!! 5 stars! I think you should make it into the Juan Pablo Montoya car because EVERYONE has made the Brad Keselowski ones. I honestly don’t really like IndyCar but I think those diecasts are AWESOME!

  14. NightFightah says:

    That’s what I often like, seeing them at such high speed on the ovals is cool. They just seem to have so much grip and traction. I caught about 1/3 of a race at Infineon recently, looked like a lot of fun, especially now they have this little boost feature on the cars.

  15. racing202 says:

    i don’t mind indycars. they’re fun. their high speeds make it real interesting

  16. NightFightah says:

    You’re thinking along the same lines as me bro…I’ll be putting a video up real soon, in the next hour or so 🙂

  17. pfoltz10 says:

    do casey mears car because it matches

  18. 619dbw says:

    what game is that

  19. NightFightah says:

    Thanks for the comments so far guys, I’m planning on buying a couple more examples of that car to use as custom diecasts, Kesalowski’s #09 car (also raced by Sterling Marlin this year, another awesome driver) is one I’ll probably do for this car. Devin14, check my earlier videos, I’m one step ahead of you on that one 🙂

  20. Devin14conrailOS says:

    reed sorenson 43 mcdonalds

  21. BWP2933 says:

    or use it as a pace car

  22. BWP2933 says:

    brad keselowski 09

  23. dalejr88143 says:

    brad keesoloski 25

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