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If you own Makita cordless tools like Reciprocating Saw, Hammer Driver Drill, Impact Wrench, Cordless Flashlight, Cordless Blower, Rotary Hammer, Circular Saw, Angle Drill and Crown Stapler, they all run with Makita 18V Lithium Ion Batteries. Most of them are for sale without the battery, they didn’t usually include the battery maybe because Lithium Ion batteries are very expensive and they won’t be able to compete with other brands that use a NiCad or NiMH batteries. Like most cordless tools of different brands they use two types of batteries, one is the Pod-style battery and the other one which is the Spring Loaded Slide-style battery. These two batteries have different mounting orientation and are not interchangeable, so be careful to specify the style when purchasing one, or to make sure that you get the right one just give the exact part number or bring the old battery as a sample and show it to the sales representative. You also have the option to choose between an original Makita battery and a replacement battery for Makita which is manufactured by Third Party Company. Some people say that it is better to use a genuine Makita battery in order to have the maximum efficiency and performance of Makita cordless tools. But it’s not entirely true, some replacement Makita batteries perform equally the same as the original one and in some cases they perform much better specially the improved versions. Original and replacement batteries uses generic battery cells that came from companies who specializes in making them like Sanyo and Panasonic; they are then assembled by an OEM company and labeled with their respective brand name. Some company, in order to compete with the price they remove some less important features and use a cheaper material for the body casings. On the other hand, other companies improve them and put some added features like larger capacity, safety features and other things that people want. Some original Makita battery features include a thermal protector to protect it from overheating to maximize battery life and a self discharge function that keeps the battery cell active and ready for use, even after long period of storage.

Using a replacement battery is not a bad thing, as long as you know how to choose the right one. Purchasing a cheap replacement battery might save you a lot of money, but be careful when choosing the right one so you don’t end up spending more rather than saving money. A good way to do is by visual inspection; look at the quality of workmanship, if you see any sign of weakness such as crack and use of poor quality material don’t buy it. Another sign of a good replacement battery is the warranty; it should have at least one year warranty. Some brands that offer replacement Makita batteries include TopCell, PowerSmart and replacement. Before placing your order, be sure to check the compatible part number of the cordless tools to avoid the hassle of returning it. Replacement batteries usually don’t have a Makita logo and most of the time it has the same look and color as the original one. They are usually cheaper than the original and function the same. If you are not sure or if you don’t have any experience using one and don’t want to take the risk, it is better to just get an original Makita battery. Also, reading reviews from people who actually bought and used them is very helpful in deciding whether to buy them or not.


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