Moved "90 After" Consumer Era: "the Cool" Marketing

People born in 1990 in the summer has entered the University gate. They will be the business community from the exponential growth of new forces. However, “after 90” unique values, lifestyles and consumption patterns, so that some business loss, the traditional Marketing Way “after 90” before facing the risk of failure. Enterprises must move familiar with “90 after” consumer marketing era of the road.

Story Marketing If you are still authoritative, rigid as the emergence of the concept of trying to impose some kind of consumption “after 90” head, then you have an OUT. On “after 90” of marketing communications to Promises of marketing for the naked wearing a beautiful sexy clothes.

The most readily accessible to the human story, and makes goods more feeling cold, build brand and customer communication bridge between the emotional; brand story is the age of homogenization in the goods, the best way of goods as a tool for differentiation and establish a brand personality, to meet the consumer’s values.

Tianzheng Fu Ji Japanese businessman once went to the Philippines to visit relatives, he saw a rock in the sea some dual pairing of shrimp. Fine asked after that, they got into the sea of stone gap of childhood, in which growth can not come out of the male and female shrimp, live their lives together. On the ground, these shrimp as a plaything for sale, business is dull. Ji Tian Zhengfu that these shrimp should not be hard to sell, the key is the selling of goods missing something. He thought: The Right, single-mindedness, love the same shrimp, errors can be used as a symbol of happy couples never do? So, he gave the shrimp into a love story together forever, and called for “a long marriage with the hole”, and soon became the best-selling wedding Gift Even to open new branches, are still in short supply.

Interactive marketing experience “90 after” pay more attention to the process of consumption and use of feelings and experience, the pursuit of products or services consistent with their own emotional experience. Therefore, more interactive experience marketing to boost their buying desires and guide consumption and stimulate consumption.

Functional experience: through product trial experience, product features consumers will have more real feeling and understanding. SONY brand experience set up shop, set up SONY DreamWorks, unusual for young consumers to enjoy audio and video, greatly stimulate their desire to buy.

Entertainment experience: “After 90” favorite entertainment, chasing entertainment. Enterprises can the concept of the product or brand into the entertainment features into. Jiang Zhongliang voice talent show sponsored entertainment “Dream Man”, according to Jiang, the Chinese Medicines Traders (27.90,0.21,0.76%) Limited information shows that since has been broadcast, bright voice in the nationwide brand awareness reached 40%.

Five senses experience: “After 90” is to emphasize the feelings of a generation, to give them vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and feel senses of integrated, it allows them to feel more cool, fun, fun. StefanFloridianWaters Singapore Airlines as part of a specially designed image of flavor, and Singapore Airlines have been registered as trademarks. To be able to smell it a unique flavor, many people will choose Singapore Airlines. Sense of marketing using the five stores in the terminal, an integrated experience to consumers, I believe consumers will linger. In the experience economy era, “feel” is the generosity of the tool for consumers.

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