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Milwaukee 8912
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Customer Review:

Having gotten to the point in my life where quality was important, I had just gotten rid of a plastic shop vac that although served me reaonsably well over the years, the wheels snapped of, it was horrifically loud and was just clumsy to manuever. So much so that I avoided using it for a while. 

Being somewhat biased towards milwaukee products having purchased many over the years, I came across there shop vac lines years back and said at the time I would someday buy one. When I started to check into it, yes sticker shock was an issue. But, made in USA, steel, with a manueverable and well throught through design, it made more and more sense as I started to think it through. After pulling the trigger and buying one through amazon, I then found out that the hose wasnt included and you had to buy an additional kit. They really should combine the 2 products, in that you cant use the vac without hoses, etc. 

So, when the unit came in it had shipping damage, which I found out after I loaded into my car and then opened it up at home. This thing is heavy, about 70 pounds. What started out as a complete disspointment was actually quite easy working with Amazon on the exchange. Virtually pain free – plus Amazon sent the replacement on a priority shipping basis on there dime, prior to getting the old one back! 

So, its all together. Construction first rate, design is terrific/quality parts throughout, long/heavy guage extension hose, a carrier to put the accessor tools in, and the thing is very quite (compared to what I had to use before). 

To net it all out, glad I did it, its not cheap, but it made in the USA and very good quality. Your going to be hard pressed to find anything else like this out there. 

I got what I paid for. 


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he most powerful, durable vac ever

I purchased an earlier model of this vac in 1972 and it is the best shop vac I have ever owned. 
My Fein began to fail after 5 years so I plugged this one in and was reminded how powerful but noisy 
it is. You will not regret buying this vac. It has seen many years of abuse, wet and dry, without any issues.
Milwaukee 8912 Vacuum

I purchased this through Amazon a year ago. Prior to this, I have owned several Shop Vac brand vacuums, the last being their stainless steel version that I paid about $200 for. It did the job but after a few years, the wheels broke and I wasn’t able to find replacements. I struggled along since the vacuum did work. It was noisy to boot. I have always regretted “cheaping out” on tools, and when I buy a quality tool, after the initial pain of higher cost, I never regret owning one. There is something about them; they have a certain feel in your hands, their performance is exceptional, they last and are a joy to use. My first router was a Sears $49 special. The machining was crude, no joy there. When that one died, I bought a Porter Cable 690 router which I still have and use. It is one of those tools that is a pleasure to own and use, but I degress. 

If you have read this far, this Milwaukee Vacuum is such a quality tool. The price is indeed painful. The total cost currently is $702 but this doesn’t include the wet/dry cleaning kit( Milwaukee part number 49-90-1670 ) which includes the hose and attachments. If I had any beef it is that every vacuum needs a hose and attachments, so why aren’t they included? I suspect it is because of the price. Amazon carries the combo deal of vacuum and wet/dry attachments for a total of $914 as of this writing. 

After having this vacuum for a year, it has done a fabulous job. The tools, although pricy, are beautifully made. The floor vacuum attachment is very heavy and looks to be made of cast aluminum. The hose is excellent quality as well. It is heavy duty, unlike the hose that came with my Shop Vac which collapsed readily. The vacuum itself is very stable, has separate filtration unit to change to when doing wet work, and is beautifully made. I am not an electrical engineer, but this unit, I believe, has an induction style of motor instead of the typical, cheap universal motor found on most vacuums. Induction = quiet, durable. Universal motors are loud and have a relatively short motor life. All in all, this is a great unit, still made in the U.S. and will be something one of your relatives will inherit. My only concern is that Milwaukee has been taken over by a Taiwanese corporation and the decline in tool quality is already apparent. Their power hand tools are not what they were and are now imported. As a disclaimer, I don’t work for Milwaukee, but just love this vacuum. Buy one before the new owners “cheap it out” and you won’t ever regret it. To save yourself some money, when you go to Amazon checkout, get the super saver shipping ( the free shipping ). Yes, it will take a few more days for it to arrive, but you will save yourself about $50 in shipping charges.
Long life, Hard working, Good looking

Hello All: I bought this when I collected my overtime after working the Oakland (Ca.) Hills fire. Having been a tool junkie for ever an item like this was close to the Holy Grail. Expensive no doubt but worth every cent. I do woodwork as a hobby and use this machine as the dust collector for my table saw and all my portable sanders. It also does the clean up for any remodel or repair project around the compound (two rentals in front of my cottage). So while my use of the 8912 in not the industrial venue it is designed for it does get a workout and has never skiped a beat. I recently went in to the motor to change the brushes (fairly easy access)the originals were just fine, after some 16 years of use. 
If you can strech the budget to buy this Ferrari red beast you won’t be disapointed. 

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