Milwaukee 2601 compact drill test with 1.5 amp hour battery – Part 1

This is a quick video of the Milwaukee 2601 M18 compact drill with the 1.5 amp hour battery. This video is in response to the biased and possibly phony videos out there showing supposedly objective comparisons of various drills against the Dewalt counterparts, of which the Dewalt version always wins. Those videos are posted by the “power tool forum” which is AKA “The Dewalt Owners Group”. Being in residential construction, I felt that those videos were biased and decided to do my own objective test of the compact Milwaukee drill. I own Makita, General, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Ridgid, Bosch, etc. tools, and generally buy tools based on their individual merits rather than following brand loyalty. I hope that this video and the second “Part 2” video give a better and more honest look at this small but tough compact drill. I may do a similar Makita test soon as a another comparison. Part 2 to this test showing the same test in a 2×4 SPF stud can be seen at this link:

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  1. wayneburgess63 says:

    I just think Dewalt buyers have issues LOL any of us pro users all over the world know which tools are best.The only reason Milwaukee dont get used more over here in the U.K is availability, you guys get all the great new toys 1st LOL 🙂

  2. vinney471 says:

    The other “gentleman” put excessive pressure on the drill, bogging it down instead of letting the drill do the work. He knew what he was doing, as he let the dewalt drill do the work like you’re supposed to. Also, the milwaukee M18 are smart batteries and knew that guy was drilling like a moron and shut off because of the excessive pull, it wasn’t dead it just needed to be placed on the charger and reset. Prolongs the battery life and tool life – doesn’t allow stupid users to ruin them.

  3. clebrowns87 says:

    I also think lits funny how the pro-DeWalt video only shows this drill drilling 5 holes before the battery dies. This video clearly shows that that is not true.

  4. ironflyer says:

    @clebrowns87 You’re welcome. Thanks for weighing in. I own a lot of different name brand tools, but I can’t think of a single Milwaukee that has been a lemon or had unacceptable problems. My personal favourite drill / driver is the makita LXT but I would have no problems using this Milwaukee either.

  5. clebrowns87 says:

    Milwaukee makes the best powertools hands down. Thanks for the video. It proves just how powerful and how long the Milwaukee Lithium Ion batteries last.

  6. ironflyer says:

    Thanks for watching and for the comment.

  7. victorlam60188 says:

    yay i have that drill and that the other video was FAKE

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